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From Nevada to New York – move quickly and hassle-free

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Do you need to move from state to state fast and without stress? Is it possible? It is – even when you need to move across the country – from Nevada to New York.

After making a decision if you should move to New York from NV, and deciding to move there, it is time to start with packing and organizing your relocation. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, you can still manage relocation and move successfully. Don’t worry, you only need the right guide to follow.

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Living in NY is exciting, but before starting a new life, there need to know how to relocate properly

Tips for moving from Nevada to New York fast and simple

With some simple tricks, you will be able to move hassle-free on short notice. Even if you are moving with family across the country, it is possible to handle this long-distance relocation.

  • Take inventory of your belongings and identify how much stuff you will need to take with you to NY. Don’t move everything, separate items into 3 categories, what to move, toss, and donate. When moving from Nevada to New York on short notice, you probably won’t have time to sell items.
  • Start looking for apartments in NY, they are not cheap and when you find something you like, book it immediately, because it won’t stay on the market for a long period of time.
  • Start packing ASAP because this will take you most of the time when moving. Don’t think a lot, just pack and ask for help to finish it faster.
  • Set up utilities before a moving date – electricity, water, wi-fi, install AC, etc. It is frustrating to move into a dark and cold place after traveling all day.
  • Change your mailing address, it can be easily done online. Also, cancel subscriptions if you have them.

Hire a long-distance moving company

For moving interstate, in this case to NY from NV, hire crews that can easily transport everything – from clothing to furniture. Start searching for movers immediately, especially if you are moving during the summer months. Book a reliable moving company with experience and of course, check their license before hiring them. This is one of the most important tasks to do when moving from one state to another.

A map for moving From Nevada to New York.
Moving from one coast to another is not simple and it requires preparations

Consider renting a storage unit in NY

In most cases, when people are moving quickly to another state, there is not enough time to find a place. Yes, you can stay a couple of days in B&B or in a hotel, but, where to put all your items? Don’t worry, your belongings will be safe in a storage unit, so consider renting a storage facility, big enough for all your household items.

Another advantage is that you can store items that cannot fit into your new apartment. Off-season items, decorations, bigger furniture, etc. They can all be safely stored in a self-storage in New York, and also, it is a cheaper option than renting a bigger home.

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Las Vegas family moving to Chicago – how to negotiate a house price

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If you are thinking about leaving Las Vegas with your family and moving to Chicago, there is no doubt, you should do it! Chicago is known as a suitable city for families. With a population of over 2,7 million people, Chicago can really offer a lot of quality things to families. One of the things in this process is facing the challenges of moving cross country. Another is finding a suitable home with your family and to know how to negotiate a house price. We will present to you both tasks in this article, so you can do them with ease!

Tips that will help you to negotiate a house price

First of all, let’s start with some useful tips that will help you to find and purchase an affordable house:

  • Do research about real estate trends in Chicago. – Like when you are looking for LV real estate trends you should do the same thing for the Chicago market. Take your time and see which options you have.
  • Define your budget. – Since you are also moving with your family to Chicago, it means that you will have two types of costs that you have to separate. It is important to define on time how much everything is going to cost you.
  • Go in person to check a house and hire a home inspection.- When you find a potential house, go to it and see it in person. Also, you should have an expert with you, so you can instantly see if a house is in a good shape or not.
  • Be sure that you are making the right decision.- Do not forget that before buying a house, you have to be absolutely sure about the decision. So, make a double check, consult your family, and be sure that it is going to be a suitable place.

All these basic tips will help you to find a suitable house for your family in Chicago. Once you have found it, how to organize your moving process properly?

A calculator on a paper you can use to define all your costs and negotiate a house price that is favorable.
Define your budget in general.

Find residential movers who will help you

Since you are moving with a family to Chicago, it means that you have to find residential movers who will make the entire process easier. Do not forget that by using their assistance, you will finish everything really fast and in a simple way. Luckily, we are talking about Chicago. It means that finding professional people to help you is not going to be a problem at all. You can find movers from Chicago with ease!

If there is a need, rent a storage unit before you make your house functional

In the case that you still have to do some improvements in your house once you relocate to Chicago, what should you do? Well, in that case, renting a storage unit is always a good option. If you are looking for reliable and secured storage services, you should contact the Golans Moving and Storage company. Give them a call on time, so you can define all the things for storage services.

Storage warehouse.
Rent a storage unit for your belongings.

It is possible to negotiate a good price when you are buying a house in Chicago

By using the previous tips that we have presented to you, which means checking all those things, going in person to inspect a house, etc. they will definitely help you to negotiate a house price. Do not forget that you do not have to worry and to take your time. The most important thing is to be absolutely sure about the decision.

