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A couple packing some of the items most families forget to pack when moving

Items most families forget to pack when moving

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We all want to have robot-like brains, brains capable of remembering everything. But, we do not. We, humans, are usually ‘gifted’ with the type of memory that is fallible. Simply put, we usually forget things. However, during stressful processes, such as moving, our levels of forgetfulness tend to rise. And, that is perfectly normal! The most important thing is not to panic. The next most important thing is to read our list of items most families forget to pack when moving. Trust us, with this list, you will stay organized and you will not forget anything!

Prescription Medication

Without a doubt, a number one item most families forget to pack when moving is prescription medication. These items are either left on the nightstand, or in the bathroom cabinet. Of course, you may think it is not the end of the world if you left a couple of bottles of Aspirin (and it is not), but leaving behind medication that you drink daily can be bad for your health. Thus, save yourself from this big trouble, and make sure you pre-pack all of your prescription medication! And once you do that, put them in your essential bag, in your handbag, or, in your first-night box!

Medication tablets - items most families forget to pack when moving.
Prescription medications are items most families forget to pack when moving.

Various Documents

Writing down all the documents you may forget for your upcoming move is impossible. This is because there are so many of them! Moreover, what documents you may need, the person next to you may not need. In other words, deciding (and remembering) what documents you need to pack is individual. Thus, our advice is to sit down (prior to packing), take a pen and paper, and write down all the documents you think are important. These should be your personal documents (passports, birth certificate, driver’s license, etc.), legal and financial documents (wills, bank statements, etc.), employment documents (work contracts, CV, letters of recommendation, etc.), housing documents for your old and new home (property deeds, housing contracts, rental agreements, etc.), and of course, medical records, dental records, your children’s documents, your pet’s documents, etc.

Start gathering your important documents on time!

Loaned and Stored Items

And, of course, items most families forget to pack when moving are loaned and stored items. Those are items you placed in storage or items you gave to friends or family members. In 9 times out of 10, people forget about these. And, once they remember, it is usually too late. Well, it is not too late if you are moving across the street, that is, if you are moving locally – you can always get these things when necessary. But, if you are moving across the ocean, your only two options are having those items shipped or forgetting about them forever. Thus, you know what to do – check your storage one more time and remember whether you had lent some of your belongings to people around you.

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Useful packing tips for family relocation from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

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Before you can start looking for real estate investments in Nevada, you must get to Las Vegas. Moving to Las Vegas from L.A. is not a simple task and will require some labor. But the most demanding aspect of moving to Las Vegas is the packing. To help you make your relocation a breeze, we have useful packing tips for family relocation from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

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A man is writing a plan for packing, and you should too, even when it comes to items you should not pack when moving from Northern Virginia to Nevada.

Items you should not pack when moving from Northern Virginia to Nevada

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If you are getting ready for moving from Northern Virginia to Nevada, you need to be aware of many things. This relocation is a pretty complex task to perform, and you have to do your best to make it easier. You see, most of the mistakes in long-distance moves are connected to packing. In case you are working with packers, you won’t have anything to worry about. But, if you are preparing for the packing process on your own, you must know what items you should not pack when moving!

However, the prime thing you need is homework. Introduce yourself properly with everything the concerns packing, getting materials, packing technics, and many other things. And then, begin gathering some tips to ensure a smooth relocation. Even though these preparations will take quite a time, but they are necessary if you want to do this right!

Household items. Take your time to create an inventory list. Then, learn what items you should not pack when moving from Northern Virginia to Nevada!
The first thing you have to do is to create an inventory list!

Here are some items you should not pack when moving from Northern Virginia to Nevada

  • Any cleaning products.
  • Batteries
  • Fluids.
  • Any toxic substances.
  • Fertilizer and weed killer.
  • Easily flammable items.
  • Sprays.
  • Frozen food.

Anyway, if you need any help, perhaps, it would be best to let the professionals take care of everything. In that case, you can consider working with someone like Zippy Shell Moving and Storage NV on this job. You should know that these people are completely reliable, and they will do their best to organize and perform the move that meets your terms.

