Moving to Las Vegas With Children – What’s to know?

If you are planning on moving to Las Vegas with children anytime soon, you probably have a lot of questions on your mind. Is it safe to raise children there? Are there good schools and health centers? Can children be protected from all those bad influences? Which Las Vegas neighborhood is the best for families? And probably a lot more. Yes, these are all legitimate questions to ask yourself. So, if you need answers, you must start researching. Do not worry, we will also help you out and give you some useful tips and tricks. Thus, if you are eager to find out how to make moving to Las Vegas with children possible and easy, keep on reading.

Best Las Vegas Neighborhoods for Families

The first thing you should do before Hallett Movers come to relocate your belongings is, of course, find your new home. But, not just any home. As you are moving to Las Vegas with children, you must find your home in a neighborhood that is safe, has great schools and all the amenities your family might need. No need to be skeptical! There are plenty of neighborhoods like that. But, the two of them really pop – Summerlin and Green Valley. These are master-planned communities, specially designed for families or people who plan on starting one soon. In both of these neighborhoods, you can find great school options, both public and private, as well as many children-oriented activities. Not only are there a lot of indoor activities but there are also many opportunities for those families who love sports too.

A girl playing football after her parents decided that moving to Las Vegas with children is a good decision.

When moving to Las Vegas, do not worry about your little ones, they will have a blast!

Best Schools In Las Vegas

As previously mentioned, when moving to Las Vegas with children, or pretty much anywhere else, you must put their needs first. Thus, try finding a safe neighborhood that also has a great school district. And if you think that in Las Vegas there are no such things as great schools, you are wrong. Here are some schools you should check out:

  • Bishop Gorman High School – the highest ranked school in Las Vegas. It is a private, catholic school located in Summerlin. But, there is one con – sending your children to this school will come with a hefty price tag.
  • Green Valley High School – the second-highest ranked school in Las Vegas. It is public and very diverse. Students from all over the world attend this school. As the name suggests, it is in Green Valley.

These two high schools are the best high schools in Las Vegas! But, do not worry about the rest of them either. The education system as a whole is highly developed in Las Vegas.  In almost every neighborhood, you can find a variety of preschools, elementary and high schools, both public and private. So, no need for stress when moving.

Girls drawing.

Explore every option before you enroll your children in any school.


Almost any move is caused by a change in jobs. Thus, if this is your situation too, you are probably thinking about childcare. Of course, it is going to be stressful preparing for the relocation, moving, settling in, adjusting to your new job and taking care of your children along the way. Especially now as you are far away from family and friends, and all other familiar places. But, do not worry. Just like any other city in the USA, Las Vegas too has plenty of options when it comes to childcare. To be exact, there are 105 child care providers right now. Some of them can be pricey and some rather affordable, depending on your and your child’s needs. However, if you work for some bigger Las Vegas company, you might also get childcare for free.

Safety measurements when moving to Las Vegas with children

Of course, to all parents, their children’s safety comes first. Because of this, when moving to Las Vegas with children, you must follow some safety measurements. But, do not bite your nails just yet! You would have to do this in pretty much any city you raise your children in.  For instance, be sure to know exactly where the nearest Urgent Care Facility is. Luckily, you can find these facilities throughout the whole city. Moreover, great medical staff can assist you 24/7. Then, as the weather in Las Vegas can be truly hot, be sure to always put an SPF cream on your child. When packing and preparing for moving remember that hats, sunglasses, and water bottles are also a must! Finally, teach your child to swim. Again, as the weather is always hot, swimming pools are a way of life here. Thus, make sure that your child can swim well before you let him or her play in the pool.

Girls swimming - moving to Las Vegas

Enroll your children in swimming lessons as soon as you move to Las Vegas.

Family-Friendly Activities in Las Vegas

And once you settle in your dream home, enroll your kids to the right school and take care of all the safety measurements, it is time to find some family-friendly activities. Luckily, Las Vegas has an abundance of them and that is one of the reasons you will enjoy living in Las Vegas. The theme parks are a way of life here. Check out Sunset Regional Park which is every child’s dream. It has 324 acres of outdoor fun. Then, if you want to cool off go to the Cowabunga Bay Water Park for some swimming or check out the Las Vegas Ice Youth Hockey for some fun on the ice. You can also watch or participate in almost any sport you like – skateboarding, soccer, rugby, etc. Moreover, if you want some educational fun for the entire family, you can visit the Spring Preserve or the Discovery Children’s Museum.



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