Tips for moving your mobile home from Tampa to Las Vegas

By September 9, 2021How to, Moving to Las Vegas

Now it is time to move to a different state. It is a big challenge and a big step. If you live now in Florida and want to move to Nevada, be prepared for that step. The distance between Tampa and Las Vegas is about 2,400 miles which is not a short or simple relocation. Moving from state to state requires a good plan and organization. If your home can move, that is great. Then your home will be with you in Nevada too. But, how to make moving your mobile home from Tampa to Las Vegas easier and successful?

Why do people choose to live in a mobile home?

What are the pros of living in a mobile home? Living in a mobile home park has advantages and here are some of them:

  • Saving money, because your costs are lower than living in a typical home. Land rental fees typically include water, garbage, recycling, etc.
  • You do not have to pay property taxes.
  • Neighbors are not too close, and no one will live upstairs or downstairs like in an apartment. Privacy is better.
  • Property maintenance is minimal. And also, yards are typically smaller, so you will clean it faster.
  • Location of mobile parks are usualy great.
  • Pets are allowed in most mobile parks.
  • You can do with your home whatever you want. Paint walls, upgrade home, change your kitchen, etc. After moving your mobile home from Tampa to Las Vegas, you can renovate it as you want.
  • Wherever you go, you house is with you. You do not have to look for new homes after moving.

Living in Nevada is different from living in Florida, but the concept of mobile parks is similar. If you lived on these types of properties, you already have a lot of experience with that. Unless you have your own property. Then the situation is a little bit different.

A view of Las Vegas at night.
Las Vegas is a great city where you can have fun, but also, a good place to move to

Moving your mobile home from Tampa to Las Vegas

Are there any tips that can make your mobile home relocation easier? Yes. Many people are moving these types of homes all the time. It is the point of owning a mobile home. An option to have your home with you no matter where you live. Also, you can try to have fun when moving, because it is an exciting and new experience. With a help of a guide, it can be more fun.

Choose a place in Las Vegas for your mobile home

First of all, research a new location in LV where you want to live. Do you want to buy land, or you will rent land in a mobile park? Luckily for you, options in Las Vegas are almost endless. You can live in manufactured home communities that have pools, fitness centers, parks for kids.

Be near the center or a little bit outside of Las Vegas if you prefer a quiet place. If you are moving with a family, kids can help you with choosing the perfect place for you and with moving too, so you can have fun together while moving.

A house.
It is not the same to live in an ordinary house and in a mobile house

Contact the Building Commissioner

You will need to contact the building commissioner in Las Vegas. Building codes and zoning depend on the city where you are moving to, in this case, it is Las Vegas, Nevada. The building commissioner will give you all the information about moving home relocation.

Get permits for moving

First of all, you will need a title certificate and county treasurer certificate. If you own the property, it is proof of that and proof that there are no taxes due on it. Pay all taxes before you move to Las Vegas. After that prepare all the licenses and permits for moving your mobile home.

Hire a moving company

You are going to leave Tampa for good, so you need to hire a moving company too -as the last step to take. It is impossible to move a mobile house by yourself. It is the last step because a reliable moving company won’t take your order before you get a moving permit. A mover will obtain all the moving permits. Find a reliable and experienced mover to help you out.

A process of moving your mobile home from Tampa to Las Vegas.
Get your house on wheels, and move it with you

Costs of moving a mobile home

Total costs will depend on different factors. There is no fixed or typical price. This is a long-distance move, so it will cost you more. You are moving from one state to another, more than 2,000 miles, prepare your finances for making this relocation. Some of the factors that will affect the costs are:

  • Distance from Tampa to Las Vegas. Long-dsitance moves are more expensive. You are moving your mobile home from Tampa to Las Vegas, so expect to pay a higher price.
  • Size and weight of your mobile home. If you home is too wide for a street, you will need to pay extra fees (temporary road closure). Older homes usualy weigh between about 40 lbs. per square foot, but newer homes are 10 lbs heavier per square foot.
  • Permits and inspection will also cost you. Moving to another state require you to get new permits because you are entering a new teritory. A moving company should help you get all the required permits for moving a mobile home.
  • Moving materials and supplies.
  • Set up services after arring to Las Vegas.
  • Purchasing insurance for your mobile home and items you are moving as well. If you are moving from Florida to Las Vegas, take extra steps to be safe.

All things considered

Moving your mobile home from Tampa to Las Vegas will cost you, but it is still cheaper than buying a new home. Also, your home will always be with you, no matter where you are. In Nevada, Florida, California, New York, etc. This is a big project, but it is worth it.

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