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A beach in Florida.

Leaving Nevada and moving to a small Florida town

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Living in Nevada is great. And you probably enjoyed it a lot. However, there comes a time to move on. Sometimes it means changing your job, finding a new place to live or breaking up with your partner. And sometimes it means doing all that at once. Moving isn’t something we come across on a daily bases, and it requires our complete devotion for that reason. There are just so many things that can go wrong. And when they do – they can cost you a lot of time, energy and money. Something no one really wants. So, yes. Moving can be risky. And especially if you decide to move across the state. Today, we will talk about leaving Nevada and moving to a small Florida town. No matter the reason for this relocation, we will help you get organized, stay away from moving mistakes and scams, and finally – move to a small Florida town. Read More


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Sometime in your life you might have visited Las Vegas with your family for a few days of fun, but now that you are going towards retirement and you’re still not sure which place to start your new venture at – you may well consider moving to Las Vegas for your retirement, where you can expect a lot of fun and a good-fit to your retirement lifestyle!


Las Vegas is a city that constantly reinvents itself, much like what retirement can do for retirees. Starting this new chapter of life in Las Vegas gives you the freedom to decide how you will spend your time and who you will spend it with. If you’re an outdoor type of person, you will have many opportunities to enjoy your new-found freedom outside due to the decent climate. Although, the temperatures may get too hot at times, you can retreat to see a show on the Strip or enjoy a day in some activity at the community center. In all, many reasons can be listed as to why Las Vegas is a great place to retire to as a senior that is active, so why not consider becoming a neighbor to those who already have discovered this.


The exciting part is the planning phase – looking at various retirement communities that you will be calling your ‘home’ in Las Vegas. You can find more than around 50 communities to choose from, and along with many tourist spots, you can be sure that you will not be bored to come and live here, by knowing that you have more than enough to keep yourself occupied from the things the city has to offer. If you do decide on Vegas, it is best to make use of the time you have before moving, as an opportunity to contemplate on all of your options when planning the move to Las Vegas.


It is important to keep in mind the varied benefits of a retirement community or you might decide that you will reside in an assisted care facility when it is time for retirement; you simply must carefully evaluate both options. You want to know all the possible benefits you will receive in case you do choose between different neighborhood activities so you can evaluate the individual Las Vegas retirement community.

One of the many must-have benefits of moving to a Las Vegas retirement community is that you are still able to have a social life despite residing in a home by yourself. The retirement community should be the sort of place that facilitates a number of social events, so that you can interact with other residents. The display of how the residents are interacted with the workers makes a big difference, since this can influence the overall experience of your tenure.

Also, the facility needs to fit within the range of your budget so you need to be considering the costs. Even if you can afford the expenses, you need to make certain that the services you get are worth the money you pay for it.

By taking the time to look at different retirement communities, and see what these centers are all about, you will do a better job of evaluating these places. It is definitely worth your time and effort to dig for deeper information rather than just settling with what you’ve seen. If the place you’re looking is the residence you want to stay in, it should be capable of making your retirement life happy, sociable and fun. Ideally, you want to find and stay in a place that best suits your needs and matches your lifestyle.

Due to the wide array of choices available to Las Vegas seniors, retirement communities are very competitive and there are many outstanding active-adult retirement living and retirement communities. The retirement communities in the Las Vegas Valley are closer to being miniature resorts that cater to the active-adult lifestyle, loaded with amenities like hiking and fitness trails, pools and saunas, tennis courts, golf courses, card rooms, ballrooms and more. Check out some of the highest rated active-adult retirement communities available in and around Las Vegas.


For most people, it is important that where they live reflects the lifestyle that fits them and meets their desires. Some communities cater to young families just starting out; others attract active singles leading a carefree lifestyle. As people get older, one attractive community concept is a 55-and-over community. The concept is straightforward: people 55 or older living in a planned community with a variety of amenities that cater to the more mature resident. Generally, these residents still live an active and healthy lifestyle, and the amenities are geared toward keeping that going.

Even so, there are a number of variations on this concept. For instance, some communities require only a minimum number of residents to be 55 or older, making it possible for young families to move in and be a neighbor. All this is fine, but why would someone choose a 55-and-over community? For starters, these well-designed communities have all of the older residents’ needs in mind. These communities generally are close to hospitals, shopping, dining and local attractions; and many are gated or have onsite security patrols that offer a great sense of physical security. Some people choose them to live in them to be near similarly aged peers without the busyness and chaos that comes with families with young children. Many communities also have conveniences that seniors find irresistible, including all of life’s little expenses (e.g., taxes, insurance, utilities) being wrapped up in one fee or the maintenance and care of the property being taken care of by the community.

Deciding on whether a 55-and-over community is right for you is like any other major decision. Do some research, explore your options and recognize potential pitfalls of your possible decisions. And, of course, visit any communities in which you have interest, before you decide on your move to Las Vegas.

Moving to Las Vegas with your Pet

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As with any move, moving to your new home in Las Vegas can be stressful for a family, but that stress is also experienced by pets. With a little consideration and planning, your move to Las Vegas doesn’t have to be difficult on your pet.

