Office relocation from Las Vegas to NYC done right

By September 4, 2021Moving from Las Vegas

Are you considering moving your Nevada business to a different state in the USA? If you want to change an office location, you should do it right. But, to accomplish it, you will need a guide to follow. Office relocation from Las Vegas to NYC is not a simple and short process. Every step should be planned in advance. Why you should do it, how to do it, who to ask for help, how to move a business and not to lose productivity, etc? There are so many different questions that need to be answered, but let’s start from somewhere.

Pros of moving your business to New York

What are the advantages of expanding your business to NYC? Why should you leave Nevada and open a new office in a different state on the other side of the country?

Here are some of the reasons why this business plan may be good for your business:

  • The customer base will increase because NYC has more people from Las Vegas. Not only that the population is high, but also, NYC has millions of toursits every year. People from all around the world are coming here on a vacation and to have some fun.
  • Small business owners in NYC have some tax benefits. Yes, NYC is a very expensive city, but the city supports business-owners.
  • NYC is a paradise for start-ups, it is a financial center of the USA. Also, many IT companies are located here as well as entertainment industry.
  • It has 16 airports.
  • NYC has a lot of educated people, it is a large professional pool. Office relocation from Las Vegas to NYC will be easier when you have a lot of options when it comes to employees.
  • A diverse place, you will meet many different people here. Different age, nationalities, it is a mic of verious cultures.

One of the cons of this process is that NYC is a more expensive city than Las Vegas, especially when it comes to the rent. Manage your finances and set a budget for relocation. One of the ways to save money is to find a reliable and affordable moving company such as Divine Moving and Storage.

A street in NYC and taxi
NYC is a city full of opportunities and many businesses are located here because of that

Negotiate with movers, offer your services to them, choose a better moving date, and get a better deal. A long-distance relocation is not free or inexpensive, but there are some ways to cut moving costs.

How to organize an office relocation from Las Vegas to NYC?

When moving your business out of Nevada, you should plan every step of that process. So, you will move an office successfully and stress-free. Being a business owner is a big responsibility and introducing your business to a new market can be very risky and stressful.

Announce an office relocation – notify your employees about office relocation in time. As soon as you decide to move.

Explore the market – know your competition, it is strong in NYC, and also, know the market before office relocation from Las Vegas to NYC.

Find a new office location in NYC – the location is one of the most important things when it comes to an office. Especially if customers need to visit you in person. First, choose a borough in NYC where you want to start a business and hire a local real estate agent to help you find the perfect place. Explore the real estate market and know what to expect.

Creating a business plan for office relocation from Las Vegas to NYC.
Plan your office relocation with ease and like a pro

Gather a team of people you trust – office relocation is not a job for one person. Gather a team of people you can trust, and also, hire people in NYC that are smart and hardworking.

Notify people about relocation – you need to notify your suppliers and customers about relocation. They all need to know your new business address.

Hiring NYC moving company

How to move all your office equipment and supplies to your new office in NYC? Who knows this area the best? Local moving companies. Ask specialists for help and you don’t have to deal with the moving process in a city you do not know yet. Also, you have a lot of other obligations to finish before you open your brand new office. Leave this task to professionals.

Another thing to take care of is transportation from LV to NY. For this task, you will need a reliable long-distance moving company. Research online and check the company you will hire. Read reviews, ask other people for recommendations, and hire the best mover for your office relocation.

Digital marketing.
Explore the NYC market before moving there and ask professionals to help you out

Renting a storage unit in NYC

Setting up your new office space is exciting. It should be nice, decluttered, clean, and organized. Do not put too many items inside of your office space, it will just “hurt” your productivity. Items you don’t need at the moment, you can store in a safe place. Rent a long-term storage unit for items you don’t need. Know how many items you have, and choose the right size storage unit for your business needs. If you are in a retail business, a storage unit can be used for storing the goods.

Work on the marketing after moving

Also, when you move from Las Vegas to New York, your new office may not be finished yet. So, a storage unit is a solution for this problem too. You can rent a short-term storage unit in this case.

After an office relocation from Las Vegas to NYC, spend time on marketing and make sure people know about a new business in the city. Digital marketing is something all reliable business invest their money and time in. Everything is online today. Also, use social media, have a “big” opening, organize some events, and attract new customers.

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