Moving a motorcycle to LV

By September 28, 2019Moving to Las Vegas

When you are deciding about moving to a new place you have to deal with a lot of common things an ordinary mover deals with. Good planning and preparation, packing and loading, transportation and insurance, are just some. But, what if you are a motorcycle owner and you have a wish to relocate to Las Vegas? Moving a motorcycle to LV may be strange to some, however, it can be exciting and adventurous to others. Las Vegas has no state income tax, so it’s not out of ordinary to think about that option to save money. It’s an artificial oasis in the Mojave Desert surrounded by the natural beauty of Nevada. Extreme heat will demand that you have a car, but since Las Vegas is great for “night owls” it can be your motorcycles’ chance to fit in.

Moving a motorcycle to LV

From a lot of tourists to many different kinds of workers, Las Vegas is the city of temporary residents. But since you are going to live there, that experience is entirely different than as a tourist. Considering you are moving with a motorcycle there are a couple of options you need to get familiar with:

  1. You can drive your motorcycle yourself
  2. Move it on a truck
  3. Rent a moving trailer
  4. Hire a moving company

Drive it yourself

Las Vegas and Nevada, in general, offer a lot of activities and places to visit along the way. So to some of us driving our motorcycle cross country will come as a natural thing to do. It can be a good idea but for others may not be the option. If you are trying to move on a budget you should be aware of the extra costs for fuel. Not to mention the time you will lose and danger you may face crossing the unknown land on your two-wheeler. In addition, unless you are done with moving your other possessions it may be a smart idea to delay that driving.

Motorcycle ready for a ride.

Get your motorcycle in excellent condition before going on a long trip.

Move it on a truck

It is possible to move your motorcycle with a truck. Maybe you own one, or your friend does and it might seem like an opportunity not to be wasted. Anyway, before doing so, you should consider a couple of things. First of all, it is the weight of your motorcycle. If it can’t be lifted as is, it may be a good thing to get a loading ramp. Another thing is the size of your bike and your trucks transporting compartment. If it cannot be placed and secured to prevent any damage while transporting, it is not worth trying. If it can, then secure your bike with portable wheel locks, and tie it properly to flatbed and on sides so it’s not moving at all. You can find everything you need in motorcycle or auto parts stores.

Rent a moving trailer

Another approach is to rent a trailer to move your motorcycle cross country, attach it to the back of your car and haul to your new place. Consider a motorcycle trailer particularly designed for safely hauling motorcycles, not just any trailer can do. They are equipped with tie-down sites, have built-in wheel chocks, and their own ramps for easier loading. There are two varieties of moving trailers, open and enclosed ones depending on your needs. When loading your motorcycle don’t take any unnecessary risks, since it can result in heavy injury and severe bike damage. The ratchet straps should be tight well so everything stays firmly in place. Do not hesitate to ask someone to help you with loading, because loading all by yourself is not a wise thing to do. In the end, set the motorcycle into first gear for extra safety during the transport.

Pick up truck for moving

There are varieties of hauling trailers you can use, make sure to pick the right one.

Hire a moving company

If all the above doesn’t work for you, for any reason, then it is a good time to do it the easy way. It may cost you a bit, but considering the risks, hiring professionals may be your best option for moving a motorcycle to LV. Before you choose which company to hire, call them and see if any are specialized in moving motorcycles. Ask them about their moving quotes, and gather at least a couple offers so you can compare them. Just like with renting a moving trailer you will have two options to choose from. A cheaper version of the open cart, and an expensive version with an enclosed cart. Weight your reasons for each option. Enclosed might be the better option for a long distance move, and protection from weather conditions. Do a little research about movers’ reputation and don’t forget the insurance.

Important note:

Check and document your motorcycle condition carefully. Take pictures of any damage it may have. Take it to the mechanic to see if there are any mechanical issues or problems. Remove all detachable parts from your bike that may be lost during the transportation process. Study the manufacturer’s manual in details to see if there are any particular way recommended for transporting your motorcycle because measures of precaution are different for different models.

Motorcycle engine check before moving to LV

Get a mechanic to check your motorcycle before moving.

Regardless of your transporting choices, you should not forget you are moving to Las Vegas. It is a city known for fun and entertainment so don’t hesitate to have some fun. Beside well known, there are a lot of other activities you can choose from. Moving a motorcycle to LV can provide you a different perspective when it comes to exploring the city itself. Find what you enjoy the most, and you have great choices there. From beautiful parks to golf courses, community centers, and sports facilities, swimming pools and many, many others.

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