Moving Across the Globe for Work

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Moving across the globe for work is a big step, and only a few people have the opportunity and courage to make it. How to prepare, how to find a job if you didn’t find it yet, how to pack? There are a lot of questions before the final step, as well as preparation.

Moving across the globe for work – where to move?

If you want to leave the US and work somewhere else, you should know that some counties have better conditions fr expats and more work than others. Moving overseas require high-quality long-distance movers, but before moving, decide where to go and to follow your dreams.

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    Do research about countries all around the world. Where is easy to get a job and where is a high standard?

  • South Korea has a strong economy and many American works there as English teachers
  • Spain has high-paying jobs in the tourism industry, education, and childcare
  • Italy is another country in Europe for working. If you don’t speak Italian well, tourism and teaching are good options
  • Australia is good for short-term jobs, perfect for gap year travelers
  • England is also a gap year destination with a lot of a temporary job. Also, you already know the language so it will be easier to work there
  • Kuwait and other Gulf countries are destinations for teachers working in international schools. Learn how to organize your Kuwait relocation and get a new experience.

Moving from the USA to Kuwait for work

Many Americans are moving to Kuwait to teach English or to work in hospitals and the oil industry. Not only in Kuwait, but also in the UAE. 70% of the Kuwaiti population are expats, and many of them are Americans or Britains. Finding a home before moving there is hard, but warehouse options in Kuwait are easy to find where you can store all your household items until you find the perfect home.

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To find your dream job, you need to look further and outside of the USA borders.

Find an international job before you relocate

Before you prepare for a long-distance move, the ideal option is to already have a job offer. Get a new experience and try new things. Working abroad is a great chance and a big plus on your resume.

  • Ask for transfer for moving across the globe for work if a company where you work has international positions. Or find a company in the USA that has international positions, and apply for a job.
  • Ask if telecommuting is an option in your company, so you can travel and work at the same time.
  • Send your CV to companies in other countries, and if you get a job, they will send a work visa.
  • Have you considered a freelance job? It is more and more popular, and many millenials work as a freelancer and traveling all around the world.


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