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The main goal of ’Las Vegas Movers Guide’ platform is to keep people informed based on next: where they could move to in Las Vegas; what moving company is the best to relocate with; what are the main problems when taking care of moving to Las Vegas and more. The moving process starts long before the moving itself, it starts with the idea of moving, choosing what continent to move to, what country, and then what city or village that seems like you would like to move to for living a certain amount of time, if not for the rest of life.

Being that you read this text, it is very probable that you have decided to move to Las Vegas, or you are at least considering such an idea. That is why our team of experts will give you some guidelines about what the ideal place for a living could look like if you move to each of neighbourhoods in Las Vegas that we will write about.

Before we start giving you information, we will give you same suggestions what to consider when moving to Las Vegas, and move at all, that we used as criteria to evaluate neighbourhoods in this article:

  • Average salary– We checked on what are the earnings of inhabitants in this neighbourhood to see if it is something worth mentioning for your decision to move to there in Las Vegas
  • Housing– We investigated what the prices of buying and renting homes in different neighbourhoods of Las Vegas, and compared them with average earnings to see if each of them has the ratio good enough to move to.
  • Unemployment rate– Not only the unemployment rate is important, but also the number and the kind of jobs offered, because, when you are deciding what neighbourhood to move to in Las Vegas, it would probably be the part of Las Vegas where you would have a big chance of finding a good job with good salary.
  • Crime rate– We measured the percentage of crimes happening in each of neighbourhoods, it is important that you know how scared you should be for your decision what neighbourhood to move to in Las Vegas
  • Time spent in transportation– Noone likes to get stuck in transportation, for example from home to work, and also from work to home. That is why we were trying to discover what neighbourhood to move to in Las Vegas, to avoid those stressing situations

Last thing I want to mention, prior to your reading of this article with plenty important information, is that we did not try to show you all the information about each neighborhood, but only those characteristics that every of them is good to move to for. Because, there are different needs of different people, and we wanted to collect little something for every one of you.

Top neighbourhoods to move to in Las Vegas:

boulder-cityBoulder city

The most important figures of the suburb:

Crime rate:………………………………………1.321%
Avg time spent in transportation:……23minutes

Boulder city is a neighbourhood, or we could say the suburb of Las Vegas, but it is completely opposite to it. Boulder city has things that Las Vegas does not have, for example, architecture dating back in 1930., and it does not have the single most important thing for Las Vegas- gaming. The other thing important for Boulder city are commodities that it offers, or are offered near it. By that, I meant on Lake Mead National Recreation Area, and Hoover Dam, which is also called Boulder Dam, because it is near to it. So, if you decide, among other neighborhoods of Las Vegas to move to Boulder city, this is the right place for you to move to, you may rest assured that the crime rate is low, you do not spend too much time behind the wheel or in public transportation, and you would always have the opportunity to enjoy in different types of activity, at least you would be able to enjoy in nature every day.


summerlin-southSummerlin South

The most important statistics of the suburb:

Crime rate: 1.299%
Percentage of high school graduations:94%
Average income per home: 92.000$

The most important thing to mention about moving to Summerlin neighbourhood of Las Vegas  is the convenience that it offers– it is only 15 miles away from Las Vegas, which allows people living there to do their day to day activities, even if they work in Las Vegas, or have different obligations on regular basis, and it still allows them to find their peace in couple of minutes, or couple dozens of minutes, enjoying silence, nature and lack of big city noise, by which Las Vegas is among ‘most famous ‘ cities in the world. You can go for riding or climb the rocks near Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area or other ways you can go to the pool or for a picnic, in the beautiful nature which is all around the place. Plus, you can enjoy the diversity from Las Vegas just sitting in front of your house- because of the style of houses, which is Meditteranean.

If you choose to move to Summerlin South neighbourhood of Las Vegas, you are most probably not likely to regret. The average income pre-home is just enough to make yourself comfortable, the crime rate is among smallest in the country, and being that it is close enough to Las Vegas to commute there for a job, and far away enough to rest from it, guarantee you a nice, comfortable life.


spring-valleySpring Valley

The most important statistics of the suburb

Rent price average: 1122$
Average time spent in traffic: 21 minutes.
Average income per home: 121.600$

The most important thing that I would like to mention about Spring Valley, is the average income per home, which is among highest in Las Vegas, and still you can enjoy all the comfort added to that- not to spend too much time in transportation, pay the rent at prices among lowest of all Las Vegas suburbs, and be near Las Vegas, or shall we say not far enough to worry about it. If you earn much money, and you can enjoy in peacefull atmosphere of the place where you live in, wouldn’t Spring Valley be like heaven neighbourhood to move to in Las Vegas for you?

The houses of Spring Valley of modern design, and also the others of ranch style homes, esthetically give another advantage to this plays comparing to other suburbs. Furthermore, Spring Valley offers you different types of activity- you can go and enjoy challenges of Spanish Trail Country Club, or you can, for example, enjoy a picnic at the cannon view. There are all sorts of chances to have a good time, you are the one to decide which one you will choose if you pick the Spring Valley is a right place for you to move to in Las Vegas.

In the end, we will repeat the most important things about why every of aformentioned neighbourhoods is the best to move to in Las Vegas:

  • Boulder city: crime rate is low, you do not spend too much time in transportation
  • Summerlin South: only 15 miles away from Las Vegas, high percentage of high-school graduation
  • Spring Valley: very high average income per home, peaceful atmosphere of the place




To be continued

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