Tips for moving your office to Manhattan

If you are moving your office to Manhattan you are probably wondering how everything works. You can do some things to prepare yourself and make sure everything goes smoothly. You can organize meetings and inform everyone about the move. However, the most important part is moving of the office itself. For this, you need to find good movers like the ones at, because good movers mean a successful move. An experienced and professional moving company will make everything move smoothly. You will continue your business on a new location in no time. We are going to give you some advice on how to organize your move. We will try to explain everything step by step.

office after moving your office to Manhattan

You can choose a great location for moving your office to Manhattan

Steps for moving your office to Manhattan

First of all, you should choose the right space for your new office. Choosing the right premises is very important. There are some factors you should into consideration when you are looking for that perfect working space.

  • Office space should be big enough for all of your employees now. It should also have enough space if you are planning to expand your business
  • Check the security and how it will affect your insurance
  • Check the parking spaces and transport links. The office should be accessible to your employees
  • Be sure the office has all the facilities your employees need – a kitchen, drinking water taps, both female and male toilets and showers, enough power sockets, air conditioning and central heating.
office space after moving your office to Manhattan

Make sure your space is big enough after moving your office to Manhattan

Follow an office moving checklist

To be sure you will finish everything in time you should make and follow an office moving checklist. For example, six weeks before moving day you should measure your new space and plan a furniture layout.

Four weeks before the move

If you have four weeks left before the move you should make arrangements with a security company to come and check your new office. You should ask your furniture suppliers to give you some advice about the design and layout of your office. If you need to buy some new furniture order it to arrive one week before the move. Choose the best office moving professionals in New York and get quotes from them. Make sure the phone lines and electronics are arranged. Ask your IT support for help.

Three weeks before the move

You should inform all of your suppliers that you are moving your office. You should cancel or move all of your supply arrangements. Cancel everything like your milk deliveries, maintenance engineers, and cleaners. You should order all of the new stationery you will need to be delivered to your new address.

Two weeks before the move

You should have all of your phone and broadband lines put in before the office is still empty. Set up forwarding telephone numbers. Check if you can transfer your phone numbers to the telephone providers. Check if the bathroom and kitchen facilities are all working. You always need to have a plan B if your moving in or moving out gets delayed. You should have an external storage ready to take in your IT equipment, desks, and files.

One week before the move and moving day

You should contact your movers and they will bring boxes and start packing your furniture and supplies. They will pack everything and they will know how to move your office supplies in the best way. Make sure to set up large pieces of furniture. Your IT company should set up all of the wiring, servers, and cables. Make sure that your movers set up all of your furniture. Tell your cleaners to do a final cleaning of your old office. You should leave it clean for the next renters. If you have followed this plan you can relax on moving day while your reliable movers take care of everything.

office after moving office to Manhattan

Be sure to follow the tasks from a moving checklist for a successful move

Additional tips for moving your office

It is important not to neglect your employees during the move. You should keep them informed about the moving process and let them in on your plans. It is a good idea to organize regular meetings and inform all of your workers about them. You should give tasks to all of them and make sure that they comply. They should pack their office space and clear everything. Check the state law and make sure you inform them about the move in time. You should give your employees some time to pack their desks. It is a good idea to choose Friday for this. They should double check if they had taken all of their possessions.

Choose the right time for your move

You should choose the right time for your move because the wrong time can postpone your move and interfere with your plans. Always choose to move over the weekend.If you have to move on a workday you should choose the time outside of the working hours. You will not be allowed to move outside of the building during the working hours. Check with the office building about other moving rules. Some of them will limit the time the moving truck can spend on the parking. You might have to book the elevators in advance and that the floors are covered and protected.

Hire a professional ‘art hanger’

If you have a lot of artworks, diplomas, academic credentials and things to decorate your walls, you should consider hiring professionals. Moreover, you can hire a professional art hanger. He should come to your office one or two weeks after the move. In addition, they will organize everything and your walls will look presentable.

These tips for moving your office to Manhattan should be useful and come in handy.However,  you should follow the checklist we have provided. Another important thing is to hire the right movers who are professionals and who are going to make sure everything goes smoothly.To sum it up, these tips should help you move your office in a successful way.

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