Top 3 things to keep in mind when moving from Las Vegas to Philadelphia

By March 20, 2022Moving from Las Vegas

You have lived in Las Vegas a long time and are deciding to move. You have considered many places but decided that moving to Philadelphia is your best option. We at Movers Las Vegas are here to tell you about the top 3 things to keep in mind when moving from Las Vegas to Philadelphia. Let’s start!

Think about buying a house when moving from Las Vegas to Philadelphia 

The first thing to keep in mind when relocating to Philadelphia from Las Vegas is that you will be able to afford a house. Almost everything is more expensive in Philadelphia except housing. The median home cost in Las Vegas is 334,000-dollars, while in Philadelphia is 221,400-dollars. The difference in price makes buying a home in Philadelphia about 33% less expensive. And apartments come even cheaper, potentially making it possible to buy a luxury apartment even.

a white house with blue roof
Moving from Las Vegas to Philadelphia is for you if you want to own a home.

Once you’ve found your dream home and made a purchase, count on qualified interstate movers like to get you from Vegas to Philly in no time, without problems whatsoever. Just make sure not to rush into a decision, as, despite you being able to afford a home in Philadelphia, you might not be able to afford living there.

  • By moving from Las Vegas to Philadelphia, you will have to pay 10% more for gas and healthcare. 
  • Groceries cost about the same. 
  • Finally, utilities are 5% more expensive in Philadelphia. 

Get prepared for the colder weather 

Think about the weather difference between Vegas and Philadelphia. Before you come to Philadelphia, you should invest in some winter clothes. Here are the differences in weather between Las Vegas and Philly. 

  • First, Las Vegas has more sunny days. Las Vegas has about 290 sunny days while Philadelphia only around 200. 
  • Second, there is more rain in Philly than in Vegas. 
  • Third, Vegas has less than an inch of snow a year, while Philadelphia has around 13-inches. 
  • Finally, summer high in Vegas is approximately 103 degrees, while in Philly it’s about 87 degrees. Winter lows in Philadelphia are 26 degrees in January. On the other hand, the lowest temperature in January in Las Vegas is 37 degrees. 
a woman in winter coat while snowing
When you come to Philadelphia, you will get a chance to spend more time in the snow.

We advise against moving to Philly in winter. But if you absolutely need to and your new place is not big enough for everything you own, a simple and effective solution for your items might be on-site storage in Philadelphia. You can store your belongings in there for as long as you need…or rather until you are ready to move somewhere bigger.

Do not forget significant items when moving from Las Vegas to Philadelphia

The final thing to think about when moving from Las Vegas to Philadelphia is common items that people forget to pack. We recommend double-checking for documents, family heirlooms, and medication needed for a healthy life before hitting the road.

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