Whether you’re contemplating a move to Las Vegas or down the street if you already reside there, having a complete change in environment may be confusing and frightening for your pet. It stands to reason that every possible measure should be taken to ensure the safety and comfort of your nonhuman family member during the move. So with the proper preparation, you can ensure that your Las Vegas moving experience will go more smoothly, for you and your pets. Read More

5 top Reasons to move to Las Vegas

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Move to Vegas - City of future

Move to Vegas – City of future

Every single person in the world knows about Las Vegas. At least you have seen it in movies as a great place to have a bachelor’s party before the wedding day. Or you have heard of it as of sin city, the city for gamblers etc. What we are going to be saying in this article is so much more than you have heard. We are going to give you reasons to consider moving to Las Vegas, not for a road trip, or for weekend fun, but for the rest of your life. Every single move that you make has pros and cons, or reasons for and against. Las Vegas certainly is not the exception. But, as a man who fell in love with this city as soon as I’ve come to live here, I am going to tell you what are the main facts you need to know about real life in Las Vegas and not the one you see on the screen of your TV or in the movies. This is what I consider to be the top list of reasons to move to Las Vegas and never go anywhere else.

More than 300 Sunny days a year

Sun in Vegas

Las Vegas, the sunny city. Move to Las Vegas and enjoy in the Sun for almost all of the yeat!

Moving to Las Vegas means moving to a Sunny city

What people commonly think of Las Vegas is that it is a desert, being that it is surrounded by one. But it definitely is not the truth. Although there is very little rain, often for months without it, the heat here is not the factor by which it could be categorised among deserts. The matter of fact is that the average temperature here is 20°C, which means that it is not a too hot place to live in, just for you to know in case you had double thoughts about moving here because of the temperature. The summers are hot, it is true, but that heat is, as locals here would say, dry heat, and it is not too difficult to adapt, in case you decide moving here is what would make you happy. Read More


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Here we are once again! We are happy that we have some more suggestions about where you could move in Las Vegas and be happier about the place where you live. We already discussed some neighbourhoods in Neighbourhoods in Las Vegas to move to Part I and Part II. What is really interesting about Las Vegas is that there is high diversity among neighbourhoods, in terms of nature, buildings, wealthiness and much more. That is why you can choose the part of Las Vegas to move to no matter what your preferences are. We are trying to be as objective as possible when giving our suggestions about each place. Because we understand that there are differences between different visitors of our platform might be, considering the place where to move to in Las Vegas.

In this article, we are going to give you an insight of following places:

  • Bunkerville– Place for Las Vegas movers loving peacefulness
  • Blue Diamond– The lowest crime rate of all neighbourhoods
  • Mesquite– Neighbourhood with fast growing economy


Part of Las Vegas to move to and feel as if every day was a vacation on a village

Move to rural part of Vegas - Bunkerville

Move to rural part of Vegas – Bunkerville

Top statistics of Bunkerville neighbourhood:

Average income per household:…………………………72.000$
Time spent in transportation:……19 min.

Being a countryside lover, or just a person who loves peace, Bunkerville is what you are looking for! This rural neighbourhood with 1600 people living in it makes the impression of travelling back in time when everyone knew every neighbour in a place where they live. The spirit of old times, with good relationships between neighbours, is felt on every step you take through this piece of peace on earth. Read More

Henderson Las Vegas


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’Movers Las Vegas’ team is continuing to provide you with the information about where are the best places to move to in Las Vegas. In the previous article, we said something about Boulder city, Summerlin south and Spring Valley, and if you are interested in moving to these areas, you may read more about them in our article about neighbourhoods in Las Vegas to move to me.

Being that there are many different requirements about what is the most important thing about the place that you would like to move to, we will continue to get you to know different parts of Las Vegas where you could possibly move to, based on the criteria we mentioned before, and which you can also see by clicking on the link above. Today we are going to say something about following neighbourhoods of Las Vegas:

  • Henderson– Relocate here and be sure to enjoy in silence, or enjoy in city life– it offers both of aforementioned, with Las Vegas city only several minutes away
  • Downtown Las Vegas– Perfect place for art and nightlife lovers
  • Laughlin– If peace is what you are looking for- this Las Vegas suburb is a place for you to move to


hendersonThe most important figures of the suburb:
Rent price average:………………………….. 1.185$
Average home price:……………………………. 235.000$

First to mention, when discussing reasons why Henderson is on our list of neighbours in Las Vegas that we recommend to move to, is that this is a place for those who like luxury home and a luxury life! Besides that, if you are among aforementioned kind of people, there are plenty other things that might keep your attention occupied. Some of them are amenities. There are over 10.000 amenities in this neighbourhood that the inhabitants may enjoy. There are fancy restaurants, golf clubs, various places for the picnic at the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area , sports facilities etc. The one thing that is for certain truth is- you cannot be bored! For everything that you might like, there is a possibility to do it, inside of Henderson or near it. Read More

Las vegas moving tips


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The main goal of ’Las Vegas Movers Guide’ platform is to keep people informed based on next: where they could move to in Las Vegas; what moving company is the best to relocate with; what are the main problems when taking care of moving to Las Vegas and more. The moving process starts long before the moving itself, it starts with the idea of moving, choosing what continent to move to, what country, and then what city or village that seems like you would like to move to for living a certain amount of time, if not for the rest of life. Read More