Sometime in your life you might have visited Las Vegas with your family for a few days of fun, but now that you are going towards retirement and you’re still not sure which place to start your new venture at – you may well consider moving to Las Vegas for your retirement, where you can expect a lot of fun and a good-fit to your retirement lifestyle!


Las Vegas is a city that constantly reinvents itself, much like what retirement can do for retirees. Starting this new chapter of life in Las Vegas gives you the freedom to decide how you will spend your time and who you will spend it with. If you’re an outdoor type of person, you will have many opportunities to enjoy your new-found freedom outside due to the decent climate. Although, the temperatures may get too hot at times, you can retreat to see a show on the Strip or enjoy a day in some activity at the community center. In all, many reasons can be listed as to why Las Vegas is a great place to retire to as a senior that is active, so why not consider becoming a neighbor to those who already have discovered this.


The exciting part is the planning phase – looking at various retirement communities that you will be calling your ‘home’ in Las Vegas. You can find more than around 50 communities to choose from, and along with many tourist spots, you can be sure that you will not be bored to come and live here, by knowing that you have more than enough to keep yourself occupied from the things the city has to offer. If you do decide on Vegas, it is best to make use of the time you have before moving, as an opportunity to contemplate on all of your options when planning the move to Las Vegas.


It is important to keep in mind the varied benefits of a retirement community or you might decide that you will reside in an assisted care facility when it is time for retirement; you simply must carefully evaluate both options. You want to know all the possible benefits you will receive in case you do choose between different neighborhood activities so you can evaluate the individual Las Vegas retirement community.

One of the many must-have benefits of moving to a Las Vegas retirement community is that you are still able to have a social life despite residing in a home by yourself. The retirement community should be the sort of place that facilitates a number of social events, so that you can interact with other residents. The display of how the residents are interacted with the workers makes a big difference, since this can influence the overall experience of your tenure.

Also, the facility needs to fit within the range of your budget so you need to be considering the costs. Even if you can afford the expenses, you need to make certain that the services you get are worth the money you pay for it.

By taking the time to look at different retirement communities, and see what these centers are all about, you will do a better job of evaluating these places. It is definitely worth your time and effort to dig for deeper information rather than just settling with what you’ve seen. If the place you’re looking is the residence you want to stay in, it should be capable of making your retirement life happy, sociable and fun. Ideally, you want to find and stay in a place that best suits your needs and matches your lifestyle.

Due to the wide array of choices available to Las Vegas seniors, retirement communities are very competitive and there are many outstanding active-adult retirement living and retirement communities. The retirement communities in the Las Vegas Valley are closer to being miniature resorts that cater to the active-adult lifestyle, loaded with amenities like hiking and fitness trails, pools and saunas, tennis courts, golf courses, card rooms, ballrooms and more. Check out some of the highest rated active-adult retirement communities available in and around Las Vegas.


For most people, it is important that where they live reflects the lifestyle that fits them and meets their desires. Some communities cater to young families just starting out; others attract active singles leading a carefree lifestyle. As people get older, one attractive community concept is a 55-and-over community. The concept is straightforward: people 55 or older living in a planned community with a variety of amenities that cater to the more mature resident. Generally, these residents still live an active and healthy lifestyle, and the amenities are geared toward keeping that going.

Even so, there are a number of variations on this concept. For instance, some communities require only a minimum number of residents to be 55 or older, making it possible for young families to move in and be a neighbor. All this is fine, but why would someone choose a 55-and-over community? For starters, these well-designed communities have all of the older residents’ needs in mind. These communities generally are close to hospitals, shopping, dining and local attractions; and many are gated or have onsite security patrols that offer a great sense of physical security. Some people choose them to live in them to be near similarly aged peers without the busyness and chaos that comes with families with young children. Many communities also have conveniences that seniors find irresistible, including all of life’s little expenses (e.g., taxes, insurance, utilities) being wrapped up in one fee or the maintenance and care of the property being taken care of by the community.

Deciding on whether a 55-and-over community is right for you is like any other major decision. Do some research, explore your options and recognize potential pitfalls of your possible decisions. And, of course, visit any communities in which you have interest, before you decide on your move to Las Vegas.

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