Where to donate furniture when moving?

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So, it is time to move or to renovate a home. But you have so many pieces of furniture in the house you do not really need. On the other hand, it is not too damaged and old. What to do? When you are moving to Las Vegas, your new apartment or a house will be a different size, probably. When you will pack your boxes, you will see how many things you actually have. Not just furniture. Clothing, dishes, and home decoration too. Donate furniture when moving and help yourself and others too. How, why and where? Here are the answers.

A cheaper move

When you have fewer items to move, you will pay less. If you did not find a good and reliable company which will transport all your household goods, visit orangemover.com. It is the company you can trust. And if you want an affordable move, they can offer you a great deal. If you donate furniture when moving, you will have much fewer items to move. That means a cheaper move.

Saving money by moving fewer items.

Move just the most important furniture, so the moving company will charge you much less. Nothing is better than an affordable and cheaper move.

If you want to donate furniture when moving, here’s where you can do it

Where to donate the furniture you do not want anymore, or you do have enough space for it? Here are some examples. You are doing a good thing, so do it right and donate in the right place.


This is probably one of the most famous charities in the USA. It has more than 3,100 stores across America, so finding this organization should not be too difficult. Besides furniture and other household items, the organization accepts new and used clothing too. When someone buys the furniture you have donated, that money will go directly to the charity. Do not worry if your furniture is too heavy and large, because some Goodwill locations will pick it up for you.

The Salvation Army

If you want to donate furniture when moving, you can give it to one of The Salvation Army’s Stores. This organization helps over 55,000 people each year, and assist them in rejoining their communities as productive members. They have almost 1,500 stores across the U.S. So, you will find a Salvation Army Store easy. You can bring it or call them to pick it up.

Vietnam Veterans of America

The Vietnam Veterans of America is an organization with the mission to ensure U.S. military veterans. They have stores across the USA and they will be happy to accept any new or gently used furniture. Schedule a pickup, so you do not have to carry large and heavy furniture. Their driver will leave you a donation receipt, and you should save it.

The National Furniture Bank Association

This charity organization has over 70 locations throughout the USA and Canada too. Each year The Furniture Bank organization helps around 95,000 families. If you have gently used furniture donations you can help many families who need it. You can help the poor people who can’t afford furniture for their homes, previously homeless, or families who have suffered financial hardships (fire or robbery) too. Free pick-up is available so if you have the furniture you do need anymore, donate it.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

If you are in a hurry and you need someone to pick up your furniture, call this organization. This is a nonprofit organization and many people donate their furniture here. For example, couches, dining tables, sofas, beds, chairs, etc. The money they earn from your furniture goes to building homes and shelters around the world. The pickup is free, so call them and do a good thing.

Save donation receipts

Do not forget to save receipts because you are now able to help yourself too. How? Donations are tax-deductible, so, that means you will help yourself too with the finances and a budget. When you donate your furniture, you should get a tax receipt that day. So, save this receipts and save some money on taxes. When you move out of NYC and start over in the Sunshine State, or anywhere else in the U.S, it is an amazing experience, but it is very important to save every penny.

Donation receipt.

Save all those donation receipts, so you can save some money when it comes time for paying taxes. It is a win-win situation.

Donate your furniture to your friends

If you have a neighbor(s) or friends who are not in a good financial situation, you can help them too. You will not have a receipt, but you will do a good thing, for sure. Visit local homeless shelters and see what you can donate.

Recycle if you can’t donate

Try to use it again. Repair the chair or a table. Donation organizations will not take broken and too damaged furniture, so by repairing it, you will increase the chances for donating. Other solutions to get rid of the unnecessary furniture:

  • If you are not ready to donate furniture when moving, you can put it in the storage unit. Choose the ideal storage company in LV and store your furniture, until you will be ready to get rid of it.
  • Selling a furniture is another great way to earn some money.
  • If the furniture is too damaged and broken, sometimes you just need to throw it away.
Recycle logo.

Recycle your furniture, then it can be useful again.

After donating all that furniture, you are ready to call a moving company and they will estimate your items for moving. Another good thing is, your moving will be cheaper because you have fewer items to move, as we mentioned before. Donate furniture when moving and you will do good and humane work. Also, you will save money during relocation to Las Vegas, or anywhere else in the US.

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