Mistakes people make when moving by themselves

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Moving is never an easy task. It can be time and money-consuming, and overwhelming overall. Especially if you want to do it yourself. Though it can save you money, it can be even more stressful than the regular relocation with professional movers. But, if you organize well, you can avoid unwanted stress, and stay on top of the task. In order to help you, we collected some of the mistakes people make when moving by themselves. So let’s see what they are and how to avoid them.

Moving DIY – yes or no?

Although this is one of those things that DIY people simply love, it can get out of your hands. What can possibly go wrong? It’s just moving loaded boxes from one place to another, right? Well, not exactly. There are a lot of things that could go wrong, so maybe it’s better to leave it to the professionals. But, if you’re sticking to the idea of a DIY move, here are some mistakes you should avoid in order to have a positive overall experience.

Mistakes people make when moving by themselves

Moving is more than just shoving things into boxes and transporting them. Let’s look at the things you should pay extra attention to:

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Learn from mistakes, but not yours

Not making a plan

Make a plan. And not just for your moving day. Make a plan of all the things you need to do prior to your relocation. Make a list of all the things that have to go, and things you can ”get rid” of or donate. A good plan is half of the work.

Packing everything

And we mean EVERYTHING. Moving is a great opportunity to finally declutter and sort out your things. Although you might get a little sentimental, ask yourself: will I use it in the future? Do I really need it? If the answer is no, leave it behind. Donate it, as we already suggested, or make a garage sale and earn some cash. You sure gonna need it.

Not providing enough supplies

This is an important task. Do you know how frustrating it can be to realize that you ran out of packing material? And that you have to stop what you’re doing so that you could go to the store? It’s a real waste of time. That’s why you want to make sure to provide even more than enough material.

You don’t pack properly

Make sure to cover your things well and with the right kind of material. Especially when it comes to fragile items. You don’t want to come to your new home only to realize that your things are damaged or broken because you didn’t wrap them with enough bubble wrap or plastic wrap.

Broken ceramic plates are one of the mistakes people make when moving by themselves
Make sure you protected your things

Not labeling boxes

How else would you know what is inside each box? Label everything, and pack things separately. Room by room. You want to make it easier for yourself when you start unpacking in your new home.

Learn from others’ mistakes, not yours

There are a lot of things to think about when moving. At least, now you won’t have to think about mistakes people make when moving by themselves. And if you have any additional questions, or you’re just looking for tips, you can always ask professionals. Hope we helped you out!

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