Moving from New York to Las Vegas – Is it a wise decision for you?

New York and Las Vegas are two very similar yet two very different cities. Plenty of exclusive restaurants, tall modern buildings, a lot of lights, music, and fun could be a description for both cities, right? Well, it is exactly why a lot of people are moving from New York to Las Vegas. It is just one of the reasons. The hot weather and affordable housing are two other reasons among many. But is moving from New York to Las Vegas the right decision to make? We are here to compare these two cities for you and that way help you make the right decision.


Both New York and Las Vegas are two very large cities. But New York is much larger by far. It has more than 8.6 million people which makes it the most populous city in the country. Las Vegas has around a million residents. And both cities attract millions of tourists each year. Population wise, New York is larger.

This is something a lot of people find annoying when they live in New York. The huge crowds aren’t easy to handle. Especially when you are in a hurry. This is why so many people move to Las Vegas from New York. If this is the one thing you want to get away will help you relocate to Las Vegas from any part of the country. 

A Las Vegas street by night you will enjoy after moving from New York to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a much slower city because there aren’t as many people there.


The biggest difference between these two cities is the weather. Las Vegas is known for having extreme heats and droughts. And New York is known for its crazy weather. It can be sunny, rainy, windy, and very cold all in just one day in New York. It is much easier to overcome Nevada’s heat than to adjust to New York City’s weather.

Las Vegas doesn’t have snow or thunderstorms as New York does. But the heat can become unbearable at times. That is why you always need to be careful when you are living in Las Vegas. And while you are relocating, you are definitely going to need help with your big move. Doing physical activities in such weather is dangerous.

Entertainment after moving from New York to Las Vegas

The one thing these two cities have in common is the number of fun things to see and do. Both New York and Las Vegas are amazing for those who like going out to restaurants, clubs, bars, stand-up shows, musicals, and much more. You can find it all in both of these amazing cities. If you like to gamble, Las Vegas is where you’ll find the largest and the most famous casinos in the country.

Las Vegas at night.

Las Vegas is definitely one of the most fun cities in the world.

But if you don’t find these things entertaining and you’re the type of person who prefers museums, coffee shops, book stores, and old buildings, staying in New York is what you need to do. These are the things you won’t find in Las Vegas. This is one of the biggest differences between the two cities – New York has an old soul. Las Vegas is more modern and wild. But if you do decide to move to Las Vegas even though you don’t prefer that type of fun, you’ll definitely need some tips and tricks for a New Yorker living in Las Vegas.

Job opportunities

Because working is very important because money is very important, knowing more about job opportunities is necessary. When it comes to job opportunities in these two cities, they are endless but they are very different. If you want to work in finance, retail, trade, fashion, and more, living in Nw York is the best thing for you. New York is a global powerhouse for these industries. It is also a lot easier to find such a job in New York.

The primary economic boosters in Las Vegas are tourism, gaming, and entertainment. The list is slowly starting to expand as more and more people are moving to Las Vegas but it still isn’t what New York is when it comes to working. The one thing many people like about Las Vegas is how laid back it is and it is mostly because most people are working in these few areas that we mentioned.

Statue of Liberty in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas may also have the Statue of Liberty but it isn’t even close to being New York when it comes to job opportunities.


Most people who are moving from New York to Las Vegas are moving because of the housing prices. Nobody believes it but housing prices in Las Vegas are funny when you compare them to housing prices in New York. In certain parts of New York, you will have to pay over one million dollars for a one-bedroom apartment. In Las Vegas, a million could buy you a decent, big house. This doesn’t make sense to many people because Las Vegas is a very expensive city. It is but that is if you want to have a lot of fun and when you are staying in a hotel.

And Middle Easterns are investing in Las Vegas property so they can turn them into AirBnBs and make money by renting these homes to tourists. If you decide to move to Las Vegas from New York, this would be a very smart investment. Over 42 million tourists visit Las Vegas each year. You won’t have to worry about whether it will be a waste of time and money. People need a place to stay and it is always much cheaper to rent an Airbnb than to go to a hotel. So if you are thinking about moving from New York to Las Vegas and starting your own business, this could be it!

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