What to do in Las Vegas – and it’s not gambling

By February 24, 2019Moving to Las Vegas

When you first find yourself in Las Vegas, you know where you came at right at the airport. Various slot machines tempt you to try your luck along the entire terminal on which you have landed. So if you accidentally approach some of it, without any intention to play, security will ask you to confirm your age. Even if they think you are too close to the slot machine, they will ask for your ID. However, you will probably get used to it very soon… Because you moved to a city where there are more slot machines than people. That is why, in this article, we will focus more on what to do in Las Vegas… And is not gambling! Still, prepare to spend your money on any other form of entertainment – and sin. Because this is Vegas baby! Just remember to play your cards right… And avoid wedding chapels!

How to move to Las Vegas

Vegas is a city with lots of nicknames: the city of dices, shopping, nightlife and it is best known as Neon City or Sin city or City of Sin. However, the best name would be the World Metropolis of Entertainment. This is because the city calls for fun and offers everything to everyone, so be ready to party!

But Vegas is not just for nightclubbing and crazy lifestyle. Once you move here, you will see there is other, more peaceful part of Vegas. So if you are just planning your move, or maybe just come for a visit, this is a great time to check your moving options. There are different moving companies that can help you relocate but think about the extra storage as well. Metropolitan Moving & Storage offers both options and has been awarded the Super Service Award. Las Vegas is a busy city that offers a lot of options, but you should always hire someone that is reliable.

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What to do in Las Vegas

What to do in Las Vegas – Las Vegas Strip

The Strip is the famous stretch of South Las Vegas Boulevard – a promenade that is about six kilometers long. Here you will find the world’s largest hotels and the most famous casinos. It is also the place where you will find a large number of street performers, so you can have fun by just walking.

For example, some of them will try to win your heart with magic tricks. So you can suddenly see a miracle: like the one where the magician pulls out your card from an unpeeled orange. Or some breakdance performance that, apart from dancing, includes various sketches that involve the audience. You will also encounter various types of Elvis character: imitators dressed in something that would fit his style that performs his songs on the street. Of course, all of these people will try to pull out some dollars out of you at the right time. These are not the only options to make a living in Las Vegas, of course. There are plenty of other job opportunities.

What to do in Las Vegas – Cirque de Soleil and CSI

As we already said, Vegas offers you many other ways to leave your money in it. You can certainly afford to live in Las Vegas once you set your mind onto it, and let’s see if you can afford to have fun in it.

One of the best ways to entertain yourself is to go to one of the famous Cirque de Soleil shows. Some of the most attractive ones are The Beatles: Love at Hotel Mirage, Michael Jackson: One in Mandalay Bay Casino. There are also Ka at MGM Grand or Aquatic Acrobatic Show O at Bellagio Hotel. Tickets are expensive and range from 120 USD to 260 USD and more, depending on the seat and the show you choose. Still, keep in mind that Cirque de Soleil professionals in dancing, acrobatic or acrobatic performance in the water are a unique experience. This is definitely worth seeing once in a lifetime!


What to do in Las Vegas

Also, inside the MGM Grand hotel and casino visitors have an opportunity for the unique CSI forensic experience. With a cost of 32 USD for adults and 25 USD for children and retirees, you can become part of a CSI: a Las Vegas crime team. Your task is to solve the case: you will get one of the crimes and some clues, and then you have to resolve it. After sniffing around, comparing DNA samples and working in a lab in which you will solve the case, you will receive your CSI degree as a souvenir. Also, if you are interested in mafia business and underworld, and how creative it can be, be sure to visit the Mafia Museum in Las Vegas. Tickets are 20 USD for adults, and 14 USD for children and retirees.

What to do in Las Vegas – going extra

Although known for instant wedding chapels where you can bring anyone from your own partner to a complete stranger in front of the altar, there are not that many options to get married easily. Within any casino, there are guidelines for getting to the weddings chapels, but they are not overly accentuated. The truth is you can find them only if you are looking for them. So the wedding is a quick option if you want it to be.

As for doing something extra, Vegas, also known as Neon City, gives an opportunity for an amazing panoramic tour. You can go sightseeing with an air balloon or helicopter. Tours range from 100 USD to 500 USD and last from 10, 15 minutes to over 2 hours.

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Visit famous streets

Finally, once you find yourself in Sin City, do not follow too many recommendations from others. If you are wondering what to do in Las Vegas: play with your own cards, get to know it in your own way. And enjoy everything that this city has prepared for you! Maybe you are otherwise reasonable with your money, but here… Try not to regret it tomorrow. Because what happens in Vegas…

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