How to become a croupier in Las Vegas

People have good reasons to believe that living in Las Vegas mostly comes down to gambling and casinos. After all, there are a lot of people who go to live there that dream about how to become a good croupier. They have a lot of money and a good salary. Most of them also who has great self-confidence, strong and cold face and great handling with cards of dices.

It is not by chance that people love a job that croupiers do. They want to behave as croupiers because the traits of a good croupier are:

  • Polite manners;
  • Only people with confidence can become a good croupier;
  • The ability to concentrate on the game;
  • The ability to think quickly and make fast decisions;
  • Security awareness;
  • The ability to handle complaints;
  • Casino dealers can freely deal cards and speak in front of the people.

All of these traits help a person to become a good croupier. However, that is not something that everybody can learn. Sometimes they simply cannot be that person, or they grew up in completely different circumstances. Those who move from Toronto to Las Vegas must know that people and living in those places are not the same.
Italy had established first casinos in 1600. In the expansion, they were in Wild West when they made a name casino.

A pink old-timer car with Las Vegas in the background.

What are you waiting for? Sit in your convertible and drive down to Las Vegas to experience life.

However, Las Vegas (and then Atlantic City) first got casinos in the 1930s. There are famous six casinos in Denmark, made during the 20th century. It is always good to go to Las Vegas. You can always become a good croupier and get to know what to visit in Las Vegas. People actually do not know what to like when living in Las Vegas. Being a croupier is not easy, but it is one of the jobs that are easy to get and improve in.

Preconditions for some to become a good croupier

As we said, it is not easy to become a good croupier. There are so many things that a person has to fulfill before even start to work the casino dealer job. First of all, he has to be healthy, not so much young (and have some level of self-esteem and maturity). He must no drink or use drugs.
There are tests that show that a person has a good color vision, good hearing, and hand moves. One of the ways how to be a good croupier is to have clear speech and some level of communicativeness.

Is there any education needed?

First of all, it is not important to have anything more than high school in order to become a good croupier. As the matter of fact, it is only important to have good mental arithmetic skills and know foreign languages. They should know France, Italic, Germany, and Spanish. In case that you are prepared to learn and go to school to become a good croupier, you should check one of those schools for croupiers. Most of them are situated in Nevada. They last 8-12 weeks and after that, you get a license and can start to work casino dealer jobs. They are also on-the-job practicing, mostly in new casinos where you can learn how to become a croupier.

Roulette table with red and yellow chips that you can handle only if you become a good croupier

What comes after you become a good croupier?

Working as a croupier is not easy at all

Even though people think that the hardest is to become a good croupier, the harder part actually starts with the diploma in the pocket. It is not easy work as a croupier. That usually presumes many things that people find hard to achieve.

How does the job look like?

Most of the croupiers are forced to stand at one place whole shift, meaning that women have to wear high heels. Persons who want to become a good croupier should be prepared for long and changing working hours and working at nights. They could have troubles with the clients. Sometimes they can be involved in criminal jobs without their knowledge or permission.

Which are the benefits of being a good croupier?

Croupiers usually have a good salary, especially those who are long in this job. They also have many benefits in insurance, and special health benefits, too. They even have free meals at job and days for the rest, since their jobs presume concentration and good vision. As we said, there is a lot of reasons to become good croupier.

What is important for croupiers to fulfill in term of law?

Even though we said which traits of a good croupier are, there are things that every croupier has to fulfill before and during working at a casino in order to become a good croupier. They obviously must not have a criminal record. Everybody who has been involved in any kind of criminal jobs cannot work in casinos. They also must pass a drug test. Most of the casinos do that test occasionally, and usually without warnings. You actually never can use any kind of drug.
People who work in casinos also must not have troubled friends. There is a long list of problems that fellows and friends with a criminal record could make to you. All of that prevents you from becoming a good croupier.

People toasting with cocktails.

You should forget about drinking when you decide to become a good croupier

Is there anything illegal that croupier can do?

Even though it is not forbidden to play for game systems, the person who aims to become a good croupier cannot involve themselves in those games. Casinos can throw away every person that plays in that way. Ability for cheating is not one of the traits of a good croupier.
However, times are changing, so people are gamling on the internet now. There are croupiers that work in the live stream, too. Their jobs are similar to the jobs in real casinos, and salary could be even higher. So, along with work in the luxury in large shiny casinos that we saw in movies, you can also become a good croupier in live stream gambling, too.

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