Tips for renting a moving truck

By October 27, 2020Renting hacks

If you want to perform a DIY move, you should consider these tips for renting a moving truck. This low-cost alternative to hiring a moving company is an excellent way to save money. But, it demands planning and research.
The following tips for renting a moving truck will help you understand how to rent it and how to find the best service at affordable rates.

Determine what size of a moving truck you need 

The truck size you need to rent depends on the size of your home and the number of your belongings. Of course, the truck size varies depending on how much furniture or large items you plan to relocate. But, here’s an idea of the size you’ll need: 

  • 26′ – Four and more bedrooms 
  • 22′ – Three to four bedrooms 
  • 16′ – Two to three bedrooms 
  • 12′ – One to two bedrooms 
  • 10′ – Studio or small apartment 

So, if you’re moving from Virginia to Nevada with kids consider renting a bigger truck. Also, you can contact rental truck companies and describe your shipment to get a recommendation for the truck size. 

Remember to rent a truck at least ten to fifteen percent larger than you think you’ll need. This way you’ll be sure you have enough space. 

Three Trucks - Tips for renting a moving truck
Use these tips for renting a moving truck and find out the truck size you need.

Tips for renting a moving truck – Request quote 

Before renting a moving truck it’s important to shop around. So, contact three to five rental companies to compare services and costs. Truck costs are determined by: 

  • The truck size. 
  • The traveling distance. 
  • How many days you’ll be using the truck? 
  • The time of the year you relocate. 
  • Will it be a one-way rental or round-trip rental. 

Also, when getting estimates, ask questions about any extra charges you may incur. 

Insurance and renting a moving truck  

Make sure you’re renting a moving truck whose insurance cover:  

  • Damage that truck can sustain. 
  • Damage that your items can suffer in case of an accident. 

Usually, you’ll be offered several different insurance options. So, read all of them, even the small print as well. 

But, when purchasing, keep in mind that the cheapest insurance isn’t always the most affordable. And the most expensive can usually be unnecessary. 

Check the background of the company 

It is one of the most important tips for renting a moving truck. So, do a background check on any company you consider to hire. You want to be sure that they are reliable and legitimate. Make sure you read customer reviews and visit websites like Here you can see complaints about dishonest companies and poor business practices. 

Reserve the truck on time

If you’re wondering How to avoid stress when moving, reserve the truck at least two weeks in advance. But, if you’re relocating during peak season, reserve the vehicle at least one month in advance. 

Calendar Date
Remember to reserve the moving truck on time.

Arrange the moving accessories

A DIY move means you’ll have to do a lot of lifting and loading very heavy objects. So, you need to rent a moving truck with appropriate equipment. Such as ramps, roll-up doors, and liftgate. 

Also, you’ll need some accessories to protect your belongings. Some of them are:  

  • Moving blankets. 
  • Dolly. 
  • Straps. 

You can rent these accessories from a rental agency.  

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