What to look out for when relocating to Las Vegas?

By July 24, 2018Moving to Las Vegas

National and international moving represent an opportunity to start over or level up compared to where we are coming from. In the long run, a decision to move can prove to have been the right one to make or not so much. While we never know what the outcome will be when we make a decision, there are steps that we can take in order to maximize the gains or minimize the damage that the choices we make can cause.  When it comes to relocating to Las Vegas, the first thing we need to do is gather all available information on the place where we’re going to. This ensures we know exactly what to expect when we arrive. Apart from collecting information on all the goods sides of the city that we’re moving to, we mustn’t forget to make a list of what to look out for in our dream destination.

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When relocating to Las Vegas, make sure you hire a local moving company to help you move

Make sure you hire professionals when relocating to Las Vegas

One of the first mistakes people make when moving is that they choose a wrong company for the moving process. While moving companies can be found in any city, our advice is that you tread lightly who you choose. Due to the nature of the city and its grandeur, we’d recommend choosing a local moving company that knows the business and its way around the city. This way, you will make sure that relocation goes according to plan. Plus, you will have a piece of mind knowing that you’re items will arrive safe and sound and on time.

Carefully decide on the neighborhood you will move to

There are reasons why Las Vegas is also called Sin City and nowadays casinos play just one role behind that nickname. Get all the necessary information on neighborhoods and know which ones are okay to live in and which are those to avoid. Las Vegas has a higher than average crime rate. Some might say that this is normal due to the number of tourists in the city.

However, you used to see mobsters in Vegas back in the day. Nowadays, organized crime doesn’t play a large role in the crime rate in Vegas. What does play is the high number of pick-pockets due to tourism aspect. Additionally, and more importantly, violent crimes have increased in Las Vegas. This is what you need to look out for when relocating to Las Vegas. Make sure you choose a neighborhood that is safe!

Jobs can be difficult to find in Las Vegas

Given the fact that it is a mecca for tourists mainly for its gambling industry, it comes as no surprise that tourism is well developed in Las Vegas. Therefore, it may seem like a good idea to move to Las Vegas to reinvigorate your career. Now, in case you are highly skilled at what you do, relocating to Las Vegas can be a good decision. In case you are not, you might want to think again. Apart from tourism and gaming, one of the most developed industries in Sin City are technological, food and health care services. As you may guess, ordinary people with limited specialties usually end up working in service industries. They usually don’t require a lot of training and offer possibilities of promotion. However, such positions can be scarce to come by and quick to fill.

If you can, work two jobs when relocating to Las Vegas

In case you decide to come to try and your luck in Las Vegas, our suggestion is to find any kind of job for the beginning. If you’re in your twenties, try working at two of them. This will give you a cushion and get you through the rough start. Afterwards, once you’ve made connections, it will be easier to find something better.

Moving around the city

In Vegas, a car is a must-have. While public transit does exist, it is very poor. Locals tend to drive around and we suggest you do the same. In case you cannot afford a car though, taxis are plentiful, but you cannot hail them on the street. If you need one close to the strip, we suggest you walk to the nearest hotel and try getting one there. Wherever you get one, make sure you plan your route up front. Cab drivers tend to take advantage of tourists and choose longer routes to the destination.

With Nevada weather, relocating to Las Vegas in a convertible is a smart choice.

Owning a car in Las Vegas is definitely something we recommend.

If car nor taxi is your transportation of choice, you can use the Las Vegas Monorail that can take you along the strip. Due to heavy car usage in the city and an above-average number of cars per capita, traffic gets pretty heavy. However, it is lighter in the evening and during the night.

Weather can be an issue

You surely already now this: Las Vegas is a hot place to live in. If you’re not used to it, you better get ready for it. Look at it from the bright side: Las Vegas is located in the middle of the desert and has low precipitation levels. This means low humidity!

One can still smoke inside in Las Vegas

Unlike the rest of the country, you can still smoke inside in Las Vegas. Tourism is an obvious reason for this. Usually, while gambling in a casino, the house provides the drinks free of charge while you play. So, in order to keep their gamblers inside, smoking has still not been prohibited. In case you strongly oppose smoking, Las Vegas might not be the perfect place for you.

Slot machines - take your chances on relocating to Las Vegas.

You can still have all the comforts of home after relocating to Las Vegas.

Pros of relocating to Las Vegas

While there are cons to relocating to Las Vegas, there certainly are pros too.

  • Housing is still affordable. Unlike other places nearby, especially in California (we’re looking at you San Francisco), the housing market in Las Vegas hasn’t recovered yet. Therefore, buying a house is affordable, for now.
  • No state income tax. Nevada gets the money they need from tourism and has no state income tax. This way, more money stays in your pocket for you to spend however you see fit. If you are relocating to Las Vegas for entrepreneurship, this is a great news!

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