Living in Nevada vs. living in Florida

By June 21, 2019Moving to Las Vegas

Regardless of where you’re living right now, and how much you love that place, let’s face it; sooner or later, you’ll want a change. To put it simply, people just aren’t made to live in a single place their entire lives. Which is why it doesn’t matter if you’re living in Florida or Nebraska; sooner or later, you may want to think about living in Nevada. And in such a situation, you would probably want to learn about all the differences between these places. Don’t worry though – we’re here to tell you everything about living in Nevada!

The climate

Let’s face it – when you’re about to pick where you’re going to live, there is an entire host of issues to think about. This is no short-term decision, as relocating can be quite expensive. That’s why you don’t want to just pick a place at random; while you can move from there if you truly don’t like it, the process will be extremely costly. So, when you first decide to move – choose your destination carefully. If you’re a Florida resident, before choosing where will take you; make sure that you’re fully satisfied with your new place. But what are some of the things you’ll have to think about?

A rocky part of desert landscape in Nevada.

The Nevada climate is just what you expect out of a desert; so make sure you can handle the heat!

For one – the climate is hugely important. If you’re not a person who’s good with summer heat, we definitely don’t recommend living in Nevada. On the other hand, if you’re living in Florida, you’re used to the sun being an everpresent source of sweat and heat. But bear in mind, that in Florida you’re always a short drive away from the ocean. When it comes to the climate in Nevada, it’s mostly a dry desert environment. Sure, it’s 2019, and most interiors have superb air conditioning. But still, you’ll have to go outside from time to time. And in that situation, you don’t want to be a person who’s not used to extreme temperatures.

Finding a job while living in Nevada

Sure, the weather is obviously an important factor when you choose where you’ll live; after all, if you don’t feel comfortable in your skin – there’s no other benefit that could trump that. But let’s be realistic – there are a lot of other things to take into consideration as well. And among them, finding work is perhaps the most important one. Think about it – whether you’re living in Nevada or you’re living in Florida, you still need to earn a living. And with that in mind – just what kind of job market does the state of Nevada offer you? Will you be able to sustain your lifestyle there properly?

A man relaxing on a beach in Florida.

Florida has a big tourism industry; but so does Nevada!

If you’re worried about finding work in Nevada, we recommend you just start to organize your Florida relocation nicely. Because, as you’ll soon see – these two job markets are actually awfully similar. For one, both Florida and Nevada’s economies are largely based on the service industry. In Florida, this is due to the superb weather and general climate, which allows for a flourishing tourist economy. And in Nevada, you’ll see that the situation is largely the same; but for different reasons.

Gambling is a big thing here

So, how exactly is Nevada a tourist paradise? After all, we’re talking about a state that’s almost 90% a barren desert. Why would people want to come here in the first place? The answer is extremely simple – gambling. That’s why most people are prepared to travel here for their vacations, or even undergo long-term relocations. In the US, the legal relationship between gambling and the authorities is complicated. On the federal level, gambling is technically legal. However, most state laws actually ban it, except in some specific cases, and Native American casinos.

The Las Vegas scenic view at night.

The gambling industry in Nevada is extremely well developed!

In contrast, Nevada is basically a gambling paradise. You can find all types of gambling here, especially in Las Vegas proper; which is obviously the tourist and economic center of the entire region. So, if you were working in the service industry in Florida; you’ll have absolutely no issues with finding a job here. In fact, if you relocate here, you’ll probably have a job in a manner of days. The economy here is not quite diverse, but it’s extremely well-develop in the sectors that do exist.

Moving to Nevada

If you do decide that living in Nevada is the right thing to do; don’t forget to start planning your relocation on time. After all, moving is one of the biggest changes anyone could make in their lives. That’s why it’s so crucially important that you start designing the details of your move on time. For one, such a move may cost you quite a lot. Indeed, relocating is a lot more expensive than most people give it credit. That’s why you should work on your relocation budget right away. From the moment you definitely decide on moving, we recommend starting to think about your expenses.

Sure, it’s possible to organize your move on short notice – but if you can avoid that, we definitely urge you to plan for as long as you can. There’s nothing better than having time you to come up with improvisations and changes to your plans. After all, there’s a lot that can change when it comes to moving. And that’s why you should leave nothing to chance! Once you can prepare for every kind of relocation eventuality, there will be nothing that can actually surprise you!



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