New Yorker living in Las Vegas – tips and tricks

By October 22, 2019Moving to Las Vegas

Even though Las Vegas is famous for constant entertainment and boulevards, that is not everything it has to offer. Behind all that artificial entertainment and glamorous structures you will find beautiful parks and amazing natural scenery. Furthermore, if you plan to become a permanent resident, you will most likely enjoy pleasant suburban communities. Many of those communities have first-class restaurants and various cultural attractions that compete with their NYC counterparts. New Yorker living in Las Vegas always goes through a unique experience.

Living in Las Vegas is different

If you are New Yorker living in Las Vegas, the first thing you will notice upon arrival is that it’s a lot different. The lifestyle is leaning toward more relaxing and casual wardrobes than you would expect. There is no uniformity like on the streets of Manhattan where everyone is rushing to work in their suits. Additionally, it’s not as expensive as you might hear and think. If you decide to move from NY, consider hiring help from professionals like Capital City Movers NYC since it will be a good long term investment.

The Strip New Yorker living in Las Vegas will definitely like a lot.

The Strip – the most famous part of Las Vegas.

Let’s just mention a few among many surprises you may expect in Las Vegas.

You will need a light jacket, sunglasses, and water everywhere

It is a bit strange, but you will need to take your light jacket with you everywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of summer or it’s winter, when you find yourself indoors, you will need a jacket. Thanks to the Air Condition systems inside the buildings you will never feel the heat. Another thing, a pair of sunglasses is necessary even in winter because the sun always shines brightly. At last, a bottle of water is a must. Even if you are going just short distances during the summer days, you risk dehydration.

There is no state income tax

One of the main reasons people move to Las Vegas it the absence of state income tax. Believe it or not, but the amount you save this way will be big enough so you can plan to buy a house. Comparing rental prices with NYC prices, you can get four times larger apartments in Las Vegas for the same price.

Taxi in Las Vegas

What you need to know about taxi is that it won’t just stop everywhere like in NY. This may come as a surprise but you’ll need to wait for a taxi in marked areas or in front of the entrance of major resorts.

Don’t rent a car

Renting a car in Las Vegas is not something you will need. You might think you will need one when you decide to visit various attractions around the city or the area, but you won’t. Most of the attractions have shuttle services or taxi ready to pick you up and take you there. Besides, Las Vegas is a really “walkable” city. On the other side, if you own a motorcycle, you will be surprised about how useful it can be for cruising through the landscapes.

Asphalt road in the wilderness surrounding Las Vegas.

Surroundings of Las Vegas are perfect for land cruising.

You have a chance to really enjoy the outdoors

Nature enthusiasts will really enjoy living in LV: places like Red Rock Canyon and Lake Mead are within 30 minutes from the center. You will have many opportunities to hike, ride a bike, climb rocks, ride horses, or climb a mountain and many more, something you can’t enjoy like that in NY.

The nature in Red Rock Canyon.

Red Rock Canyon is just one of many amazing places near Las Vegas.

Besides, you have many National Parks just a few hours away:

  • Nearby National and State Parks
  • Grand Canyon
  • Zion
  • Bryce Canyon
  • Escalante Canyon
  • Death Valley
  • Yosemite
  • Valley of Fire, etc.

The city is always alive and every New Yorker living in Las Vegas likes this

They don’t say without reason that “Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps”. Not to mention “The Strip” where everything is alive 24/7, but even on the outskirts, there is always something to do or see. No wonder, millions of tourists come to visit Las Vegas every year. They are looking for a full-time entertainment and somebody needs to work at every hour of the day or night to compensate for their needs. If nothing, Las Vegas care to provide its services for all of their clientele. Everything from the nightclubs to the prestigious restaurants is available at almost every part of day and night.

One more thing, if you move to Las Vegas, be sure you will have a lot of opportunities to check on your favorite acts and show. Every big name in the industry will make a stop there, so don’t forget to check the internet for various programs and tours.

Las Vegas is not so large, people know each other

Unlike in many other large cities like NY, people that live in LV long enough knows each other. Or, at least they recognize among themselves. LV is not a huge city with barely 2 million residents living there, among which, many works in the same industry. Soon enough, a friend of a friend will become your friend and so on. The only strangers for you will be newcomers and tourists. Have this in mind because it can affect your private and professional reputation as well.

You can forget about gardening

For the most part, Las Vegas is laying on a hard surface. Be ready to rent a storage unit since there are no basements in Las Vegas. Engineers didn’t bother to plan to dig solid rock more than is necessary. So, everything there is usually above ground. For the same reason, you can forget about having a garden in the back of your yard. Actually you can, but it will require to get a permit to dig and artificially place the layer of earth. However, it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Finally, you will have to take all precautions against flooding. Because of the solid ground, water tends to stay on the surface which can cause you trouble.

Final words for a New Yorker living in Las Vegas

For a New Yorker living in Las Vegas, many of these things may seem strange, or at least new. However, if you prepare well and give it enough time, you will soon think of yourself as a resident. You will discover plenty of hidden opportunities not widely known for tourists, and you will fully enjoy your life there.


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