Making a living in Las Vegas

When you say Las Vegas, people usually think about gambling, luxury, extravagance, and fun. However, you rarely stop to think about all the regular people actually living there. What is life in Las Vegas like when it is not revolving around casinos, hotels, and accidentally marrying your one-night-stands? What business opportunities are open for you to explore? Can you afford a house or an apartment with a starting job, before you open your own business? What is living in Las Vegas like? The answers to these questions lie ahead!

The largest city in the state of Nevada

Entrance in Las Vegas, the life of opportunity awaits

About Las Vegas

The city is located in the state of Nevada, and it is it’s most populated city. The name is derived from Spanish, and it means “The Meadows”. It is in Mojave desert, which is the hottest desert on the planet. This means summer and hot weather all throughout the year. The city is the 28th most populated city in the United States of America. It was settled in 1905 and marked extraordinary population growth throughout the century, making it the fastest growing city in the 20th century in America. Its economy is mostly focused on tourism, which makes it one of the most visited places on Earth. This, in turn, gave life to retail stores and restaurants and increased their sales. It earned a name of Sin City, because of many adult entertainment industries, and this made it a popular place for cinematography.

Las Vegas city center, extravagance and glamour on your doorstep

Las Vegas city center, extravagance, and glamour on your doorstep

Living in Las Vegas

If you choose to move to Las Vegas, you will probably first look for an apartment or house for rent. The average rent is around $950 but you can, of course, look for more expensive or cheaper accommodation, depending on your financial situation. The most expensive neighborhood is Desert hills, with an average renting price of $1400, and it is similar to Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. The cheapest neighborhoods are anything from Southridge to Beverly Green, with the prices ranging from $650 to $750. By choosing an adequate location for yourself and your family, your new life can begin.

If you are planning on buying a house, you will have to put some more of your savings into it. The average house price is $260.000, which may seem a lot, but when you start your own business, it’s only a matter of time when you can buy a private estate for you and your family.

Job opportunities in Las Vegas

Life in Sin City does not have to do anything with gambling or other adult entertainment industries if you are not into it. You can try to find a job in a cafe or a restaurant, or work as a clerk in many of the retail stores around the city. All of this is fueled by it’s enormous tourist visiting rates, so you can even opt for opening one of these yourself. You can be sure that you will always have customers, provided you play your cards right. The average salary is $48.000 a year, which is quite enough to make a living in Las Vegas, whatever your job qualifications are.

If you are actually planning to work in the gambling business, you just opened a plethora of options for yourself. There are many jobs in the casino industry provided you have the necessary skills required to do the job. You can become a croupier, or a security guard, or even a janitor in a casino. That way you can work your way up and experience all the glamour first hand.

Family life in Las Vegas

Living in Las Vegas with your family can be a very good option if you choose to do so in a more quieter setting. There are neighborhoods which act as suburbs and are quite safer for your kids to grow up in than in the city center. You will also have to look up schools which will fit your and your child’s needs. When it comes to higher education there is the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where you can broaden your academic knowledge and job qualifications with their wide arrays of academic studies. Living in Las Vegas is starting to sound better and better?

Recreation in Las Vegas

There are many ways to spend your free time in Las Vegas. You can do so by visiting many of the natural formations in and around the city. Some of these are:

  • Ash Meadows Wildlife Refuge, here you can see unique plants, some endangered species, and even take a swim in the Crystal Reservoir.
  • Bryce Canyon, here you can enjoy the natural rock formations and many hiking trails.
  • Death Valley National Park, grace your eyes on the hottest place on the planet, Death Valley. Here you can enjoy looking at the extending sand flats, and even see stones rolling down the hills surrounding the valley.
  • The Grand Canyon, this on is a bit further from the city, but it is quite worth the travel time. Grand rock formations that lure people from all over the world to see them extend as the biggest canyon on Earth unfolds before your eyes.
The Grand Canyon, biggest canyon on Earth

The Grand Canyon, biggest canyon on Earth


When you move in, you can find a job in almost every job sector, depending on your skills and experience, be it in the retail department, or the gambling sector. This is what makes this city great. Many opportunities present themselves, but only if you are adamant on grabbing them. Do not miss your chance to shine, and do not let this opportunity slip by you without you even noticing it.

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