How to stay fit after moving abroad?

By January 25, 2019Moving from Las Vegas

Moving to a foreign country comes with many great adventures, opportunities, and challenges. Whether you want to relocate abroad due to a  job opportunity, an educational course or want to go on an adventure and change the pace of your life, adjusting to the life of an expat can be both exciting and challenging at the same time. Therefore, before packing your bags and buying a plane ticket, you should make a plan on how you want to organize your everyday routine and stay fit after moving abroad.

Prepare for the move

Whether you are moving to a nearby country or to a completely different continent, getting used to a new culture and everyday customs can be challenging. Therefore, when moving abroad you need to keep an open mind and be ready to compromise.

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Prepare for your international move in advance

In order to stay healthy and fit after the move, you will need to find a way to incorporate healthy habits into your everyday routine. Here are a few steps to follow:

  • Find a personal trainer.
  • Join a local gym or fitness class.
  • Find a friend to workout with.
  • Commute by bike to stay fit after moving abroad.
  • Take long walks.
  • Pay attention to your diet.
  • Get enough sleep.

Do you need a personalized exercise plan?

After moving abroad your daily schedule will most likely get rather busy. Commuting to work, finding time to get to know the city and meet new friends. All of this might not leave you any additional free time. By hiring a personal coach you will be able to work out at the time and pace that suits you the best. As there are many great websites like Dubai Personal Trainers, you can search for a private coach even before you move. This way you will be able to calculate the expenses and evaluate whether you want a personal trainer.

Hiring a personal trainer might seem like a more expensive way to stay fit after moving abroad. However, keep in mind that with a professional health expert you will not only be able to reach your goals faster but also gain important knowledge on how to create your own exercise routine. Therefore, you might consider hiring a trainer for just a short period of time.

Join a local gym after moving abroad

By joining a local gym or an exercise class you will be able to stay fit and meet new people. All at the same time. Therefore, if you are a beginner you can always exercise fitness by applying for a low-intensity class. This way you will be able to build your strength by time. Also, you might end up finding some new friends while improving your health.

Find a workout buddy

It may be that you will need some support and company in order to stay fit and healthy after moving abroad. Therefore, having a friend to workout or go for a walk with might be more than helpful. One of the best international moving tips we can provide you with is that you should start meeting new people and making new friends as soon as you move. Not only that this will help you adjust to a new culture but will also allow you to get to know it by being a part of it and having fun.

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Find a friend to exercise with

As you will be a newcomer in the area, ask some of your colleagues or classmates to recommend a fitness class. Remember that you will need to keep an open mind in order to adjust to the change. Therefore, be open to new experiences and trying out different workout routines.

Go on regular bike see sighting tours

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Commute by a bicycle

If you have enough space in your car or are hiring a mover, your bicycle should definitely be on your moving checklist. Not only that traveling by bike will be good your health and fitness. But it will also be a free way of a commute. In addition to having some free fun after the move, you can, also, use your bike tours to get to know the new city. Therefore, consider getting a map of all bike routes and start having fun!

Stay fit after moving abroad by taking long walks

You are not a big fan of exercising in a gym? You can also improve your health by simply walking more. Besides having many health benefits, a low-intensity activity like walking is great for anyone with any health issues or injuries. Taking longer walks will also allow you to get to know your new city much better and get around much easier. All you need for this city is a reliable map and comfortable shoes. Make a good playlist on your phone. And this activity will probably become your favorite part of the day after moving abroad.

Plan your meals

Moving abroad can be quite expensive. Therefore, it is most likely that you will need to plan your expat life according to a preset budget. Planning your meals ahead is not only good money saving tip. It will also allow you to stay fit after moving abroad.

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Prepare your meals in advance

Make your shopping lists at least one week in advance. As your daily routine will get busy after the move, search for healthy and easy recipes online. This way you will be able to plan both your spendings and meals ahead. Ask your colleagues and friends to recommend an affordable take-out restaurant that offers healthy meals.

Make sure you sleep enough

A lack of sleep can not only decrease your energy level but also have a great impact on your weight and overall health. There are even many studies that confirm that poor sleeping habits can change your fat cells and the way your body uses insulin. This means that a lack of sleep can completely disrupt your metabolism. The excitement or stress after the move may affect your sleeping habits. However, try to go to bed early and plan your daily routine in advance in order to make sure you stay fit after moving abroad.

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