How to safely transport large furniture during a long-distance move

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When moving from one place to another, the most important thing you will do is transport your belongings. It doesn’t matter if you will do it with the help of the moving professionals or if you would instead try to do it independently. No matter what, for bulky items, you will need assistance. To safely transport large furniture during a long-distance move, you need to prepare every element properly. So, the sooner you go through the thorough relocation guide, the sooner you will be able to finish your moving obligations. Hurry up; the time is not your friend right now.

To safely transport large furniture, disassemble all the elements

As you can figure out on your own, bulky items are too large to just transport by heavy lifting. Even if you try it out, you will soon understand that it is impossible to do so. That is why your first step when preparing large furniture for relocation should be disassembling. Start by disassembling thing by thing, one at a time. Don’t lose the pieces. Keep them all together so you can pack them later on. Remember that you can always find experts to help you with this. And by experts, we mean professional packers and movers.

Tools you will use to safely transport large furniture and disassemble it.
To safely transport large furniture, you need to have the right tools to disassemble everything.

Now that you separated everything, it is time to clean it

Cleaning everything thoroughly is very important when it comes to furniture. And not just cleaning, but drying as well. This is especially important if you want to or if you need to place your things in storage while the relocation is over. To keep up with what you have cleaned and what you haven’t, we recommend making a checklist.

Don’t put things directly in the water. Instead, with a damp cloth, make sure you clean everything separately. And with a dry cloth, you dry them thoroughly.

Packing is the most important part when you want to safely transport large furniture

Maybe you already know by now that packing is a part of relocation that lasts the longest. It is the most complicated one, and it takes a lot of your time and even space. Because of that, you need to make a plan for the best way how you can do it. We suggest you pack disassembled elements of one furniture piece in one box. This way, you can unpack only one box at a time, having one furniture piece ready.

Box with a fragile label.
Pay special attention to fragile items.

Make sure you label all the boxes

There is one more step that is very important when you try to safely transport large furniture. You need to make sure that all the boxes are labeled. This way, you know where you will bring each box and in which way you can unpack them. Boxes with fragile items inside are labeled from all sides, so no matter who is going to lift it and carry it knows what is inside.

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