What should be on your moving checklist?

If you are moving for the first time, you probably have a million questions on what to do next. If you are feeling hopeless and under the stress, that’s why you should use our moving checklist to help you done all necessary steps during the move. Be aware: moving is a process. You have to be patient and well organized. With our step by step moving checklist your move will be successful and comfortable. With written all necessary steps your move will be done without worries and headaches.

Moving checklist should include following steps

Start with your search for reliable movers

The first and probably the most important step of the moving process is hiring reliable movers who can handle your move with ease. Moving of America is one of the options you should consider. It is very important to hire movers with experience, knowledge, and skills to handle any type and size of the move, no matter the distance. Reliable movers are the crucial part of the successful move. So it is not surprising why searching for reliable movers is on the top of the moving checklist.

Get rid of the stuff you don’t need before packing

To make your move easier, decluttering your home is another important part of the moving checklist. When you sell or donate items you don’t need, you have fewer things to pack and move to your new place. It also means a lower price for relocation. The good way to get rid of unnecessary items is to organize a garage sale and sell your unwanted items. Also, you can donate to charity to help someone who needs it.

Yard sale

Arrange a yard sale, sell or donate your unnecessary items

Moving checklist by weeks

Weeks before the move

  • Get rid of everything you don’t use or want.
  • Notify everyone about your new address
  • Get packing supplies: boxes, paper, wrapping material, etc.
  • Get an insurance
  • Label all your moving boxes
  • Check all items and note any scratches

Days before the move

  • Take down all hanging items
  • Pack electronics and wires
  • Remove all fragile items from dressers and desks
  • Clean and pack bathroom
  • Pack an essential moving box for the first days and night at your new place
Writing a plan

Making a moving checklist

1 day before you move

  • Have some final check around the property
  • Make sure everything is packed and prepared for the move
  • Fully charge your mobile phone
  • Bring some essential items such as a toothbrush, pajamas, washbag, and towels
  • Ensure your documents and keys are packed safely

On the day you move

On a moving day, emotions can be high and it is important to plan everything in advance so moving day can be easier. So, it is finally time to move out of your home.

  • Identify fragile boxes and be careful when packing them inside the truck
  • Check the packing inventory
  • Give your movers some refreshments
  • Check all windows are secure and utilities are switched off
  • Keep copies of moving contract and inventory list with you

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