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Benefits of moving to Seattle from LV

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Starting over in a new city is both a challenge and excitement. And while Las Vegas is surely one of the most exciting cities in the country, living here can get pretty tiring. After all, it’s perfectly normal to need a change of pace. One of the cities you might want to consider is Seattle, as it is pretty much a polar opposite to LV. Why is that and what is the plus side of moving to Seattle? Keep reading and find out! Read More

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Tips for helping an elderly loved one stay healthy during a move

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Moving and planning a move is an exhausting and tiring process. It takes a toll on all family members in more ways than one. However, some family members will have more difficulties handling a move than others. Very often our oldest family members have a very difficult time during relocation. A move is one of those times where our older family members need our full love and support. The good news is that there are many things that we can do when helping an elderly loved one cope with their move. This journey is both physically and emotionally draining, so you better buckle down and get ready for a bumpy ride. Read More

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Guide to Moving from Texas to Nevada for Military Families

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Moving doesn’t have to be so stressful if you know how to organize properly. Make moving to Nevada hassle-free and simple in a few efficient steps. Whether you are a military family or not, moving is the same for everyone. The important element during a relocation is to remain organized, have a good moving plan, and prepare everything ahead of time. Throughout the rest of the text, we will go over a few beneficial tips to make your moving from Texas to Nevada stress-free and easy. Read More

Las Vegas - Learn how to prepare for leaving LA and starting a new life in Las Vegas.

Leaving LA and starting a new life in Las Vegas

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Welcome to Las Vegas, the best city known for its high-end hospitality, and of course, world-class entertainment. But, for those who live here day-to-day life isn’t as perfect as you might hear. That’s why if you are planning on leaving LA and starting a new life in Las Vegas, you must know how to prepare for this change. Your job is to do good research! Find out what makes this city great for living, how to find the right neighborhood for your new home, and then learn how to prepare for relocation. Read More

Blue door, lock - find out about dos and don'ts of self-storage units as much as you can.

Dos and don’ts of self-storage

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These days many people rent a self-storage unit, and for a number of different reasons. Maybe because they’re running out of space in the current home or relocating. Or it’s because they’re looking for a safe place to put valuable belongings they don’t want to lose, but don’t need to see every day. No matter what’s the reason, renting a self-storage unit is a simple and convenient answer to your needs. Sometimes it’s also necessary and comes in handy, especially when you don’t have a friend or a family member to watch over your belongings. But, there are some rules you need to follow and tips to help you make the most of your storage experience. So, here’s all you need to know about dos and don’ts of self-storage units. Read More

Welcome to Las Vegas sign - The ultimate Las Vegas moving guide

The ultimate Las Vegas moving guide

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Moving to LAs Vegas can be exciting, but also a stressful experience. You have a lot of tasks to do. From creating a budget, packing, and then unpacking your life, to navigating the sea of paperwork and inevitable complication. Plus, there are no hard-and-fast rules for how to relocate. No matter how many times you did it, the process will always be a little different, with its unique challenges. But, with this Las Vegas moving guide, you can plan the process from the beginning to its end, and make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. Read More

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Moving from New York to Las Vegas – Is it a wise decision for you?

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New York and Las Vegas are two very similar yet two very different cities. Plenty of exclusive restaurants, tall modern buildings, a lot of lights, music, and fun could be a description for both cities, right? Well, it is exactly why a lot of people are moving from New York to Las Vegas. It is just one of the reasons. The hot weather and affordable housing are two other reasons among many. But is moving from New York to Las Vegas the right decision to make? We are here to compare these two cities for you and that way help you make the right decision. Read More

Thermometer - How to overcome Nevada's heat

How to overcome Nevada’s heat?

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Nevada’s heat affects people’s bodies, moods, and electric bills. But you canćt let the temperature get you down. Use these tips on how to overcome Nevada’s heat and keep cool even if it feels like the sun is out to get you.

Drink water

Hot summers are one of the reasons why do people move to LV, Nevada. But, they don’t know how extreme it can be. So, if you want to move there, you need to know how to overcome Nevada’s heat? First, you need to stay hydrated all year round. Drinking water is important when you’re sweating a lot, either because of exercise or the summer heat. You can think of your body like an air conditioner. Once your body heats up, from physical activity or the hot weather, you begin to sweat. Your sweat is your coolant, so it is important to refill the tank by drinking lots of water. Of course, water isn’t your only option. But, it’s free and easily available to most of us. 

Stay hydrated because that helps you bring your body temperature down.

Stay hydrated because that helps you bring your body temperature down.

How to overcome Nevada’s heat – Keep excessive sweat under control

Sweat-inducing humidity can be one of the worst parts of summer. But, you can keep excessive sweat issues under control with a few tricks. For example, you can apply antiperspirant at night, so it works more effectively. Also, wear breathable clothing materials, such as cotton.

Optimize Your Fans

Face your fan out, rather than in at night, and your room will stay cooler. Therefore you will be able to sleep more comfortably. Use a temperature controller, day or night, to automatically turn the fan on or off based on the temperature and save your energy. In case you have a ceiling fan, run it counter-clockwise for best cooling. So, if you’re buying a house in Las Vegas, Nevada, this is another tip you can use to overcome the heat.


It’s hot, but it doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising. Just use common-sense strategies. Like turning to water sports, avoiding the sun when it’s strongest. Or exercising in short bursts. Also, precooling techniques can prevent you from overheating when you work out in hot weather.

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Turn to water sports. That’s one of the best tips on how to overcome Nevada’s heat.

Avoid using the oven and keep food cool

Summer is a great time for eating outdoors, but some foods and drinks aren’t that enjoyable when they get heated. For them, you can make an evaporative cooler, with just two containers. Or you can create ice blocks for your cooler using old milk cartons. Also, if it’s too hot to cook, try making cold soups. Make sure you rely on electrical appliances like the versatile rice cooker. Or try some no-cook or 30 oven-free recipes ideas.

Know the body’s best cooling points

When you’re stuck in the heat, and can’t find a cooler place, knowing your body’s best cooling points is helpful. Those points are your wrist and neck. So, if you apply an ice cube in a towel or some other cold object to these pulse points, you’ll cool down more quickly and effectively.


White bedding waiting to be packed for the move

How to pack Bedding and Linen when moving

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We all know that it’s not especially difficult to pack bedding and linen when moving. However, there are some things and points that you’ll want to concentrate on when tackling this task. The main thing is to ensure that your bedding arrives clean, safe and fresh onto the new location. This is why you’ll need to plan ahead and use the right packing materials. Reading some tips for a smooth relocation can be useful too. We’ve made a list of things to focus on if you want to make it to the end hustle free and relaxed. Read More

Moving a motorcycle to LV

Moving a motorcycle to LV

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When you are deciding about moving to a new place you have to deal with a lot of common things an ordinary mover deals with. Good planning and preparation, packing and loading, transportation and insurance, are just some. But, what if you are a motorcycle owner and you have a wish to relocate to Las Vegas? Moving a motorcycle to LV may be strange to some, however, it can be exciting and adventurous to others. Las Vegas has no state income tax, so it’s not out of ordinary to think about that option to save money. It’s an artificial oasis in the Mojave Desert surrounded by the natural beauty of Nevada. Extreme heat will demand that you have a car, but since Las Vegas is great for “night owls” it can be your motorcycles’ chance to fit in. Read More