Neighborhoods to Avoid when Moving to LV

If you told someone you were going to Las Vegas, they would immediately assume you were up for wild parties, marrying in haste, squandering your money at a poker table and goodness knows what else. But if you decide to move to Las Vegas, your reasons are probably much different. Then you are probably attracted to this exciting city by a dream job, dream house or the love of your life perhaps. In any case, you will need to explore Las Vegas in another manner. Before you set off and start your new life you need to consider carefully which neighborhood will be worth moving. If you cannot decide which neighborhood would be the best for your family, at least you can get info on those you should definitely avoid. In order to help you avoid making the wrong choice, we present to you the worst neighborhoods in LV. There are well-grounded reasons why these should be out of your list of options for good.

How to know which parts of LV to avoid

The outer looks of a certain neighborhood may be the first thing that attracts your attention. However, when you choose the best possible home for your family, the primary goal is the quality of life. There are several criteria we take into consideration when determining the worst neighborhoods in LV regarding the quality of life:

  1. Unemployment
  2. Crime Rate
  3. Average Income
  4. Education
  5. Housing Prices
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Are you ready to move?

Depending on your personal situation, you may not value some of the above-mentioned parameters as much as others. For example, if you already have a great job waiting for you, the unemployment rate or average income will not be the criteria you are interested in. Education is important if you are moving with kids. Housing prices indicate the overall interest in the real estate market for the area in question. If the interest is rather low, you would be right to ask yourself – is there something wrong with this neighborhood?

According to the statistics available at, some of the neighborhoods in LV rank much worse than others in the above-mentioned criteria. For this reason, we place them at the top of our list of the most unfortunate areas to live in Las Vegas.

The Lowest Ranked Areas to Live in LV

It is hard to be unbiased when deciding which neighborhoods are the best and which are the worst. We all have different priorities and personal impressions. Most of us are so fond of our hometown, for example, that we rarely see its flaws and ugly sides. That is why we chose to put the following areas in LV on the infamous list according to available statistics. We already mentioned specific criteria which are above personal impressions and preferences. Neighborhoods to avoid when moving to LV:


Downtown is the worst in terms of median household income. But this is not the only statistically poor parameter. This area cannot take pride in the number of employed men and women over the age of 35 either. If these two aren’t bad enough to put you off, there’s more. Downtown has the worst grade when it comes to reported annual crime on the territory of Las Vegas. The back streets in this area are places where you probably wouldn’t want to set foot if you don’t have to.

Meadows Village

The second worst in the percentage of employed working-age men, Meadows Village is also at the very bottom of the list indicating the amount of income per household. Many people in this area do not speak English at all and the educational level is generally very poor. Over 22.9% of the population has not attained a high school diploma. If you are moving to Las Vegas with kids, the good education is probably at the top of your list of priorities. Unfortunately, according to statistics, there’s not much you can expect from educational facilities in Meadows Village.

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The worst neighborhoods in LV have high crime rates.

Cultural Corridor

A wide range of local amenities and cultural attractions are some of the qualities this neighborhood has to offer. However, it still ranks among the worst neighborhoods in LV on the scale showing average income. Unfortunately, this is not the worst thing about this area. Homelessness is a great problem for local authorities who have struggled to find an adequate solution over the past years, but with little success. There are groups of homeless people living in organized camps along some of the main roads. These roads lead visitors to the cultural facilities and other sights of interest and passers-by are often intimidated by unsightly images. The incidents of assault and theft are among the most frequent crimes in this area. There’s little hope you can let your children stroll the streets alone without biting your nails.

Twin Lakes

As for educational attainment, Twin Lakes shares the bottom position with the above-mentioned areas. Poor maintenance of the community and the lack of interest from local authorities made this neighborhood seem unkempt. There are lots of abandoned homes and cars which seem to be nobody’s responsibility.  The crime rate is not among the worst, but the overall impression is that the neighborhood is uncared for. Average earnings are also meager in comparison to other areas of Las Vegas. Locals have been trying to improve the situation over the past years, but with little response from competent authorities.

Park. -worst neighborhoods in LV don't really have them

Pick the right area for your family.

Make the Right Choice

Whatever your priorities and aspirations may be when moving to LV, you cannot avoid taking the above-said criteria into consideration. If you keep in mind safety, education, employment and average income, you will succeed in making the right choice. Take your time and look for the best options at your disposal. If you don’t get to live in the best possible neighborhood you imagined, at least we’ll make sure you won’t make a mistake of ending up in a really bad one. Try to be impartial, glance at the statistics and you’ll avoid the worst neighborhoods in LV.

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