A sunset by the Florida beach one can enjoy after leaving Nevada for Florida

Leaving Nevada for Florida – why is Crestview a city you should consider

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Nevada is a great place to live in. It is warm, the housing is cheap, there are plenty of things to do and see in Nevada, especially if you live in Las Vegas. But a lot of people seem to be moving from Nevada. There isn’t any specific reason why. Nevada has a lot to offer but some just want a change. And if you were thinking about moving away from Nevada, we think that Crestview is a city you should consider. We are here to tell you more about this city so for those of you who were planning on leaving Nevada for Florida, here are a couple of things about Crestview that make this a great place to live in, no matter your age.

Crestview is perfect for anyone

Crestview is a city where everyone would enjoy living, no matter the age. This is because Crestview is a very safe town. There aren’t plenty of people living in Crestview, there are around 30,000 residents. This is a relatively small town. Which is what attracts a lot of elderly people. Elderly people want to live somewhere safe and peaceful and Crestview is exactly that.

A storm
Crestview is a very small peaceful town.

But families live here too. Families with small children mostly. And they don’t have any complaints about living here either. And if you were thinking about leaving Nevada for Florida and moving to Crestview with your family, some of the Best Movers in Florida can make this long-distance relocation a lot easier.

Crestview is almost a coastal town

Another thing that we believe is why you should consider moving to Crestview is the fact that it is almost a coastal town. Crestview is located a short drive away from the beach. It isn’t very close to walk to it but it isn’t very far away either. You and your family can spend weekends by the coast.

If you move to Crestview, for example to the northern part of the city, you might decide to move closer to the coast, which would be the southern part of Crestview. If that happens, you can always hire a crew from the area to help you relocate to your new home that is closer to the coast.

A bench at the beach
The beach isn’t that far away.

There are plenty of things to do in Crestview

If you are used to the fun life of Las Vegas, moving to Crestview is a good idea. There are plenty of things for you to do in Crestview even though it is a small town. There are plenty of parks in Crestview, and the parks in Florida are amazing. There is the Twin Hills Park, the Old Spanish Trail Park.

There are plenty of cafes, bars, and restaurants here as well. You and your family will enjoy all of them. The best part about the restaurants is that they always have fresh fish and seafood. You could be eating it every day! You will also love to shop in the local stores. There are plenty of them. Leaving Nevada and moving to a small Florida town such as Crestview is the best thing to do if you just want to live in a peaceful place.

The staff meeting about business relocation from Nevada to Colorado.

Business relocation from Nevada to Colorado – how to set up a good moving plan

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Long-distance relocation isn’t easy. It requires a lot of time and good organization. This goes especially when you are moving your business from one state to another. Moving a business has to be done professionally. And in order to achieve this, you have to set up a good moving plan. This might sound like an easy task. And it is if you know how to do it. Here is exactly where you can read all about just how to set up a good moving plan. And since there has been an increase of businesses moving to Colorado, mostly from Nevada, we decided to help you with your business relocation from Nevada to Colorado and provide you with some tips on how to plan out your move.

Start on time

It is very important that you start making a plan on time. Relocation is a complex process, especially business relocation. You need to have a plan set up as soon as possible. This will allow you to have full control over your move and make sure that every step goes just as you planned it to go. Planning a couple of months in advance is the best thing to do. And we believe that this is the only way to make sure that you have everything and everyone moving under control.

A calendar on a tablet to set the date and a computer to do research before business relocation from Nevada to Colorado.
Plan a move months in advance.

Where to start?

A moving plan has to make sense. It can’t be all over the place. Because then it isn’t much of a plan, it is just too hard to understand if it doesn’t make sense. You’ll get lost in all the notes. This is why the first step is to decide where are you going to be making this plan of yours. Is it an app or your smartphone or good old pen and paper?

We would always opt for the pen and paper option because, in our experience, this just makes planning easier. You can scribble around, underline, use different pens, add stickers, and easily do anything to your plan.

Now that you have where to begin, you need to begin. Start from the basics. Before your business relocation from Nevada to Colorado, decide on the office space you will be renting or purchasing, write down the addresses, calculate the distance between the two offices. Just start writing down all the information in order that you are gathering it basically. And in order to make the relocation less stressful, gather all the important information about moving to Colorado. And write everything down.

A notebook and a pen.
Write all the moving details in the plan.

Hire movers for your business relocation from Nevada to Colorado

One thing is certain, you definitely need to have professional assistance when moving your business from Nevada to Colorado. Renting a moving truck isn’t something you should do. Professional movers will make moving less stressful. But you have to make sure that the people you hire are professional and experienced when it comes to commercial long-distance relocation. The perfect company to hire is definitely

Plan your budget too

Planning a move isn’t as important as planning your budget is. Your finances are very important and you need to make sure that you aren’t overspending money because that can lead to plenty of problems after the relocation is done. Having a set budget in advance will ensure a smooth move.

