Signs it’s time to expand your business to NYC

You are running a successful business and you are thinking about expanding it to new markets in order to generate more profit but you are not sure where? Think no more – expand your business to NYC. There is definitely no better place to do so and there are so many reasons to back up this claim.

So many corporate giants are located in NYC and with a good reason – the Big Apple is the world’s largest center for finance. There are more millionaires in NYC than in any other city in the US and a lot of capital waiting to be invested. There are so many more reasons why you should consider moving to NYC. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll be convinced NYC is the right choice for you.

How to know your business is ready to grow?

According to Capital City Bins NYC who assisted with numerous commercial relocations, the most efficient and eco-friendly way to move comes if you thoroughly analyze and plan your business expansion. Why is this important? Because sometimes your business might seem ready to grow when it actually is not. That way, instead of gaining profit, you might find yourself on a verge of bankruptcy. For example, Facebook’s once most successful app developer Zynga experienced rapid growth only to have 15% of their staff cut not a full year later.

Business meeting before you expand your business to NYC.
Make sure to make a list of pros and cons before you decide on business expansion.

Not to worry, there are ways to recognise and be sure that your business is ready to be expanded. Here are some of them:

  • You have more work than you can handle – If your staff is overwhelmed with work and your customers have started to get frustrated because of wait time, it is a sign you should consider expanding.
  • You are reaching (or exceeding) your goals – If you are achieving great results and beating deadlines, your business is maybe up for new challenges. Set new goals and aim higher, your business is ready to grow.
  • You are running out of space – Does your office seem smaller than it used to be? It might be getting crowded so you should think about finding a larger space. Plan your office move and make sure to prepare your employees for office relocation.
  • Your industry is expanding – If you are in a growing industry, do market research and see where you stand. Industry on the rise can make your business growth easier.

Why should you expand your business to NYC?

The city of endless possibilities is a perfect choice for any business. Don’t believe me? There are already over one million businesses operating in NYC and the number is only increasing. They call it a city of small businesses but it is also home to some of the world’s largest corporations. It is a leading center for finance, banking, media, and telecommunication.

Should it be a new home for your business? Here are the signs that say you should expand your business to NYC.

You are looking for new opportunities

NYC is a place of abundant opportunities. The world’s largest central business district is located right in Midtown Manhattan. Brooklyn and Hudson Yards are becoming more and more famous for different tech companies while Madison Avenue is one of the world’s largest advertising bases. Also, NYC is known for journalism, publishing, and mass media as well as fashion, design, and digital media. No matter what industry your business belongs to, you can be sure that there is a place for it in NYC.

As one of the most dense populated cities, it offers an enormus customer base. If you are ready to present your goods or services to more people, there is no better way but to extend your business to NYC.

You need financial assistance? Expand your business to NYC and take advantage of various fiscal incentives

Financial aid to help you expand your business to NYC
Various financial incentives are a good reson to expand your business to NYC.

New York offers various business and tax incentives. Tax credits and business incentives are all designed to benefit small or expanding businesses and give them some advantage. For example, if you are looking to create more jobs, a perfect way is to apply for the New Markets Tax Credit Program. If you want to develop your employees’ skills and provide them with additional training, take a look at the Employee Training Incentive Program. There is something for everyone which makes NYC an ideal place to expand your business.

Your team is ready for a change

If you plan on relocating your current employees, coming with you to Big Apple will definitely be exciting for them. There is no person in the world who would not like to experience NYC energy. Imagine moving your office to Manhattan – your team would certainly be thrilled. And not only because of change of the scenery but there are also plenty of team-building opportunities. We all know happy workers are the key to success of any business so make sure to use this time to bond with your team.

NYC also offers a large professional talent pool. If you are considering expanding your team, NYC is a perfect place to do so. It is home to the largest number of highly skilled independent workers in the entire country. There are 44% college educated Newyorkers and the talent keeps on coming from Washington D.C., Boston, and various surrounding cities. This makes it practically impossible not to find someone to fit your team perfectly.

You’re looking for an easy office move

Office space availabe to expand your business to NYC
With so many buildings and office space available, it will be easy to find a perfect one for your business.

New York City is home to over one million buildings and offers more office space than any US city (and by far). There is 451 million sq/ft of office inventory, how impressive is that? With so many choices, it should not be difficult to find an office space that suits all of your business’s needs. And if you brought more than you need, there is a simple solution for excess inventory which is also environmentally safe. Think green!

So should you expand your business to NYC?

I say – definitely! As one of the most diverse places, it is filled with all kinds of businesses and it represents the right location to grow your business, too. It is a city with unique energy and a place for everyone. So, wait no more – pack your bags, find a great office space and get ready to expand your business to NYC. Guaranteed you can only benefit from it!

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