How to move your recording studio

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Every one of us has a different perception when it comes to moving. For some, relocation is just a new and fresh start, while for others it’s a daunting task. However, when it comes to relocating your recording studio, the stakes are much higher since the equipment is extremely expensive. If you’re going through this for the first time, know that it is normal to feel under pressure. To help you with avoiding any damage to your precious gear, and coping with challenges that lay ahead of you, we have made this list of advice. So, here we go. This is how to move your recording studio.

Preparation is essential when you want to move your recording studio

Before we go any further, you need to realize that preparation is everything. Especially if you want to ensure a smooth relocation. You’ll know what you’re going against as soon as you put everything on paper.

First of all, make an inventory list. This will help you to track everything and prevent you from losing anything along the way. It will also come in handy when estimating your moving costs. It’s always a good idea to divide this list into smaller sections so it is easier to read. Also, make sure to note if anything needs to be disassembled before the move to tackle it on time.

Before the move

Another big point is researching the space that you’re moving into. It’s advisable to wait until the new studio space is fully finished before you start to move your recording studio. The rawer space, the more work awaits for you. So, if you can be sure not to just prepare for moving, but to prepare everything before the relocation even begins.

Checklist of a man that's about to move your recording studio.

Making a checklist is very important when you’re in need to move your recording studio.

Disassembling the equipment

If you have a lot of equipment, you’ll want to disassemble all the heavy pieces to make more space in a truck, as well to make them easier to transport. Extra care should be put into valuable electronics when moving your recording studio. Treat them as expensive porcelain if you can. You don’t want to end up with broken gear because of your laziness as that will only increase the stress when moving.

It’s worth mentioning that this tactic works wonders with lights, laps and any other piece of equipment that can and is meant to be disassembled in smaller parts. However, be sure to remember where each of them goes.

If you’re not confident about reassembling them, take notes and pictures beforehand.

When it comes to instruments, you should take apart all the brass and woodwind instruments. After that, put them in hard cases. Other than them, you’ll need to disassemble the drums and put them in separate boxes.

Disassembled flute.

Be sure to disassemble any brass or woodwind instrument you have before the move.

Hire professional movers

You’re probably a handy person if you’re dealing with music production. However, as people call you when they want to make a record, you should call a moving company and get moving insurance when you want to move your recording studio. You’ll have much less to worry about, and your equipment will be safe. And there’s nothing more important when you know that even the slightest damage may mean that replacing that particular piece of gear is inevitable.

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