Moving to NYC during the Christmas season

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Christmas is one of the holidays which we spend with our family and friends. But, what to do when you have to move before Christmas? It is not a perfect solution to move on holidays, especially not now, but sometimes it is a must. So, make you moving to NYC during the Christmas season fun and exciting. 

Why you should not move during the Christmas season?

There are many reasons why not to move now. We will show you some of them. But keep in mind that there are both, pros and cons of moving to NYC during the Christmas season. 

Sad bay because of the cold weather.

Moving from LV to NYC is a big change, especially during the Christmas season and you must prepare yourself and your kids.

Renting a moving truck

If you want to move by yourself, we do not recommend you to rent a moving truck if you do not have a lot of experience driving it with all that snow and cold weather. Also, traffic one week before Christmas is a mess. So you will need a lot of patience if you are driving a truck. On the other hand, if you want to hire a moving company to move your items during the holiday, expect it to be a little more expensive. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s periods are the busiest in the year for traveling. The safest solution is to look for movers in Chelsea and not to drive and move your items alone.

Flying during Christmas season

Flying 2 weeks before and after requires planning. If you will move to New York City with a plane, choose Tuesday or Wednesday. These days are a little bit cheaper and less busiest. But, it is a better option than driving a moving vehicle by yourself. If you are moving from Las Vegas to NYC than you should definitely move with the plane while your belongings are safe with moving company you have chosen.

Preparing for moving to NYC during the Christmas season

Most people avoid moving during the holidays. It is one of the worst scenarios, but on the other hand, it has a special magic and it does not have to be that difficult. If you decide to make this move, you should do it right. These steps will help you to accomplish it.

Street in New York City with snow.

Be prepared for moving to NYC on winter, especially when you are used to sunny and hot days in Las Vegas.

Create a checklist and organize everything

Create a moving checklist and you won’t forget anything. Moving during the holidays can be very stressful and because of that lot of people forget even the most important items to do. If you are moving with your family to NYC, organize them too and separate the jobs.

Create a budget and stick to it

Moving during the Christmas season might be more expensive than usual because people you have hired are working on holidays. Also, there are moving boxes and packing supplies. Even if you are not moving, you will have some kind of expense because Christmas gifts, especially if you have kids. So, decide how much money you will spend and stick to. If you want to save money when moving, then do not move all your furniture. Instead, donate furniture when moving and save money.

Hire a moving company

Moving from Las Vegas to New York requires a moving company because it is a long distance move. It is almost impossible to move all your items by yourself. A distance between LV an NYC is 2522 miles, that is almost 2 days of driving. If you have problems and struggles with finding a moving company, do not worry, we recommend you one of the best companies in the USA. Dynamic Movers NYC have experience with moving to NYC during the Christmas season.

Prepare for the cold weather in NYC

Nevada and New York are totally different when it comes to weather during winter. Not only you will need winter jackets, boots, and sweaters, but you also need to be prepared for snow possible icy roads. Pack your things in waterproof bins to secure your belongings from damage. When you unload your boxes, watch out for slippery walkways.

Pack Christmas gifts and decoration

Holiday gifts and decor are essential for Christmas, even when you are moving to NYC. It is better to buy presents for your family before moving. While you learn where are the stores and everything you need, it will be late. After you buy them, pack them with all the decorations.

A present for Christmas.

Separate your gifts and Christmas decorations for your new home in NYC.

Being in NYC with family on Christmas

Moving to NYC during Christmas season has advantages too. If your dream is to live in New York City, then you should do it, no matter what. There is nothing more beautiful than being in the new city with your family or friends. Also, you should meet people after you move and have fun with them too. Here is what you can do in NYC with your family during the Christmas season. Also, it is a great way to enjoy after moving and to relax a little after all that stress during the move.

  • Use moving to NYC during Christmas season to learn Ice Skating at Bryant Park or Central Park.
  • Santaland at Macy’s is a beautiful and fun place for kids in NYC during Christmas.
  • All around NYC you can find Christmas markets where you can feel real Christmas atmosphere.
  • The Rockefeller Christmas tree is something you must see.
  • Enjoy the snow. If you have kids that will be maybe their first time feeling the snow.
  • If you love theaters, visit  The Nutcracker are a show you must see.
Woman playing with the snot in NYC.

Enjoy the snow. It is a magic experience especially if you have never felt the snow before.

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