5 top Reasons to move to Las Vegas

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Move to Vegas - City of future

Move to Vegas – City of future

Every single person in the world knows about Las Vegas. At least you have seen it in movies as a great place to have a bachelor’s party before the wedding day. Or you have heard of it as of sin city, the city for gamblers etc. What we are going to be saying in this article is so much more than you have heard. We are going to give you reasons to consider moving to Las Vegas, not for a road trip, or for weekend fun, but for the rest of your life. Every single move that you make has pros and cons, or reasons for and against. Las Vegas certainly is not the exception. But, as a man who fell in love with this city as soon as I’ve come to live here, I am going to tell you what are the main facts you need to know about real life in Las Vegas and not the one you see on the screen of your TV or in the movies. This is what I consider to be the top list of reasons to move to Las Vegas and never go anywhere else.

More than 300 Sunny days a year

Sun in Vegas

Las Vegas, the sunny city. Move to Las Vegas and enjoy in the Sun for almost all of the yeat!

Moving to Las Vegas means moving to a Sunny city

What people commonly think of Las Vegas is that it is a desert, being that it is surrounded by one. But it definitely is not the truth. Although there is very little rain, often for months without it, the heat here is not the factor by which it could be categorised among deserts. The matter of fact is that the average temperature here is 20°C, which means that it is not a too hot place to live in, just for you to know in case you had double thoughts about moving here because of the temperature. The summers are hot, it is true, but that heat is, as locals here would say, dry heat, and it is not too difficult to adapt, in case you decide moving here is what would make you happy.

Terrific view everywhere you look

In case you like to enjoy the view, there are many opportunities for your satisfaction, in case you move to Las Vegas

If you are a nature loving person, you will not stop sightseeing around if you relocate to Las Vegas. Because there are the most various things you might enjoy in that near that you may drive to them at most 30-45 minutes from the centre of Las Vegas. Some of the top destinations surrounding Las Vegas are Lake Mead, Red Rock canyon and Mt Charleston in the distance of some 30 minutes away. And little further, but still reachable by car, there is a Grand Canyon, Joshua tree, and much more. So, if you thought before that it is a desert for gamblers, does Las Vegas look more like a place you would move to now that you know about the beautiful nature surrounding it?

Moving to Vegas - Close to nature

Moving to Vegas – Close to nature

Low costs of life

You would be surprised how cheap it is to live, moving in in such a big city as Las Vegas is


It doesn’ t matter if you intend to rent or buy your new home, the price you would pay moving to Las Vegas is below national average! Pretty strange for a city with the reputation of a city for wealthy dicers, isn’t it? Well, this is one more thing you probably didn’t suppose, but the average price of a two-bedroom home is around 130.000$, and the rent price for cheaper places is somewhere below 800$ a month! Pretty affordable for an average person, even for those with salaries below the average! So, next time you think of cities you would like to move to, I suppose Las Vegas would be among places to pick

Being different is common thing here

Las Vegas is one of the most eclectic cities you might move to

Las Vegas is one of the most diverse cities in terms of culture.    It is very much open-minded. In Las Vegas, you may be a stranger, and the only thing why that would be important to people, if you consider yourself to be different from others, is to get to know you better, and find out something new, and different. There are different sorts of diversities, both income and ethnicity, and yet, you may not find a gap between different classes so common for many other big cities with diversity. Therefore, no matter where from you move to Las Vegas, or how wealthy you are or you are not,  you will find people here looking forward to meeting you.

City for young people and start-up companies

In case you dream of big opportunities in business world, Las Vegas is among top destinations for you to move to

Several websites placed Las Vegas in top ten lists among best cities for young people to move to. The reason why is that the unemployment rate within the group of people between 20 and 30 years is rapidly falling for years now. It means that in case you want an opportunity for a job you dreamed of- you should come here, the chances are growing that you could find it here.

Also, in case you are entrepreneur deep inside, move to Las Vegas and use the overall economic environment to let that entrepreneur step out and make his life brilliant. Some of the top start-ups were started here, and new ones are coming every day.


These five reasons top my list of reasons to never go away of Las Vegas. There are many more reasons, but I considered the aforementioned to be the most important for young people, and those coming from cultures different from American. It is your call to move here or not, but remember one thing, I guarantee you that you would not regret if you came. After all, you can see that we didn’t even put gambling among reasons to come, so you may imagine how interesting this city is, outside of casinos too.

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