Items most families forget to pack when moving

By December 17, 2021Packing and unpacking

We all want to have robot-like brains, brains capable of remembering everything. But, we do not. We, humans, are usually ‘gifted’ with the type of memory that is fallible. Simply put, we usually forget things. However, during stressful processes, such as moving, our levels of forgetfulness tend to rise. And, that is perfectly normal! The most important thing is not to panic. The next most important thing is to read our list of items most families forget to pack when moving. Trust us, with this list, you will stay organized and you will not forget anything!

Prescription Medication

Without a doubt, a number one item most families forget to pack when moving is prescription medication. These items are either left on the nightstand, or in the bathroom cabinet. Of course, you may think it is not the end of the world if you left a couple of bottles of Aspirin (and it is not), but leaving behind medication that you drink daily can be bad for your health. Thus, save yourself from this big trouble, and make sure you pre-pack all of your prescription medication! And once you do that, put them in your essential bag, in your handbag, or, in your first-night box!

Medication tablets - items most families forget to pack when moving.
Prescription medications are items most families forget to pack when moving.

Various Documents

Writing down all the documents you may forget for your upcoming move is impossible. This is because there are so many of them! Moreover, what documents you may need, the person next to you may not need. In other words, deciding (and remembering) what documents you need to pack is individual. Thus, our advice is to sit down (prior to packing), take a pen and paper, and write down all the documents you think are important. These should be your personal documents (passports, birth certificate, driver’s license, etc.), legal and financial documents (wills, bank statements, etc.), employment documents (work contracts, CV, letters of recommendation, etc.), housing documents for your old and new home (property deeds, housing contracts, rental agreements, etc.), and of course, medical records, dental records, your children’s documents, your pet’s documents, etc.

Start gathering your important documents on time!

Loaned and Stored Items

And, of course, items most families forget to pack when moving are loaned and stored items. Those are items you placed in storage or items you gave to friends or family members. In 9 times out of 10, people forget about these. And, once they remember, it is usually too late. Well, it is not too late if you are moving across the street, that is, if you are moving locally – you can always get these things when necessary. But, if you are moving across the ocean, your only two options are having those items shipped or forgetting about them forever. Thus, you know what to do – check your storage one more time and remember whether you had lent some of your belongings to people around you.

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