Most newcomer-friendly cities in Texas

Are you consider moving to Texas any time soon. Where are friendly cities in Texas for newcomers and how to choose the best one for you? TX is one of the biggest states in the USA, after Alaska, the biggest. So, it has plenty of places to offer and is open to new people.

It is growing very fast, especially in big cities. They are rapidly expanding and many young professionals and people with kids want to move there.

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Why should you move to Texas and start a new life there?

So, why should you move from NV to TX? What are the pros of living there?

  • TX has a lot of job opportunities and the economy is very strong. It is one of the best places for employment in the United States of America. 
  • The costs of living are relatively low. Many friendly cities in Texas have affordable housing. But, it is not the only thing that is affordable there. Transportation costs, utility bills, groceries, it is all cheaper.
  • The weather is nice and warm,
  • Taxes are lower.
  • If you are moving with a family, Texas may be one of the best choices for you because TX is a family-friendly place. Las Vegas families are moving to Texas because of good schools, low crime rate, and good value for housing.
  • TX has both – rural and urban areas.
  • Delicious food, especially bbq. People from Texas are not joking when it comes to bbq, it is amazing here. Tex-Mex kitchen is a unique and special combination.

The list friendly cities in Texas for newcomers

Where should you move in Texas and how to make the right decision? The location is one of the most important factors when moving. Everything will depend on that. It is the first step to take when moving and you should choose wisely.

After choosing a place where you want to live, you can start packing and moving. You can start researching movers on, collect moving supplies, looking for a new home to rent or buy, transfer documents, etc. But first, let’s see what cities will welcome you open-handed.

Street in Texas
Move to one of the most friendly cities in Texas for newcomers


Austin is a big city in Texas with a population of almost 1 million. It has plenty of open jobs, a strong economy, friendly people, entertainment options, etc. Something for everyone. The nightlife is not the only thing it offers. The job market is very strong and it is the main reason why people are moving to Austin. When it comes to moving to Austin, give your best to do it right and start a new life stress-free.


The 4th largest city in the US – that is Houston. It is a paradise for food lovers – this city hosts a number of food festivals. Museums are another big thing in Houston, it has 19 of them. It is one of the most friendly cities in Texas because of its diversity.


It is one of the best places in Texas for young professionals because a lot of companies are located here. Leaving LV for Dallas after college is common for people looking for a career. Besides it is a newcomer-friendly city, it is also a corporate-friendly city. Tech and finance are the 2 main industries in Dallas. According to Forbes, it is one the most competitive job market in the USA.

Fort Worth

Fort Worth was known for cowboys but now it is a modern city with cultural hotspots. If you have kids, moving to Fort Worth with a large family may be a perfect choice. This city is affordable, locals are nice and friendly, it has a lot of festivals every year, schools are good, and it is not that crowded. It is growing very fast because many people are rushing here.

San Antonio

This place offers a slower lifestyle and it is known for hospitality. Yes, it is a big city but its small-town feel attract many new residents. If you want to live in a big city and still live on a budget, you can accomplish it by living in San Antonio. Also, it is a military city, so there are tons of career opportunities in this field.


The smallest place on this list is Plano. Young families love to live here because it is close to Dallas but more affordable and quieter. Plano is of the happiest cities in the USA when it comes to the emotional and physical well-being and income of its residents.

How to move to Texas city with ease?

How to transport all your items to Texas easy and stress-free? Or, what to do if your decision was not good and you want to move to another place in Texas? In both cases, you should hire professional local movers to help you out with relocation. Simply contact skilled crews nearby no matter where you are in Texas because they can help you move all your belongings from point A to point B. Local movers are one of the best choices because they have a lot of experience with Texas relocations, of course, only if you hire a reliable mover.

Moving to one of the friendly cities in Texas.
Ask for help when moving and pack and move like a pro

Also, think about your finances because moving won’t come free. Organize your moving budget properly and know how much money you can spend on the relocation process. There are always some ways to cut moving costs and to save money.


After researching friendly cities in Texas online, visit some of them and see how you are feeling there. Ask other people for their opinion and experience with living in that city, but always follow your own instinct. Those were just some of the places in TX for you to consider as your future home, but not the final list, of course. Explore more and see what this state has to offer you and your family.

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