Excellent ways to pack glassware for storage

By November 27, 2022Packing and unpacking

The kitchen is known for being a tricky space to pack. Today, we’ll show you excellent ways to pack glassware for storage.

Pack glassware for storage with caution

Many stores are selling specially designed dish boxes. These are ideal, but they are also expensive. A basic box will suffice as long as you are cautious and pad kindly. Begin by placing your dish in the center of a packing paper. Secure it by pulling the corners of the paper over the plate. Repeat with three additional plates of the same size.  Stack your four plates together, flip the stack over on another sheet of packing paper and rewrap the entire bundle with tape. Place the bundle in a small box, vertically stacking dishes on a thick layer of packing paper.

Hands packing glassware for storage;
Be very careful while packing your glassware for storage.

Now is the best time to store

Because of a lack of customers, storage facilities lower their rental prices in the fall. During this time, most will have low prices and significant discounts. Nonetheless, depending on the specifics of your items, you may face higher prices for some. The fall is a good time to rent. If you’re still not sure when is the best time, don’t worry. A good sense of timing will make all the difference. It will even save you money down the road.

Packing glasses for storage

When it comes to packing glasses, the first step is to roll them in the paper. Perform this on a clean, flat surface. Take a piece of paper or a napkin and place the glassware you’re wrapping at an angle on the material. Stuff the ends of the paper or towel inside until the entire surface is covered and the wrap job looks cozy. To save packaging material, roll two identical-sized cups or glasses into the same wrapper

Pack your glassware for storage with a breeze

When you’re going the storage route to fill gaps in your packing timeline,  desertmoverslv.com can be your storage provider. They can assist you with packing supplies if you want to take your wrapping actions to the next level. Regardless of the circumstances or speed of your packing, being cautious and aware is a way to make the experience less stressful.

Teapots, knives, and other kitchen items

Wrap the handles of large objects, such as pitchers or teapots, with packing paper before wrapping them individually. Place the teapot upside down in the bottom corner of a stack of packing paper, then fold a few sheets over it to form a bundle and secure it with tape. Label the bundles so that when you unpack, you are aware of any sharp edges.

Wrap before your pack for storage

Wrap the teapot lid separately from the teapot and place both in the same box. Cover a teapot by using rolled-up paper around the handle and then continue with more paper around. Wrap knives individually on paper before putting them in bubble wrap. You can also put them in knife protective cases.

A person that's trying to properly pack glassware for storage;
Wrapping can be very complicated, so be prepared and patient while you pack glassware for storage

Stack pots and pans of varying sizes together

Place a large pan with two or three sheets of packing paper, then insert a smaller pan and line it with more packing paper. Insert a smaller pan, and so forth. Place nested pans on packing paper and wrap them with at least three extra sheets of packing paper. Before placing it in a box lined with packing paper, seal it with tape. Maybe you’re asking yourself which items you’ll need in the future, but don’t forget that labeling is necessary!

Final thoughts after you pack glassware for storage

Hopefully, these suggestions and instructions will give you peace of mind as you pack glassware for storage. This is why if you are yet to pack, we suggest you do not rush with the process.

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