Get some help!

As mentioned earlier, the best way to prepare for the packing project is to have some movers in your team. Even though you can take care of most of the packing by yourself, it would be wise to consider the option of working with some specialists on this assignment as well. This is especially significant since you are about to move from Northern Virginia to Nevada!

Because you have to perform an interstate relocation, it is recommendable to leave this task to experts. They know exactly what items can be moved, how to properly pack them, and will they secure them for transport. In other words, just tell them what to do, and they will do their best to provide you with outstanding services!

Shaking hands.
Make sure to work with professional movers and packers. These people exactly know what items you should not pack when moving from Northern Virginia to Nevada!

Some other things you should avoid packing and moving with movers

In the end, if you are properly equipped, you won’t have any obstacles. Remember mistakes people make when moving by themselves, and you will be good to go. Learn how to find the right assistance by your side so your belongings experience a damage-free move from Northern Virginia to Nevada.

This is also important to know when it comes to relocating valuable possessions. Anyway, just make sure to keep them with you during relocation! Items that require your attention while performing a move are documents, money, wills, jewelry, and many more.

a female teach and a boy looking at a globe, read about 3 insightful tips for moving household items internationally

3 insightful tips for moving household items internationally

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There are many mistakes people make when moving by themselves. To help you avoid that, we have 3 insightful tips for moving household items internationally. When you are completed with this article, you will be confident to move your belongings where ever you want without any stress. So let’s begin!

​The first on our list of 3 insightful tips for moving household items internationally – is to make an inventory

When moving internationally, creating an inventory is a must-do. Because you will need to have all of your ducks in order. Here is how you should make an inventory:

  • Get yourself something to write on. However, this is an old-fashioned approach to make sure you will not lose your household items list – use an application on your phone. All phones come with a pre-installed note-taking app.
  • Before you get to note-taking, ponder on your items. Do you need all of them in your new home? If you do not toss them. This will make note-taking less bothersome and save you money down the line with packing materials.
  • Why inventory is one of the 3 insightful tips for moving household items internationally – because you can stay organized. Here are our useful tips on how to take organized notes. You will need to divide your notes by room. If you take notes by room, you will know exactly what household items were in that room, and it would be easier to pack and unpack them.
a notebook
Writing an inventory will keep you level headed

​What to pack your household items with?

When it comes to packing materials for your household items, there are a lot of options. We are going to lay out some of them, and you can choose your own. Every how-to move guide can tell you that you need something to pack your items into. There are two options – cardboard boxes and plastic bins. In most cases, you can execute a move with cardboard boxes. They are cheaper and will protect your stuff. However, with an international relocation, you need extra protection. For that, we recommend going with plastic bins. They are a one-time purchase that you will be able to reuse. What to wrap your household items with? Get different packing materials; packing paper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts – the usual suspects. You can not go wrong with them but think about the cardboard boxes and plastic bins. They are the real head-scratcher.

a family packing
The right supplies are our second of insightful tip

​The final tip on our 3 insightful tips for moving household items internationally – is on how to pack

When you have all of your items cataloged, and the moving supplies, you need to know how to pack them. Make sure to pack items with similar shapes in the same box. By packing this way, you will be saving space. The heavier household items should be first in your plastic bins/cardboard boxes. With fragile items, wrap them with more cushioning.


If you follow our 3 insightful tips for moving household items internationally, you will have a successful international relocation.

A ball of apaper and a drawn light bulb

The many practical uses of plastic wrap for moving

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Need to pack for your upcoming relocation and you are looking to ensure a smooth relocation? Well, it is definitely time to find out what are the practical uses of plastic wrap for moving! Most people find the packing process as one of the most difficult tasks in the moving process. However, by knowing what are the practical uses and by gathering a plastic wrap, you can be sure that all your goods will be safe and secured. Keep in mind that you will not have to worry about their safety and you can be sure that all of your goods will be transported in the simplest way to your new home. So, let us present to you what are the practical uses of this material!

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Mom, dad, brother and sister with the sun and some palm trees on the background.

