What to visit in Las Vegas once you move there

By June 26, 2018Moving to Las Vegas

So, you have finally reached Las Vegas.  After you find the perfect home and a job you can explore this fascinating city. You are ready for the experience of living in Las Vegas. But there is a big difference, once you are not just a tourist. You get to see all the dark sides of Las Vegas, all of its ups and downs. And we get to the important part – what to visit in Las Vegas once you are not a tourist but the resident trying to get to know his city? We are hoping that this guide will be at least a little bit helpful.

What to visit in Las Vegas


Neon sign of Las Vegas

Neon Museum Las Vegas – What to visit in Las Vegas

Well, we know it is a little bit weird to hear but there is actually really interesting things to see and visit in Las Vegas.  Believe it or not, there is a monthly celebration of art, music, food etc.  It is known as “First Friday”. That is a thing that you must visit in Las Vegas since it is pretty famous and interesting, and you get front row seats as a resident here. You should definitely visit Neon Museum since it has historical signs from the very beginning of Las Vegas. Also, one thing that is a must do on your list to visit in Las Vegas is Mob museum.  It is one of a kind.

And, for kids, there’s Discovery Children’s Museum. Also, you should definitely visit Las Vegas Natural History Museum with many different exhibits, from dinosaurs to Marine life. In 2010 they opened the Egyptian exhibit that is focusing on the life of Tutankhamon.

Check out good eateries

If you want, you can eat every meal during the day in the different restaurant and it would take you a lot of time to visit them all. The bad side of Las Vegas, everything is pricey. Everything costs more, but since you are now living here you have all the time in the world to visit Las Vegas less known restaurants, cafes, and fast foods. Rumor has it that Boteco restaurant still has the best food with tastes from around the world. The best pizza joint is “800 DEGREES NEAPOLITAN PIZZERIA”, so if you want you can go there and choose your favorite toppings. So, lets just cut to the chase – we can tell you numerous restaurants with good food but it is up to you. You need to go and explore and find something that you love.

Sports venues

So, you are an athletic type or you would like to start exercising. Nevermind, you will be more than satisfied with choices that you have in Las Vegas. You probably already know this, but Las Vegas is home to Vegas Golden Knights and National Hockey League. Also, the grand opening of the Las Vegas Stadium is in 2019.

Now, that we have established basics- there approximately 52 peaks surrounding Las Vegas. You can climb and just watch The Strip and all the shine of Las Vegas, no matter if is it dawn or evening. Also, there are 68 parks, 4 golf courses and believe it or not 109 skates parks. And if you thought that you will not be able to ski once you move to Las Vegas, you were wrong. There are a couple of ski resorts that are fairly near. Also, you have swimming pools, dog parks etc.

Weather in Las Vegas

Let’s pause for a moment with things to do in Las Vegas and talk about the obvious. Las Vegas was founded in the desert. So, there around 300 sunny days in Las Vegas. It is hot, but like really hot. While your friends are going to freeze you will be wearing shorts. So, expect that you will receive a lot of calls from friends and family, with a question: “Can we visit you in Las Vegas?”.

Nevada desert with rainbow

Las Vegas weather – desert

The largest snowfall that was recorded in Las Vegas was in 1909 and it was around 12 inches (30 centimeters). If you have a pet, consider how you will make them feel in this climate. And never ever leave your things outside. They could actually melt. 

Nightlife and Casino

I am sure you were wondering when we will get to this moment, talking about the obvious. Casinos, nightlife, gambling, drinking, and best places to attend a party. Las Vegas is also known as Sin City, and on a daily bases, you can see a bunch of drunk people, bachelorette parties and old ladies with small purses that are sitting by the slot machine. That is something that you need to get used to. And of course, you are gonna go and visit Bellagio first. It is very impressive. But, if you want to visit casino- then you need to go to the “The Golden Gate Hotel & Casino”. It was opened in 1906, and it is operating ever since. You can go along The Strip and Fremont street and just go crazy. But don’t allow that to be your habit.

Sight of Las Vegas fountain

Nightlife in Las Vegas

Education, Transportation in Las Vegas

The honest advice would be that if you have a kid don’t move to Las Vegas or at least move to suburbs. Unfortunately, Las Vegas isn’t known for its good education system. But if you are into arts then you are in the perfect place. Las Vegas Academy of the Arts is one of the most prestige, Grammy awards school. There is also, Smith Center for the Performing Arts that is located in Symphony Park. You can see a lot of shows here that you only dreamed of. But in order to get to them – the best thing you could do is to buy a car. That is the best way to transport yourself throughout the city. The Bus service in the city is pretty good, but the car will make your life easier.

Unique things you can visit in Las Vegas

Well, as any other city Las Vegas is special because of the fact that there is a lot of movie sets, tv show sets right there- near you. You can see your favorite actor casually drinking coffee near you. Also, a lot of radio and television stations is located in Las Vegas. And, on every other step, you will be able to see something unique Elvis Presley and Cher – and a lot of other impersonators. You will get to see a lot of couples who are eloping to get married. So you should add some of the famous chapels to visit on your list. If you need any more advice about Las Vegas, what to do, what to see you can always ask on different blogs.

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