Should you move to New York?

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Las Vegas- a piece of heaven for some, for others the place to leave as soon as possible. Just like any other city. Not only in the States, but around the world. If you’re on the side of those looking for options to leave LV, you must be thinking there are quite a few options. Yes, there are. However, no matter how many possibilities there are, many people leaving Las Vegas are heading to NY. Not a big deal, right? But, should you move to New York?

I mean, it’s one of the biggest cities in the world, among the strongest countries in the world (although it’s not an independent country, but one of the US states). Yet, we suggest you consider such a move. Think it over and find out whether or not New York would fit your needs. And no, I’m not talking here only about the NYC, I’m talking about the state of New York. Let’s find out what it offers!

Leaving Nevada – Is NY the best option?

Are there better options than a relocation to New York?

Is a relocation to New York the best option?

Before you move to the state of New York, have a research. We suggest you find out what are the best places to move to, how difficult it is to make a living there, what are the differences comparing to Las Vegas and Nevada etc. In fact, the best thing to do is to go to New York as a tourist and visit the most attractive places in person. Some will be delighted with NYC, some will like a more peaceful place, while others will decide that New York isn’t a state that can satisfy their needs. This is a normal part of making a decision- should you move to New York or not.

If you decide that you’re moving to NY, you’ll need the help of professionals. Is there a better option, when planning a move to NY, than hiring New York moving experts? Probably not. Besides, when searching for movers, why wouldn’t you discuss your interstate move with them? There’s almost nobody who knows New York better than them. Moving people, there is a great chance they visited every place in the state. So whatever you’re interested in, they’ll probably have an answer.

The most important differences between New York and Nevada

There are various differences between Nevada and New York. We will compare the states regarding the most important parameters:

  • The cost of living – Perhaps the most important things when thinking should you move to New York or not.
  • Lifestyle – Would you feel more comfortable Nevada or New York?
  • Nightlife – Given that the most of the people move in the younger age, the most of you will be interested in this.

The costs of living

As you might suppose, New York is more expensive than Nevada. However, what we’re going to mention, is based in NYC and Las Vegas, given that they are the best representatives of these two states. Hence, the differences might be lower if comparing some other cities. This is why we said you should do the research before deciding whether or not you should move to New York. Here are the main differences in costs of living between the two states:

  • The food is more expensive in New York- around 40%
  • NY housing is something that will cost you a lot more if you decide to move from Las Vegas to New York City – 130% to be precise
  • Transportation is 50% more expensive in NY
  • There are almost no differences between LV and NY when discussing the clothes
  • You’ll pay 70% more to have fun in NYC on average

Another thing that you’ll probably be interested in is the price you’ll pay for the movers. The prices might differ a lot, but given that it’s an interstate move, they shall probably be more or less the same. Surely, if you hire Manhattan movers, you’ll pay more on average than if you hire Brooklyn moving services. Doing a research should help you move at an affordable price.

When thinking about should you move to New York or not, consider the expenses first

When thinking about should you move to New York or not, consider the expenses first

Lifestyle – Should you move to New York, or stay in Nevada?

The decision is up to you, but we shall discuss a few things to help you. In Nevada, the life is much slower. you get to have your peace for a lot more times than in NY. There are lot more places in Las Vegas where you can move to if you want to enjoy nature. The Sun almost always shines here.

The transportation, on the other hand, could be a bit problematic, because you’ll travel more to your work on average. Also, if living in Las Vegas, the gambling issues are too common. Besides this, the schools here are not that great, which is important to families with children.

In New York, the Sun doesn’t shine that much. There are parks, but not too much nature out of them. The tall buildings and the fast life are the pictures you’ll imagine when thinking of NY, especially NYC. The air pollution is very big.

On the other hand, the chances to get a good job in NY are brilliant. The transportation is great, no matter if living in the city center or in the suburb. There are plenty of things you can do in NY, and you can enjoy a different and new thing every day. There are plenty of great schools in New York.

Nightlife – Whatever you like, you’ll probably find it in both states

As the Sin City, Las Vegas attracts so many tourists loving the gambling and the nightlife. Therefore, you won’t lack the good nightlife in Nevada. Whenever you want it, you can find it. Of course, there are peaceful cities lacking the nightlife, but there are peaceful cities in New York too. So nightlife won’t be the most important parameter if thinking should you move to New York or stay in Nevada. Sure, you’ll find the worldwide known nightclubs in New York, and feel more like a famous person there. But talking about the nightlife quality, both states offer everything you might need.

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