Steps that guarantee a successful international relocation

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Moving internationally is not an easy task. Especially if you are not relocating all by yourself and need to coordinate with other members of your family. Planning for one is definitely easier than planning for two or three more. In order for it to go as smoothly as it could be, you must know that there are some steps that guarantee a successful international relocation. Making an international moving checklist and sticking to it thoroughly will ensure the success of any task that you intend to accomplish. This includes a long-distance move, as long as you plan for everything in a proper way.

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Busy everyday street life of NYC.

Las Vegas family moving to NYC – pro packing tips

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Are you getting ready for a long-distance move all the way from Las Vegas to New York City? Is that so? Now that’s a pretty firm decision, we guess. You’ve probably thought about it for a long time. Decisions like this aren’t made overnight, they don’t just pop all of a sudden. Or do they? In any case – you should be well prepared for the trip. Being the family person you are – you already know that the key to success and good management is organization. That being said you’ll need some friendly advice on the subject. Packing your stuff correctly making sure none of it gets damaged in the process is crucial. Read the article to learn how to pack like a pro. Your Las Vegas family moving to NYC without much stress should be your top priority. Stay tuned.

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A moving box.

Smart ways to reuse moving cardboard boxes

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The moving is over and the moving boxes are all around your new house. How to get rid of them? Be eco-friendly and reuse moving cardboard boxes and don’t throw them away.

We have some simple ideas on what to do with the boxes after moving is finished. Packing was one part of the process and you have packed everything, including preparing a first night box for your interstate move. After unpacking, be creative and use boxes again.

A moving dolly with boxes.
After moving and unpacking it is time to figure out what to do with all those moving boxes

How to reuse moving cardboard boxes?

Once you have moved it is time to clean a new house and to find smart ways to use your boxes again. Be creative!

  • Wrap cardboard boxes with decorative paper and use them to put gifts for your friends and family. If holidays are close, it may be a perfect way to reuse moving cardboard boxes.
  • Also, wrapped boxes can be used as storage in your home. Cover them in fabric and they can be used as a decoration too. Moving boxes covered with fabric will give your home a cozy look.
  • Put boxes in the garage or basement and store decorations, shoes, off-season clothing, old kids’ toys, etc.
  • If you have a cat, you can make a bed for your cat and decorate it. Be extravagant and bold with decorating the cat’s bed.
  • Cut cardboard and make a flower, and in the center, you can add a mirror for example. It can be used as a frame around mirrors and photos.
  • Make toys for your kids, for example, a small kitchen stove. They will be happy about new toys, especially after moving to a new home.

If you don’t want to make anything from your boxes, there are other options too:

  • Most cities have a local recycling program which is perfect for people that have a lot of cardboard boxes.
  • Ask neighbors if they need moving boxes.
  • Some moving companies are buying used moving boxes, ask around, and contact a couple of companies and sell them.
  • Contact libraries, charity organizations, food banks, churches, etc. maybe they need boxes. Those community organizations often need boxes, so help them out.

Store them in a storage unit

If you don’t have time to deal with moving boxes, but you still want to keep them, you can rent a storage unit and you won’t make clutter in your home. Pack and organize your storage unit and consider storing other items than just moving boxes.

Reuse moving cardboard boxes as a decoration boxes.
If you still have boxes, find a way to properly store them

This way, you will be able to reuse moving cardboard boxes later, or if you are moving frequently, there is no question you will need them again. Choose the right size storage unit (because bigger storages cost more) and your home will have more space.

A road sign.

From Nevada to New York – move quickly and hassle-free

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Do you need to move from state to state fast and without stress? Is it possible? It is – even when you need to move across the country – from Nevada to New York.

After making a decision if you should move to New York from NV, and deciding to move there, it is time to start with packing and organizing your relocation. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, you can still manage relocation and move successfully. Don’t worry, you only need the right guide to follow.

A view of NYC at night.
Living in NY is exciting, but before starting a new life, there need to know how to relocate properly

Tips for moving from Nevada to New York fast and simple

With some simple tricks, you will be able to move hassle-free on short notice. Even if you are moving with family across the country, it is possible to handle this long-distance relocation.