A person using a calculator to find out the costs of leaving Nevada for Miami.

Leaving Nevada for Miami – costs of living compared

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Are you leaving Nevada for Miami? There are many reasons why people decide to leave cities like Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno, Sparks, etc, and move to Florida, to Miami to be exact. Although Nevada’s cities are great, Miami simply offers more. For example, it offers more job opportunities, a better economy, nicer weather, and more things to do on those days off, to mention just a few. But, with all those things said, you are probably wondering whether those ‘better’ things cost more. Do not worry, you are in the right place. Today, we will compare the costs of living between Nevada and Miami, Florida. Keep on reading.


When moving, besides looking for reliable and affordable movers like to help you relocate, you are probably also looking for a home to relocate to.

So, let us compare the home prices between cities in Nevada and Miami, Florida. If you plan on buying your own home in some city in Nevada, you will need to spare around $309,000. And, if you plan on buying a home in Miami, you would need to spare around $365,0000. So, as you can see, buying a home in Miami can be a lot more expensive. The same applies to renting. So, if you want your relocation to be smooth, make sure you know what you are getting into first.

A key in the lock of an open door.
If you plan on leaving Nevada for Miami, be prepared to spend move on housing!

Food & Groceries & Eating Out

Buying food and groceries in Miami is also something that will cost you more than in any city in Nevada. For example, a loaf of fresh bread costs $0.96 in Miami, while the cost of that same bread is $0.80 in Las Vegas, for example. Of course, this is a small difference. However, the costs can easily add up.

When it comes to dining out, the tables are turning. Buying a meal in a restaurant is cheaper in Miami than in Nevada’s city. Of course, this can vary depending on the restaurant, but the prices generally wont be higher than what you are used to in Nevada.

But, have in mind that the standard of living, as well as the prices, are very high in both places. So, try to find a way to cut your moving costs at least. You can look for affordable and trustworthy options when moving too!

A woman doing some grocery shopping after leaving Nevada for Miami.
Do not worry about the food prices in Miami – they cost approximately the same as in Nevada’s cities.


Well, now you will be glad that you are leaving Nevada for Miami! Why? Because you will pay approximately -15% less for your utilities in Miami than in any Nevada city. This applies to all utilities like electricity, gas, Internet, cable, telephone, water, garbage pickup sewer service, etc.

This is a great way to save some money and maybe even use it for some more expensive aspects of this move. But, do not worry. If you lived comfortably in Nevada until now, you will manage just fine in Miami.

Benefits of moving to Seattle from LV

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Starting over in a new city is both a challenge and excitement. And while Las Vegas is surely one of the most exciting cities in the country, living here can get pretty tiring. After all, it’s perfectly normal to need a change of pace. One of the cities you might want to consider is Seattle, as it is pretty much a polar opposite to LV. Why is that and what is the plus side of moving to Seattle? Keep reading and find out! Read More

Blue door, lock - find out about dos and don'ts of self-storage units as much as you can.

Dos and don’ts of self-storage

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These days many people rent a self-storage unit, and for a number of different reasons. Maybe because they’re running out of space in the current home or relocating. Or it’s because they’re looking for a safe place to put valuable belongings they don’t want to lose, but don’t need to see every day. No matter what’s the reason, renting a self-storage unit is a simple and convenient answer to your needs. Sometimes it’s also necessary and comes in handy, especially when you don’t have a friend or a family member to watch over your belongings. But, there are some rules you need to follow and tips to help you make the most of your storage experience. So, here’s all you need to know about dos and don’ts of self-storage units. Read More

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Moving from Nevada to Virginia – what’s to know?

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Thinking about moving from Nevada to Virginia anytime soon? Well, if you are, that is great news! But, be prepared, Virginia’s lifestyle will be quite different than the one in Nevada. People in Virginia are less laid back and more dedicated to hard work. However, that is why this state has a thriving job market, a more educated workforce, and a top-notch education. That is actually why a lot of people are moving from Nevada to Virginia. But do not worry, you will still be able to have a lot of fun and enjoy some beautiful beaches too. Here is what else you need to know in order to make your long-distance relocation easy. Read More

A beach in Florida.

Leaving Nevada and moving to a small Florida town

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Living in Nevada is great. And you probably enjoyed it a lot. However, there comes a time to move on. Sometimes it means changing your job, finding a new place to live or breaking up with your partner. And sometimes it means doing all that at once. Moving isn’t something we come across on a daily bases, and it requires our complete devotion for that reason. There are just so many things that can go wrong. And when they do – they can cost you a lot of time, energy and money. Something no one really wants. So, yes. Moving can be risky. And especially if you decide to move across the state. Today, we will talk about leaving Nevada and moving to a small Florida town. No matter the reason for this relocation, we will help you get organized, stay away from moving mistakes and scams, and finally – move to a small Florida town. Read More