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Moving is a big moment in anyone’s life. It can be the best thing that has ever happened to you, or, otherwise, it can make your life a nightmare. The difference between the best or the worst thing in your life is making a RIGHT CHOICE WHERE TO MOVE.

You might think that it is not that difficult to choose, but just think about what happens if you realise that you made a bad choice at a point in time when there is no coming back? There is a great chance that you would hate yourself and everyone around yourself day after day until the end of your life. Being that it is not an option for a young man, I am prepared to help you MAKE A RIGHT CHOICE WHERE TO MOVE!

We are going to consider these 7 factors:

1)Family and friends factor– how relationships affect your decision where to move
2)Money factors– chances of having a good life in place where you plan to move
3)Who do you move in factor– who do you move with does make an impact on what is the best place to move to
4)Housing factor- chances of getting a place to live in when deciding where to move
5)Climate factors- Winter or summer? You choose, move where you like it the most
6)Political situation factor- Do you want to move in, or close to a war area?
7)Economy factor- Choose a place to move regarding based on economic growth.


friends-movers1)Family and friends factor

The first, and the most important thing when deciding where to live is the bond with friends and family. If there is a strong bond, if you spend most of your time with friends and family, then you should choose a place that is near the place you currently live in. If that is not the case, then there is no restriction on WHERE TO MOVE from this aspect.


Money Factors2)Money factors

Maybe the crucial factor, after deciding to move. You have to earn a money to live, so first of money factors is affordability to live at a certain place. If you are well situated, and you inherited millions, that is not a problem. But, if the case is that you are among mortals, then you have to check how much money do you have, and where is that enough to start a new life.

Second of money factors is earning money. It means how difficult is finding a job there. Do you have a profession that will make it easy to find a job and start earning money for life, and is the average salary for your profession there enough to live?  You can find list of countries by average net salary(after taxes) if you follow this link:

Third of money factors are taxes. Being that taxes influence your salary, your other incomes, and your property, it is very important to have a knowledge on how much would you have to spare on taxes when deciding WHERE TO MOVE.

Movers Las Vegas3)Who do you move with factor

It is important if you move to another place alone, or with someone. If you move alone, you can handle a lot more problems that if you move with a family. If you move alone, you can easily change a house/apartment, you can decide to go back, or to move to another place. If you move with a family, then you have to choose much more wisely because your husband/wife and/or children might find it far more tiresome to change a place that often. Therefore you must choose a kind of school/kindergarten you want your children to attend, see if there is a job opportunity there for your spouse, check the violence rate in the place, culture of people and children who live there etc., to be sure that you made a right decision WHERE TO MOVE

Housing Factors4)Housing factor

Being that it is the biggest expense in your budget, it is very important to take this factor seriously into consideration.

If you have a house or a flat in your ownership, it makes the decision easy. But if not, you must check the rent and the buying costs, and check if any of both is affordable to you. That might be even the crucial factor when choosing between the couple or several opportunities when choosing WHERE TO MOVE.



climate factors5)Climate factors

When we are discussing these factors, the most important thing to mention is the probability of natural disasters, since you probably wouldn’t like to move somewhere and suddenly, because of natural disaster, loose everything you have, or even risk your life.

Second, you should choose a place with the type of the weather that suits you the most. It depends on you if  you like to enjoy summer swimming on the seaside, or you like skiing a lot, or you like both equally. Since there are different types of climate around the world, why wouldn’t you choose WHERE TO MOVE to enjoy the most day to day activities?

6)Political factor6)Political situation factor

I put this factor in place 6, but this should be the eliminating factor in making decision WHERE TO MOVE. If the political situation is unstable, and there is ANY chance of war or any other kind of conflict, you would most likely choose not to move there. So, it would be wise to check on on that before making the final decision.


Economy factor7)Economy factor

Do the research on the economic development of different locations that you choose between. My opinion, which is supported in real life, is that you might take under consideration to move to a place with lower salary and standard of life at the beginning if there is a great chance that the situation will improve a lot in near future. Surely, this factor should be taken into consideration if the rest of the aforementioned factors meet your requirements for a place WHERE YOU WANT TO MOVE.

In the end, I would like to make another suggestion. Reread all of these factors again, while comparing your choices WHERE TO MOVE, but this time think of them as a person who is advising the best friend, or a brother/sister. In some psychologists opinion, it is the best technique to make a right choice, and you would like the most to choose the best WHERE TO MOVE.

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