7 reasons you will enjoy living in Las Vegas

By August 16, 2019Moving to Las Vegas

If you’ve never been to Las Vegas you might think it is all about casinos and clubs. At least, that’s what most people think. However, the city offers many things beyond just that. From various restaurants to spend pleasant evenings, to outdoor activities like hiking, and much more. There you can find dozens of entertainment within just a few square miles, and even more, if you explore the surroundings. Be ready to look beyond the surface, and you will definitely enjoy living in Las Vegas.

7 reasons you will enjoy living in Las Vegas

Yes, the first thought would be it’s a place for tourists. With all the dynamic and excitement it couldn’t possibly be a good permanent residence. But, you will be so wrong to think like that! Many visitors, even from across the state, decide to come back and live there, after they get to know the city. Who knows, you too might soon have your belongings moved to a distant location like Las Vegas. There are more than dozens of reasons people enjoy living in LV, but let’s just say something about 7 most common reasons, which are:

  1. The cost of living in Las Vegas
  2. Weather in Las Vegas
  3. Landscape is amazing
  4. Opportunities for working
  5. You will enjoy the fun
  6. People and culture in Las Vegas
  7. The food

The cost of living in Las Vegas

One of the reasons Las Vegas is attracting people is the absence of state income tax. Not having to pay tax means there is a lot more money you can save for other important things. That’s why young professionals and even families decide to make their permanent residence here. It is the low cost of living combined with the high-class public education system that offers a lot of opportunities for families with kids as well. There is a lot of people from Florida, and even California using this chance. They are moving here since the prices are below the national average. Should you decide to follow their steps, make sure to check professional companies like City Movers which can make things a lot easier for you. Not to mention, you will be able to buy your own place because estates are cheaper than in many other parts of the States.

Las Vegas at daylight looking like a business center.

A lot of business opportunities are possible in Las Vegas.

Weather in Las Vegas

You won’t have problems with snow in Las Vegas, that’s for sure. Even in winter, while other countries may be struggling with the snow, in Las Vegas you will see locals in lighter clothes. With over 300 days of sun throughout the whole year, the average temperature is somewhere about 70 degrees, more or less. People that seek a place to retire especially like that. In general, the most common scene you will see is the beautiful blue skies with the sun shining. Even in the hottest months, there is no humidity in the air, it’s something people call a dry heat. Of course, sunglasses are a necessary accessory from May until September, but that’s a completely ordinary thing in other warm countries as well.

Landscape is fascinating

Nature surrounding Las Vegas is amazing. It’s a real haven for outdoor enthusiasts. People don’t realize this, but just looking at the dessert at night and its incredibly clear night sky will make you wish to spend days in the open. If you are by chance a cliff climber, you don’t want to miss the opportunity at Red Rock Canyon. Furthermore, there are several national parks just a few hours away: The famous Grand Canyon, as well as Bryce, Zion, and Joshua Tree, among others. Also, there are many opportunities to meet and connect with like-minded people at various hiking trails and organized mountain bike routes.

Beautiful natural landscapes surrounding Las Vegas.

It’s amazing how nature makes wonders even in dessert-like places.

Opportunities for working

If you need to name a couple of places that are the best for starting a business, Las Vegas should certainly have to be on that list. It’s known as one of the best cities for startups and as one of the top places for young people to live and work. Not only young people but the more experiences businessmen share the thought that Las Vegas provides great conditions for starting your own business. Because there you can find investors, affordable facilities, many qualified employees, and clients. Particularly, if your business is tourism, you can’t fail since there is a lot of tourists going through the city, more than 40 million every year. Even if you are not starting your own business, but only expect to find a good job, know that the salaries in Las Vegas are very high.

You will enjoy the fun

It’s almost a famous fact that Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps. No matter what time of day or night it is, there is always something going on. It’s no wonder it has so many tourists since everyone can find something for themselves. Even the wedding in the most unusual places is possible in Las Vegas. Whether you are into eating, drinking, shows, casinos, or nightclubs, you can find a lot of places working until sunrise. The city of never-ending entertainment, that’s what it is. But, it’s not everything about the noise and fun. There are many places providing you a calm and peaceful atmosphere as well. Restaurants where you can go with family and friends and have an enjoyable quiet evening far away from the crowd.

People and culture in Las Vegas

We could say culturally, but in almost every other aspect too, Las Vegas is one of the most diverse places in the world. In fact, it’s so diverse that we can call it “Bazaar of human ethnicities and characters”. In Las Vegas, people are generally relaxed and open-minded toward others. Which, as a result, motivate even more people to join. It’s a magic circle where everyone can find a place without fear of prejudice. If you enjoy living in a multicultural environment this should be a perfect place for you. Where else you will find Egyptian pyramids outside of Egypt?

Venice gondola rides in the middle of Las Vegas.

You can find parts with almost every world’s culture in Las Vegas.

The food

It’s no secret that many Michelin starred chefs like to cook in Las Vegas. That doesn’t bring only quality, but motivate everybody from the culinary world to join and present its craft. That’s why there are so many satisfied customers among both tourists and residents. You will be able to find there almost everything that can cross your mind and it’s edible. From almost any ethnic cuisine you can think of. Another key point, the food in Las Vegas is not expensive like in some other similar places.


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