What’s it like when living in Las Vegas?

By June 12, 2018Moving to Las Vegas

So many people wonder, what’s it like when living in Las Vegas? Everyone knows Las Vegas is the party city to go to, an endless parade of bad decisions and worse hangovers, but few people know what it’s like to truly live in Las Vegas. The city has far more to offer than just the Las Vegas Strip. Of course, your experience depends on choosing the neighborhood that fits you. When you wonder, is moving to Las Vegas really for you, you have to know the city beyond what you see in pop culture.

The truth is, Las Vegas doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is. That is off-putting to some, but it takes a special kind of person to embrace the weirdness of this city. Maybe you decided to buy a house in Las Vegas, or maybe you’ll only be renting an apartment in Las Vegas. Either way, it’s good to be well informed on what the city is like before you make the final decision.

A picture of the Las Vegas Strip with prominent neon signs.

Living in Las Vegas has a special charm.

What’s it like when living in Las Vegas: The weather

Las Vegas has more than 300 days of sunshine every year, making it an outdoors paradise, but… It’s hot. It’s really, really hot. Less hot then you’d expect, since it’s a dessert and therefore has a 5 to 10 humidity percent, but still hot. In the hottest months of summer, the things you leave out in the sun might actually melt. Make sure to stock up on sunscreen and stay hydrated. Average temperature highs in June, July, and August are above 100 degrees. That’s something to be aware of when moving to Las Vegas with your pet, a husky would have a bad time. Be careful when you’re walking pets – if it’s so hot you wouldn’t put your bare feet on the asphalt, don’t expect them to.

But, thankfully, the winter is amazing. Oh no, are your long distance friends frantically digging their cars out from under three feet of snow? So sad. Let’s meet at the pool for another long island ice tea. When people ask what’s it like when living in Las Vegas, the weather is a definite bonus for everyone who hates the cold.  Plus, no mosquitoes!

Good climate for sports

The good weather makes Las Vegas a paradise for sport loving people. There are about 52 peaks surrounding Las Vegas, all really close. A lot of people climb them. There’s also kayaking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and every outdoor sport you can think of. For rock climbing, the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is really, really close to the Strip. Las Vegas is called America’s Playground, but for climbing enthusiasts, that goes well beyond the city.

If you love nature, Las Vegas is a wonderful place to be.  You must see Springs Preserve if you are interested in native plants and what the valley was like before Las Vegas was founded and became what it is today. You can easily go down to the Lake or go up to Mount Charleston to hike.

Most don't think of rock climbing when they ask what's it like when living in Las Vegas.

Most don’t think of rock climbing when they ask what’s it like when living in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas and traffic

It’s true that you need a car in Las Vegas. Why? Because you will be handicapped without a car. Well, mostly. If you only need to go around the Strip and Downtown, monorails are available and very effective. There are single-day and multi-day passes for unlimited rides. The infrastructure is actually pretty good, but this city is a pulsating hub of drunk tourists – it’s very busy. It’s not any worse than driving in any other big city, and parking spaces are actually very easy to find.

What’s it like when living in Las Vegas when it comes to parties?

Here’s a secret: the locals never go to the Strip unless they live there. Never. The Strip is crowded and full of tourists, and it’s dead after 4 AM. And yes, that’s a negative – Las Vegas is a 24-hour town. There’s always a place to go after your shift, even if your shift ends late.  Las Vegas nightlife has no shortage of options, and Las Vegas has many attractions. Many people party for a living, or ensure that the party is proceeding well for a living.

Out of two million people, around 330,000 work directly for casinos. That may not seem like a lot, but that doesn’t include making food, cleaning up, taxi driving, and waiting on drunk tourists. People wonder what’s it like when you’re living in Las Vegas instead of just visiting Las Vegas, but the truth is the party spirit never dies. This city is a glittering jewel in the dust, full of vibrant people, who just find party spots with less traffic. The city is perfectly summarized by having a mob museum and a neon museum.

A bunch of people clinking cocktail glasses together.

What’s it like when living in Las Vegas you ask? It’s safe to answer that with “alcoholic morning cocktails”.

The 24/7 city

When asked what’s it like living in Las Vegas, this is an unusual answer:

  • Grocery stores are 24/7 as a rule, not an exception.
  • So are gyms.
  • Restaurants,
  • Gas stations,
  • Smoothie shops,
  • Pharmacies,
  • Ramen bars.
  • Hell, even Starbucks.

You could drive around the suburbs and lose count of open restaurants. Do you really need a 6 AM bowl of ramen? Probably not, but no one is stopping you. The costs of living are low – everything is affordable, especially in comparison to say, New York or other ultrafast cities. Because it’s Las Vegas, America’s playground, there is no shortage of cheap airplane flights to get you anywhere you want. Everyone wants to come here, and it’s easy to leave when Vegas is your starting point.

All this is just a taste of what’s it like when living in Las Vegas. The truth is, this city refuses to be boxed in and neatly sorted, and must be experienced in person.


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