  • Take inventory of your belongings and identify how much stuff you will need to take with you to NY. Don’t move everything, separate items into 3 categories, what to move, toss, and donate. When moving from Nevada to New York on short notice, you probably won’t have time to sell items.
  • Start looking for apartments in NY, they are not cheap and when you find something you like, book it immediately, because it won’t stay on the market for a long period of time.
  • Start packing ASAP because this will take you most of the time when moving. Don’t think a lot, just pack and ask for help to finish it faster.
  • Set up utilities before a moving date – electricity, water, wi-fi, install AC, etc. It is frustrating to move into a dark and cold place after traveling all day.
  • Change your mailing address, it can be easily done online. Also, cancel subscriptions if you have them.

Hire a long-distance moving company

For moving interstate, in this case to NY from NV, hire crews that can easily transport everything – from clothing to furniture. Start searching for movers immediately, especially if you are moving during the summer months. Book a reliable moving company with experience and of course, check their license before hiring them. This is one of the most important tasks to do when moving from one state to another.

A map for moving From Nevada to New York.
Moving from one coast to another is not simple and it requires preparations

Consider renting a storage unit in NY

In most cases, when people are moving quickly to another state, there is not enough time to find a place. Yes, you can stay a couple of days in B&B or in a hotel, but, where to put all your items? Don’t worry, your belongings will be safe in a storage unit, so consider renting a storage facility, big enough for all your household items.

Another advantage is that you can store items that cannot fit into your new apartment. Off-season items, decorations, bigger furniture, etc. They can all be safely stored in a self-storage in New York, and also, it is a cheaper option than renting a bigger home.

Sleeping emoji.

How to prepare a first night box for your interstate move

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When moving state to state, there are many things to have in mind. One of those things is preparing for the first night in your new home. It will be an exciting and emotional experience. How to prepare a first night box for your interstate move and why this box is so important?

A box that will be opened first on a moving day and right after moving is called an essential moving box. Yes, it will be opened first, but it should be packed last.

Moving furniture in a new home.
After moving, it is time to relax and enjoy your first nigh in a new home

Tips for preparing a first night box for your interstate move

Moving from one state to another is a long process and you probably want to move as fast as you can. Nothing is more relaxing than resting in your new home after the moving is done. But, what if you need to look for essential items for hours? This may drive you crazy. After a long and stressful moving day, you will want to take a shower, eat, and go to bed.

That is exactly why, a first night box is so important, especially if you are moving with kids. In this case, you will need to unpack their items first. It will be easier and faster if you have all those items in the same box.

Sleeping after unpacking a first night box for your interstate move.
Be prepared for the first day and night in your new home in a different state


Of course, because this is a first night box, pack items that will help you sleep tight.


Nothing is more relaxing than taking a shower after traveling all day long, so pack toiletries in this box too.

  • Tooth brush and paste
  • Soap, shampoo, shower gel, conditioner
  • Towels


You must eat something, so prepare food and some kitchen essentials.

  • Non-perishable food, because you will be too tired to cook everything from scratch and it is not recommended to move perishable food long-distance
  • Plastic plates, cups, knife, forks, spoons.

Personal items

Be prepared for a couple of days after moving when it comes to personal items, not only for the first night.

  • Clothing
  • Electronics such as phone, tablet, PC, chargers

Emergency materials

Because it is better to be safe than sorry… The first thing to take care of is to make sure you are safe when moving interstate. You should look for trustworthy assistance but also, take some additional steps to be safer.

  • First aid kit
  • Scissors for box opening
  • Medications
  • Vitamins

If moving with kids

In case you have kids, besides items, we have listed previously, you should pack toys, some games, baby food, one new toy, books for entertainment, and other items to keep your kids happy and calm when moving cross country.

Maybe you will open your first night box for your interstate move during moving, but it is ok. Keep those items in your vehicle or in your bag if you are traveling by plane, and your kids will be satisfied.