Nightlife in Las Vegas – Best Places to Party

Las Vegas is a wonder of a city. You can experience almost everything there. Form earning/losing a fortune at cards to getting married by Elvis, this is the place to be to try new things. In Las Vegas, the party is on 24/7 and it doesn’t stop. But how do you know which clubs provide the best parties all the time? Well, easy, just follow our guide for the best nightlife in Las Vegas!
Remember, this is a comprehensive guide to nightclubs in Las Vegas, if you are into other forms of entertainment, you might want o check out top attractions in Las Vegas.

Nightlife in Las Vegas - something for everyone

Nightlife in Las Vegas – something for everyone

XS – one of the best examples of what nightlife in Las Vegas looks like

One of the most expensive clubs ever built, this Wynn Encore club is a sight to see. Apart from the huge dance floor, guests can have some breathing room next to the outdoor pool. Don’t be fooled though, breathing room is available, but not down time! This place features some of the best and loudest DJs in the world. Don’t be surprised if you see some huge names in the business like Skrillex, Major Lazer or Avicii. Also, there is actual gold lining on the walls. Yep, actual gold! In order to enjoy it to the fullest, we recommend going there on Sundays for the Sunday Night Swim. Mind the pool!

SURRENDER – outdoorsy partying in an indoor club

Another one of Wynn Encore’s clubs. This one provides an atmosphere which is a little less mainstream than XS. Apart from the dancing floor, there is lot’s of outdoor space by the pool. Especially good during the scorching summers in Nevada. Here you can also gamble while listening to your favorite DJs and rappers. But be careful not to bet too much when that special song hits you. Some of the names you might encounter are Macklemore and DJ Snake, but there is also a lot of top 40 hits and EDM to be found here.

1OAK – one of a kind experience

A dancer’s paradise! The Mirage’s 1OAK is designed around a huge dance floor, which is usually packed. So be careful how to order your drinks cause it might take a long time to reach the bar. Not as pricey as XS but still very popular among the VIP crowd for those who like to dance. Don’t be surprised if you run into Kanye or the Kardashians here. We suggest visiting this establishment on Fridays for the Friday Flashback experience of some old school hip hop.

LIGHT – circus in a nightclub? Why not!

If ever there was an overwhelming scene it is the Mandalay Bay’s LIGHT! Paired up with Cirque de Soleil acrobats and extremely flashy LED equipment, LIGHT is designed to overload the senses, so we do not suggest visiting this club if you suffer from any type of photo sensitive illness. Music-wise, LIGHT provides some excellent EDM, hip hop and R&B. This is the only club that gives you a solution when you want to see a show but your significant other wants to hit a club – LIGHT is both! Since it’s recently opened we suggest visiting this venue on Wednesdays to avoid a huge crowd.

Hyde Bellagio – classy as classy gets

So, this is more of a VIP lounge than a nightclub. Situated in the Bellagio, with a perfect view of it’s amazing fountains, this “club” has more VIP tables than dance floor space. This might not be a place for you if you are looking for a nightclub atmosphere. The drinks are all hand-mixed cocktail, so no plastic bottles or cups. There is also a bottle service, so you don’t have to move through the crown with your sparkling glass of Don Perignon. As far as famous names are concerned, you might hear numerous artist from Lil Jon to some celebrities who are not primarily musicians. Paris Hilton likes to DJ here as well as Brody Jenner.

All cocktails in Hyde Bellagio are hand crafted for that exquisite taste

All cocktails in Hyde Bellagio are hand crafted for that exquisite taste

TAO – a mix of everything that makes Vegas great

As far as nightlife in Las Vegas is concerned, TAO may provide a most complete experience. What kind of music do they play? Well, all kinds! TAO is a 12,000 square ft of everything that Vegas has to offer in one club. Different rooms with different music themes mean that you can dance your feet off and then move to a chill & groove part of the club to catch your breath.

Have you been partying for too long and now feel a bit peckish? No worries, TAO has you covered! You can order excellent oriental food from the TAO restaurant downstairs. Apart from Snoop Dogg who plays some nights in TAO you may see more celebrities who hang out there.

You may see girls dancing on tables, in glass boxes and even in bathtubs filled with flower petals. The only thing missing is gambling, but why would you want to gamble in a place as magnificent as TAO, anyway? If you are feeling you can’t control your gambling urges, you can always check out the balcony and catch a breathtaking view of the Strip.

Hakkasan – the club all other clubs want to be like

What can we say about MGM Grand’s Hakkasan except WOW! The Hakkasan can boast having the “three biggest” from all the clubs and it’s definitely hard to imagine nightlife in Las Vegas without it. Firstly, it’s the biggest club in town. Secondly, it attracts the biggest names in electronic music. We are talking Tiesto, Calvin Harris and Steve Aoki. Thirdly, biggest amounts of money spent on sound systems. Yep, these guys spend as much on speakers as some clubs do on their entire annual program.

You might feel overwhelmed, but remember to enjoy yourself

You might feel overwhelmed, but remember to enjoy yourself

A possible turn down are the stairs. Since Hakkasan spreads on many levels, you may need to hike up and down to get your drinks, but you will definitely not get tired since the music volume could wake up the dead.

If you feel like a taking a break from the dancing and the sampling of the most expensive commercial sound system you can take a breather in the Ling Ling Lounge. Here you can enjoy some little less electronic and a little more mellow tunes.

So, whether you are moving to Vegas, or just visiting, this guide to nightlife in Las Vegas has helped you chose an ideal destination for your Vegas escapades. Remember not to drink and drive while hitting these amazing clubs, and more importantly – Enjoy yourself!

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