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Here we are once again! We are happy that we have some more suggestions about where you could move in Las Vegas and be happier about the place where you live. We already discussed some neighbourhoods in Neighbourhoods in Las Vegas to move to Part I and Part II. What is really interesting about Las Vegas is that there is high diversity among neighbourhoods, in terms of nature, buildings, wealthiness and much more. That is why you can choose the part of Las Vegas to move to no matter what your preferences are. We are trying to be as objective as possible when giving our suggestions about each place. Because we understand that there are differences between different visitors of our platform might be, considering the place where to move to in Las Vegas.

In this article, we are going to give you an insight of following places:

  • Bunkerville– Place for Las Vegas movers loving peacefulness
  • Blue Diamond– The lowest crime rate of all neighbourhoods
  • Mesquite– Neighbourhood with fast growing economy


Part of Las Vegas to move to and feel as if every day was a vacation on a village

Move to rural part of Vegas - Bunkerville

Move to rural part of Vegas – Bunkerville

Top statistics of Bunkerville neighbourhood:

Average income per household:…………………………72.000$
Time spent in transportation:……19 min.

Being a countryside lover, or just a person who loves peace, Bunkerville is what you are looking for! This rural neighbourhood with 1600 people living in it makes the impression of travelling back in time when everyone knew every neighbour in a place where they live. The spirit of old times, with good relationships between neighbours, is felt on every step you take through this piece of peace on earth. There are various opportunities for hiking and biking all around this place. It is not that far from other neighbourhoods, where you could satisfy some needs that are only possible to be satisfied in a city neighbourhood, and it is far enough to enjoy in silence and in nature.  Also, there is Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument, where you can enjoy in camping. Summarising, all in all, this is the right place to move to in Las Vegas for retired people, people enjoying in peace and nature, and for those who dislike the noisy cities. In case you want to see yourself how does it look like, watch a video:

Blue Diamond

Heaven for mountain bikers to move to in Las Vegas

Blue Diamond heaven for families

Blue Diamond heaven for families

Top statistics of Blue Diamond neighbourhood:

Crime rate:.……………………………………1.33%
Average home price:……………………. 330.000$

The most important thing that we should mention is to underline the crime rate here of only 1.33%, It means that on every 1000 people, only 13 of them is a victim of some kind of a crime. It is the lowest number of all neighbourhoods in Las Vegas. So, if your family safety comes first to you, then you should probably consider to move to this part of Las Vegas and be sure that the probability that they will get into this stressful situation is at the minimum. Also, you have everything needed for everyday life here–  a park, city pool, library, elementary school, event hall, church, and mercantile that is also a gas station. So you may rest assured that you may provide your family with all kinds of necessities here. Also, if you want to have different kind of fun than aforementioned, there is a Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, where you can enjoy in the outdoor theatre, as well as in picnicking, mountain biking hiking and much more. Is Mesquite not the perfect place to move to, choosing between all neighbourhoods of Las Vegas, where you can offer your kids the amusement, schooling, nature, and at the same time safety at this high percentage?


One of the fastest growing economies among neighbourhoods to move to in Las Vegas

Move to Mesquite

Move to Mesquite

Top statistics of the Mesquite neighbourhood

Unemployment  rate:……………………6.9%
Time spent in transportation:…….13 min.

The Mesquite neighbourhood’s unemployment rate is not as low as someone would think based on that we are mentioning it among the most important data of the neighbourhood. But, it is among the lowest in Las Vegas, and what makes it even more important, it is going to become lower and lower in years to come. This neighbourhood has a fast growing economy, but it still has only around 18000 inhabitants. It is estimated that the number of people is going to grow, because of the forecasts for the overall growth of the city.  Another important information is that the education is very good here, there are four public schools.There are different amenities that might be interested in those who chose that Mesquite is the best place to move to in Las Vegas. Among others, there is Mesquite Fine Arts Center, ideal for art lovers, also, there is a Golf club for those who enjoy this sport, and many others. The matter of fact is that Mesquite is known for its amenities, there are more than 1000 of them here!

To draw the line- it is a peaceful place, ideal for every kind of people- loners, families, retirees, that is estimated to grow rapidly and improve the standard of life of its inhabitants. Although it is not too near to the city of Las Vegas, the spirit of it can be felt here too, being that there are several casinos in Mesquite. Nevertheless, it is a peaceful place being that there is no too many of them. It is not too far from Las Vegas, about 130km, which means that in case you have a need to go in the big city, it wouldn’t take you more than a day to finish everything you need there.



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