Las Vegas family moving to NYC – pro packing tips

Are you getting ready for a long-distance move all the way from Las Vegas to New York City? Is that so? Now that’s a pretty firm decision, we guess. You’ve probably thought about it for a long time. Decisions like this aren’t made overnight, they don’t just pop all of a sudden. Or do they? In any case – you should be well prepared for the trip. Being the family person you are – you already know that the key to success and good management is organization. That being said you’ll need some friendly advice on the subject. Packing your stuff correctly making sure none of it gets damaged in the process is crucial. Read the article to learn how to pack like a pro. Your Las Vegas family moving to NYC without much stress should be your top priority. Stay tuned.

First things first – make a list

Avoiding stress is the goal here. So making a list of all the items you’re taking along with you is basically a must. Getting it all down on paper should help you have a clear view of what lies ahead of you. You can group similar items together. For example – make groups such as Bathroom inventory, Garage, etc. Okay, we agree. Bathroom inventory does sound kind of funny, but you get it. Being tidy and organized will do you good in the long run. As if you already don’t know that. Let’s see what’s next on the list.

A pen on a notebook page. Before your Las Vegas family gets moving to NYC it's important to make a list.
Being organized will do you well in the long run. Avoiding it means only one – a complete disaster.

Creating a packing timeline

Making sure you get things done on time before the move should also be one of your top priorities. Well, basically everything that we’ll list here is a top priority. Having enough time to pack is kind of a luxury. Getting everything done on time before you load the moving truck is, although possible, a rare occasion. Professional packers always create a packing timeline, and so should you. Calculate how much time you’ve got on your hands and which items will you pack first. So, where should you start? Maybe you can pack the smaller items first so you have them out of your way once you start packing the big ones. Turn your garage into a storage area, for example.

Family-style packing!

Since you’re doing this on your own without hiring professionals to help you pack before the move you’ll need some volunteer workforce. Figure out how every member of the family can help out in their own way according to their possibilities. You’re not gonna have your 4-year-old packing family jewelry or something. Also, you can ask your Las Vegas friends or relatives if they can help you out. There basically isn’t a better farewell gift. It’s also a great way to spend some quality time with them before you eventually leave Vegas for a new NYC home. It’s a long ride and who knows when will you meet each other again. And don’t worry about them not being there when you need to unpack. You can easily find assistance in the area once you get to NYC. Local moving teams are top-notch.

Involve the whole family once you start packing. There’s not a more practical way to spend some quality family time.

Obtaining the packing materials

Before you start packing you, of course, need to obtain some basic packing material. You’ll need a truckload of boxes, bubble wrap, packing cloth, etc. Okay, that depends on how much stuff are you bringing along with you to NYC. Some of the material you can get pretty cheap or even for free. Ask around your local shopkeepers and they’ll probably have some boxes to give you for free. Ask in tech shops for some large boxes. You can, of course, buy unassembled boxes for a fair amount of money. Anyway, make sure you have a ton of material at your disposal. We mean it figuratively, of course. Before your Las Vegas family gets moving to NYC – hunt for cheap or free packing material.

Disassembling the furniture

This stands for large pieces of furniture, of course. Disassemble everything you can and don’t pack it together. Just write everything down on the boxes and you’ll be fine. Your stuff can get damaged easily if you pack the parts together. Also, you’ll need to measure large pieces and put everything down on paper. Then you’ll need to measure every entrance the piece of furniture in question needs to go through before it gets loaded into the truck. You’ll have those measures ready for unloading the boxes out of the truck and into your NYC home. Once that process starts you can search for additional help by visiting, the web address of quality NYC movers. They’ll make sure your basic adaptation to new surroundings goes pretty smooth.

A large sofa.
Disassembling large pieces of furniture is absolutely a must. Also, make sure you pack them separately.

Should you downsize?

Moving to another state is a great opportunity for you to see which items are crucial for your well-being. That being said – maybe it’s time for downsizing? Everything you find not so crucial to your well-being, and not even practical, you should probably leave in Las Vegas. Remember that friend who liked the sofa you’ve been indifferent to since the day you moved into the house. Maybe he’ll take it or something. Taking just the crucial items with you to your new home is something you should definitely think about. Nowadays people tend to lean onto the minimalist philosophy of life. Well, it should come as no surprise. It’s a subtle revolt against the hyper-production of unnecessary future trash.

So, that’s pretty much it, for now. Hopefully, this article will help you prepare for your long-distance move like a pro. Covering all of the themes we’ve gone through should make your life a bit easier when your Vegas family gets moving to NYC. Best of luck.

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