Las Vegas vs NYC: young families share their thoughts

By November 30, 2022Moving to Las Vegas

Living in a big and famous city is always exciting. But not all cities are the same, and you need to find what is the best option for you and your family. There has always been a discussion about Las Vegas vs NYC. You cannot go any bigger than them, and most of the time, it is very difficult to choose one of these places. And that is why we are here to help you. Many young families share their thoughts when it comes to this topic, so there are high chances that you will do it as well. Every homeowner in Las Vegas will tell you almost the same thing as every homeowner in NYC. So let’s see what those things are.

To be able to understand the Las Vegas vs NYC conundrum, you need to know what you are looking for

For sure, moving to a bigger city is a dream that many people are chasing. But before you make your decision and you choose only one of these two options, you need to think well about it. Just because someone else has a great time living in NYC or Las Vegas, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be the same for you. Everyone is different. And we all have different needs. So don’t make a mistake that you will regret making. There is no need to rush anywhere with the decision and moving. Many options like U. Santini Moving and Storage New York and others will be available no matter when you make your final decision. And you know what they say, it is better to be safe than sorry either way.

Las Vegas at night.
Las Vegas vs NYC decision is difficult, so better start making a list.

Let’s see what it is like to live in Las Vegas first

To understand better which city is better for you and your own needs, you need to learn more about both of them. Not just to scratch the surface but to really find out how it is to live there. Focus on statistics rather than stories you could hear from your friends. When it comes to Las Vegas, it is a city in Nevada located in Clark County. There are 644,594 inhabitants that live there, and most of them are young professionals and families that tend to lean toward liberal. The area feels dense suburban. And of course, to break the stereotype, it is not true that you can only find casinos and hotels in Las Vegas.

There are many bars, coffee shops, and even parks. So if you heard the story that this city is only about concrete and sand, that story is not the right one. You should also know that the median home value in Las Vegas is $279,700 while the median rent is $1,153. The difference between owners and renters is not that big. But the majority are owners, with 53%. Since you are a family, you need to think about education for your kids as well. And here, they will be able to have the proper one they deserve. If these are not enough convincing reasons to relocate to Las Vegas, now is the time to explore more about NYC as well.

And now you need to know more about life in NYC

Living in the Big Apple is a dream come true for many people. Especially younger generations. But is this the place where you want to have your kids grow up and live a family life? Let’s figure out that one together. New York City is located in New York County, and it is in the state of New York. For sure, you all know that already because this city is the most popular one in the world. However, other things are essential to know as well. So, the area feels dense and urban, and there are numerous bars, restaurants, and coffee shops around. And, of course, there are parks as well. But in this big city, concrete is more dominant.

When it comes to expenses, it is definitely more expensive than in Las Vegas. For the median home value, you would spend $635,200, while for the median rent, you could somehow manage to find something that is $1,489. Because of this difference, 67% of residents choose to rent their places. And getting an apartment in NYC is very difficult. There are 8,379,552 inhabitants. And they all need to find a place where they will live. The worst problem is that not every apartment has what every apartment should have. So keep that in mind before you make the decision.

Las Vegas vs NYC views cannot even compare.
There are plenty of buildings in NYC, but not that many apartments.

There are some differences when it comes to Las Vegas vs NYC lifestyle

Even though these two cities have so many similarities, when it comes to the lifestyle people have in them, they are very different. So depending on what kind of lifestyle is the one that you are looking for, you will choose the place. If you want a more relaxed life, you go to Las Vegas, and if you are still in shape to live a faster life, NYC is the better choice for you.

Be sure of your decision

Bringing a decision that is this big can be scary. The entire responsibility lies on you. And you don’t want to disappoint your family with a wrong choice. Or to let them down even. Because of that, it is understandable that you need more time to make a proper decision. It doesn’t matter how long it will take you to decide; what matters is that you make the right choice.

Ferris Wheel in Las Vegas.
Many families agreed that even though they are so similar, Las Vegas is a better choice.

Start with the moving preparations on time

Since you will take quite some time to make a proper decision, you need to worry about other things. Moving is a complex process that can really last long if you don’t do something about it. So when you finally decide between Las Vegas vs NYC you need to start with the moving preparations. Schedule meetings and decide on a moving day.

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