Challenges to prepare for when moving from Nevada to Japan

Do you need to move overseas, but you don’t know where to start and how to prepare for the long-distance relocation? Leaving the USA is a big step and a change in life. If you consider living in Japan, you should know what to expect after relocation. Moving from Nevada to Japan has challenges, but it is not impossible to do it with ease. You need to have a guide, especially if you are moving for the first time overseas.

Why do people move to Japan?

What are the reasons for people moving to Japan from the USA, in this case from Nevada? What this country in Asia has to offer residents (foreigners)? Japan is a country in East Asia and it has a population of almost 126 million people.

Waterfall in Japan.
Japan has big cities as well as beautiful landscapes

Make a list of all the reasons why should you move to Japan. Here are some of the pros of living in Japan.

  • The main reason for moving from Nevada to Japan is a job opportunity. People are moving across the globe for work and working on their career and developing their skills. It has many thriving industries where you can work as an American. And also, you should not have a problem finding a job.
  • Japan is known for its healthy lifestyle. Some of the oldest people in the world are from that country. Their food is healthy and sugar is not consumed in most cases. Cousine is rich od antioxidants, seafood, and fruit. Also, their way of life is more healthy and people there include a lot of physical activity.
  • The crime rate is low in Japan. They are the country that has the lowest crime rate in the world, besides Canada. For example, Tokyo is a big city, but it is a very safe place for living.
  • The public transportation is great and you don’t have to worry about delays. The train is the most popular way of public transportation.
  • Japan has big cities and a large population, but at the same time, nature is beautiful and they take care of the environment. Natural landscapes will take your breath away.
  • Cultural activities take an important part of everyday life. Traditional festivals are held each year all across Japan.
  • You can find peace and tranquillity in Japan’s temples and gardens.

How to organize moving from Nevada to Japan?

Moving across the globe may seem scary and intimidating, but when you have professional help and the right guide to follow for moving, you will be able to organize it like a pro. Starting a new life won’t be easy. But, if you have strong reasons for moving, you will organize it hassle-free.

When moving overseas, it is better to have a freight forwarder to help you ship all your items from the USA to Japan

Packing for overseas relocation

When people move to another continent, they are usually packing only the most important things. But, still, you need to pack. First of all, research items that are forbidden to move overseas and don’t lose your time and money on packing something you cannot move.

Second of all, calculate is is more affordable to move items or to buy new ones after arriving in Japan. For packing and moving all your items, you will need freight forwarders to keep track and ship all the items overseas. From the USA to Japan safely.

Hiring a professional Japan mover

When moving overseas, there is also a lot of paperwork you need to take care of. But, a company may do that instead of you. Moving from Nevada to Japan can be easy when you have a reliable, reputable, and experienced company by your side to help you out.

One of the companies to research and explore their shipping and moving services is Kokusai Express Japan because they are long in the transportation industry. Moving to another continent requires professionals because shipping will take maybe a couple of weeks.

Choose a city in Japan where to move

Where are the best cities in Japan for Americans? Japan has almost 3 million ex-pats and foreign residents, where do they live?

  • Tokyo
  • Kyoto
  • Yokohama
  • Osaka
  • Sapporo

Adjust to a new environment after moving to Japan from the USA

Usually, Americans have challenges adjusting to a new culture and lifestyle. Living in Japan is totally different from a lifestyle in Japan. This is why you will need to adapt.

A man in the street after moving from Nevada to Japan
Be part of the community and socialize after moving from Nevada to Japan

Moving your furniture internationally is not the only challenge you will have during this big moving process. After you arrive, there are a lot of things you have to finish.

  • Greet your new neighbors because it is polite to show some respect for the old custom. For example, prepare a small gift for your neighbor. A towel is a popular gift for Japanese people.
  • Japan takes care of the environment and sorting garbage is very important. Trash has to be carefully divided.
  • Pets are an ordinary part of Japanese daily life and most people have a dog despite having a pet is not cheap. If you are moving to Japan with a dog, or you will have a pet after moving, there are some rules you have to follow.
  • Don’t make too much noise because Japanese people value silence above everything. Be quiet in public transportation, your home (apartment walls are generally thin), elevators, and work offices.
  • Get involved in your new community especially if you are moving to Japan with kids. Be involved in school projects, festivals, and sports days. Also, consider joining volunteer groups, sports groups, or cooking groups – it is a good way to meet new people are to try new things.


Use this opportunity of moving from Nevada to Japan to try things you cannot in the USA. Their culture and tradition are special and unique. Try to learn the Japanese language and it will help you with adjusting.

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