Moving to Las Vegas with your Pet

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As with any move, moving to your new home in Las Vegas can be stressful for a family, but that stress is also experienced by pets. With a little consideration and planning, your move to Las Vegas doesn’t have to be difficult on your pet.

Whether you’re contemplating a move to Las Vegas or down the street if you already reside there, having a complete change in environment may be confusing and frightening for your pet. It stands to reason that every possible measure should be taken to ensure the safety and comfort of your nonhuman family member during the move. So with the proper preparation, you can ensure that your Las Vegas moving experience will go more smoothly, for you and your pets.

Considering moving with your pet

Considering moving with your pet

Get to know the rules for pets before the Move to Las Vegas

Moving should not be the reason for giving up your pet, so make sure that you can take your pet with you. One of the first things to do when moving to Las Vegas is to become familiar with pet rules and regulations of your new neighborhood. In the city of Las Vegas, any dog, cat or ferret more than four months old must be licensed.

Moving with your pet to Las Vegas needn't be a problem but it is a process

Moving with your pet to Las Vegas needn’t be a problem but it is a process

New residents must obtain a license for their pets within 30 days of moving to Las Vegas from the Animal Foundation (Lied Animal Shelter). For North Las Vegas residents, a license is required for any dog, cat or ferret more than three months old. The license can be obtained from the Lied Animal Shelter same as Las Vegas licenses. For Henderson residents, licenses can be purchased at the Henderson Animal Control Bureau. Prices depend on whether the animal is fertile or sterile, whilst senior citizens receive discounted prices.

Pets on the Move

May is National Moving Month. It marks the beginning of a four-month moving season. Your pets may respond differently to the proposed relocation if you plan to move to Vegas this season.

Here are a few tips to get you thinking ahead of your move:

  1. Consult your vet, as they may be able to help with ideas how to better manage the stress of the move. For those out of town or moving across the country to Las Vegas, make sure to have a new veterinarian picked out, including a directory of local animal hospitals, dog parks, and pet specialty shops. Additionally, keep a current health certificate for your pet handy during interstate travel, because some states require them.
  2. You should start packing in advance to overcome the last minute stress, and in turn, this should let your pets adjust to disruption to their new surroundings. In general, cats are more focused on their surroundings and don’t adapt to change as readily as dogs do. Set the carrier up well in advance and place your cat’s favorite blanket or toy in the carrier, so they may be can examine it daily and accustomed to the move more easily.
Helping your dog transition the move

Helping your dog transition the move

3. Dogs are often easier to travel with, and they may be more used to riding in a car. You’ll want to get your pet used to riding in the car a few weeks before your move. Start with short trips, this will reinforce the pleasurable aspect of car rides and help decrease anxiety.

4. While on the road, avoid moving in the heat of the day, especially in the summer. If you are moving to Las Vegas with your pets, keep them well hydrated. Let them adjust to the heat slowly, and never leave them outside in the heat of the day whilst you’re at a roadside stop. If you are traveling with cats, they can generally travel for eight to 10 hours without having to use a litterbox, but it never hurts to bring along a disposable litter box for emergencies or overnight stops.

Allow your cat time to get used to its carrier

Allow your cat time to get used to its carrier

5. Not all moves can be made in one day. If you must stop for the night, call ahead to see if there are pet-friendly hotels or accommodation on the way to Las Vegas.

Try and keep your Pets Away on the day of the Move

On the day of the move, place your cat or other small animals in their carriers and confine your dog to one room or the backyard. If your dog has any territorial protectiveness or gets stressed out easily, try asking friends or neighbors to help watch your pet for you until all of your belongings are packed away.

Try to keep your pet away from the all the commotion of the packing

Try to keep your pet away from the all the commotion of the packing

Pack pet items last and keep them with you in the car -not into the moving truck- in case you need anything handy whilst on the move. Only after everything is out of the house should you retrieve your pet and place them in the car or moving truck.

Making the Move with your Pet to Vegas as easy as possible Event

Moving with a pet usually means moving with a cat or dog. Cats should always be confined to a hard-sided carrier, as should other small animals, such as birds, rabbits, or ferrets. Although, dogs and cats aren’t the only pets who get to move! The list of pets extends to tarantulas, iguanas, fish, and other types of exotic pets. Moving these pets can sometimes require specialized transport and handling by prearranging appropriate relocation methods and boarding – horses are one example. We at Movers Las Vegas understand that it’s not as easy to move with pets, which is why we are dedicated to providing all information about relocating your pets safely and happily to Vegas.

Home Sweet Home Las Vegas

When you reach your new place of residence in Las Vegas, bring in your pet from the car and take them into a room to get adjusted. Only after all of your boxes and furniture have been moved in, and all of the movers have left, should you let your animals out to explore their new surroundings.

It may take several days or even weeks to become comfortable, as it’s generally more difficult to adjust to any new routines or schedules. So, what you should do is place any familiar objects in relatively the same locations as in your previous home – this will help ease stress and help in the settling in after you and your pets have done the Las Vegas move.

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