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By September 30, 2019Moving to Las Vegas

It’s never easy to move from the East to the West Coast. Many things in life will change with moving from the Big Apple to Las Vegas. For the starters, you’re replacing the gloomy climate of New York for the scorching heats of Las Vegas. However, you’re not giving up much when leaving NYC. Fantastic foods, luxury shopping and a wide variety of entertainment are all available in Sin City as well.

On the other hand, it is very different from New York. Prices of housings and overall cost of living are much lower, and glamorous nightlife is the specialty of this city. These are all the reasons why Las Vegas is one of the fastest-growing U.S. cities. And also why Middle Easterns are investing in Las Vegas property.

Quality of life and cost of living

Although the cost of living is much lower in Nevada than it is in New York, it can get pricy. By statistics, it’s about 7 percent above the national average, so you can’t really call it low. Many people are caught surprised when they realize that living in Las Vegas isn’t really that cheap. That is why many local residents advise making a financial plan before calling a company like and starting your move. It’s crucial to secure yourself as you really don’t want to fall in 13 percent of unemployed people here.

On the other hand, with good and extensive planning, it is possible to get through relocating from New York to Las Vegas without any problems.

Las Vegas areal shot at the day.

Although it’s not expensive as New York, Las Vegas isn’t exactly cheap either.

Consider the climate when moving from the Big Apple to Las Vegas

Now, this is very important. You have to remember that Nevada is one of the driest states in the whole of the U.S., so you need to prepare for that when moving from cold New York. Temperatures in Las Vegas can go as high as one hundred degrees in the summer, but winters are mild thanks to the desert landscape. A light coat will get you through it, so you can as well as forget your snow shovel. You can also forget about long rain periods, as there are none here. However, short showers are a possibility. So don’t throw away your umbrellas just for the case.

Things to be aware of when moving to Las Vegas

Moving from the Big Apple to Las Vegas is not a short distance move, so be sure not to underestimate the challenges of crossing state borders when relocating. This is the reason why you need to calculate the cost of your NYC move in advance. And it is pretty much a necessity to hire professionals to help you with this task. When you get grips with that, it’s time to start planning your move. These are things to be aware of when trying to pull off a perfect move to Las Vegas.

Try not to move in the summer

If you lived in New York for a long time, you probably didn’t even think about moving in the winter, but in Nevada, this is a preferred time. Summer moving in Las Vegas can be a very difficult experience, and we want to avoid stress when moving as much as we can. So try to plan your coast to coast move accordingly. This means as away from summer as you can get. Whatever you decide to do, stay hydrated and dress light. This will help you to adjust do different climate better and faster.

Man with his head in the steering wheel in traffic.

If you can, avoid moving in the summer as it is the worst period for relocation in Las Vegas.

Check for local events and festivals

Nevada is a busy state, and Las Vegas is its’ busiest city. After all, everybody loves a good weekend in Vegas. But, exactly because of that this city has many more events and festivals that you would think so. Just for a case, check are there any that can potentially complicate and delay your relocation process.

Be aware of wildlife in Nevada

As we all already know, Las Vegas is located in the desert. And this desert, like all others, has its’ share of venomous snakes, spiders, and scorpions. On the other hand, it is unlikely that you will encounter them in urban areas, but you should be aware that they exist. So, at least during your move, wear comfortable, but protective footwear. You can never be safe enough.

Road used for moving from the Big Apple to Las Vegas.

Be aware of desert wildlife when moving from the Big Apple to Las Vegas.

No permits are needed when moving from the Big Apple to Las Vegas

You don’t need a moving permit in the state of Nevada. However, there are some rules that still apply and you need to be aware of that. Parking rules do apply as well as street cleaning rules. This means that you will still have to pay for parking if you will be living in an apartment. Be sure to check what rules are in the area in which you are moving so you don’t run into problems as soon as you get there.

Moving trains are allowed

Moving trains are allowed and often used in the state of Nevada. These are big trucks that have a couple of trailers attached at the same time. So, if you are moving your 4 bedroom apartment, and you have a lot of belongings to carry with you, you shouldn’t worry.

Getting around Las Vegas

The Strip is a picture of Vegas that we all have, but life doesn’t happen there. Outside of it, Las Vegas is a suburban region. It’s not a small town with a 40-minute drive to get from one side to another, so you can be sure that you will need a car. Public transport does exist, but almost all of the locals have their own cars. The city is easy to familiarize with, so you shouldn’t worry if you haven’t driven in a long time living in New York. And if you like to drive, you’ll love living in Las Vegas as well.

What to do in Las Vegas

When you finally are done with your moving from the Big Apple to las Vegas, you should let yourself enjoy this city a little bit. Pretty much every tourist attraction has local deals, so you can score a lot that way. On the other hand, city doesn’t lack cultural venues. There are art deco Smith Center, The Neon Museum, Downtown Arts District and many more in this town. If you love to live a cultural life, you won’t be bored here.


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