Benefits of moving to Seattle from LV

Starting over in a new city is both a challenge and excitement. And while Las Vegas is surely one of the most exciting cities in the country, living here can get pretty tiring. After all, it’s perfectly normal to need a change of pace. One of the cities you might want to consider is Seattle, as it is pretty much a polar opposite to LV. Why is that and what is the plus side of moving to Seattle? Keep reading and find out!

Colder weather

You don’t need a Las Vegas moving guide to know that summers here get very hot. And while this is usually a pro rather than a con, there are still people who can’t stand the heat. If you’re one of them, then be sure you’ll like Seattle. Although many would argue that Seattle weather is dark and gloomy, this is only one side of the coin. Yes, it really does rain often from November to May, but it’s more drizzle and mist than full-blown rain. On the other hand, the summers and early autumns are wonderful, which mend the bad reputation Seattle weather has.

All things considered, if you’re tired of the blistering LV heat, moving to Seattle will be a breath of fresh air. You can escape this summer’s heat if you organize your move on time with a moving company like Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage Seattle citizens trust the most.

man holding an umbrella

Rainy days don’t necessarily have to be gloomy – moving to Seattle offers much more

Outdoor activities

By fleeing the oppressing heat, you’re also leaving behind the iconic Las Vegas dessert. If you’re a nature enthusiast, moving to Seattle will definitely be an improvement to your lifestyle. After all, Seattle isn’t nicknamed the Emerald City for no reason – the greenery here is quite mesmerizing. This automatically means you’ll be leading a healthier life, as there are lots of outdoor activities to pursue. More than anything, people in Seattle are drawn to the mountains, and with so many trails, hiking is one of the best ways to spend your free time. With the change in scenery, you’ll notice that the fast-paced tempo of LV is turning into a more casual vibe.

More job opportunities

Were you planning on moving your business facility in Seattle? In case you’re wondering whether the economy of Seattle is performing well, here’s your reassurance. At least when we take a look at the unemployment rate, the Seattle’s is at 2.90% and LV’s at 4.90%. Both are quite low, so you won’t have trouble finding a job once you settle here.

While Las Vegas mostly has casino and entertainment industry’s thriving, Seattle is, first of all, a manufacturing center. Have all of this in mind and organize your budget on time.

a neon 'we're hiring' sign

Don’t be worried about finding a job – there are many opportunities awaiting at every corner

A calm vibe

We’ve already mentioned that LV’s bustling atmosphere caused by so many tourists can be tiring. That’s why moving to Seattle may actually be a great solution. Namely, you’ll get to keep all the amenities of a big city, as well as a price tag of a big city, but without the crowds. In terms of the social vibe, this is a city with an introverted soul. You might hear people complaining that the atmosphere is not as friendly as one might expect, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s all about your outlook on life, and there’s nothing wrong if you want some peace and quiet after a party-like city like Las Vegas. The lifestyle is much more focused on nature than on partying, and if this suits you, you’ll love living here.


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