Moving from Nevada to Mississippi: places to consider

By February 15, 2022Moving from Las Vegas

Mississippi, which borders the Gulf of Mexico to the south and is home to the Mississippi Delta, has a rich history, legacy, and culture; the Mississippi Delta region is known as the birthplace of blues music. Whether you’re serious about finding a home to live in Mississippi or just browsing around to see what your alternatives are, you’re probably already looking for specific things. Low crime rates, low cost of living, and high housing quality are all things we examine while looking for a new house. So, let’s check the places to consider when moving from Nevada to Mississippi that our experts from Movers LV picked out!


The Meridian area is a transportation center with major roads, and the city’s economy is based on health care and industry, as well as the military, owing to Naval Air Station Meridian. Meridian Region College and a Mississippi State University campus are available to students, and the community is experiencing downtown restoration.

If you decide to move from Nevada to Mississippi, especially to Meridian, it is a great thing to know that Meridian-based experts can jump in and help you out. Moving into any place is hard, but with the right professional help, it will be a breeze. Local experts will be there to help you with everything that you find too hard to do yourself!

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Meridian area is a great place to move to if you have kids or if you are a student.


Hattiesburg, but to be precise, West Hattiesburg is located west of Hattiesburg, the county seat of Lamar County. This suburb is a commuter’s dream, as it is only a 15-minute journey into the city. The typical rent in this area is a little over $750 per month. Surprisingly, moreover half of the population lives in leased housing. With figures like these, it’s easy to assume that this is a temporary region, yet there is a strong community of individuals who believe that living in West Hattiesburg is fantastic. There are few schools in the neighborhood, but because it is so close to Hattiesburg, local children have access to a larger school system. All of this makes it a great place to consider when moving from Nevada to Mississippi!

It is a great place to move to start a family. When moving to Hattiesburg you should take one step at a time and do the move thoroughly. That way you will know that every part of your move was properly done. By doing everything properly you will remove the stress and reduce the overall time of your move. Getting professional help is a great way to do this.


Flowood is the city of Jackson’s northernmost suburb. This is a town unto itself, with a population of only 8000 people. With many services and facilities in the neighborhood, inhabitants seldom have to venture into the city, which keeps everyone happy with their lives here. Flowood is Jackson’s most expensive suburb, with a typical property value of $175,000. To be honest, you’d have to pay upwards of $235,000 to start getting good value. Despite high property costs, median family income remains below the national average, which may explain why a large number of people, 45 percent, live in leased homes.


If you’re in town, whether you’re moving here or not, make sure to swing by Stromboli’s, a real local’s hidden gem that is adored by everyone who samples their Italian gourmet pleasures. Starkville is home to a friendly community of around 25000 people. This is a relatively well-educated neighborhood, with 25% of residents holding a Master’s degree or more, and the residents are a really diversified community. Despite the fact that the average household income is under $30000, residents are very happy. Starkville is known as a “little town with a large heart” by locals.

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Moving to Madison is a great idea if you are a senior!


Madison is the county seat of Madison County, Mississippi, and has a population of over 25000 people. This is a relatively affluent suburb, as seen by the higher-than-average housing prices. Buying an ordinary property in Madison for $240,000 is hardly an exclusive act. We may interpret the fact that 92 percent of individuals live in their own houses as an indication of resident happiness, implying that few people are eager to relocate in the near future.

Madison is a great place to move to if you are a senior. There are many different activities aimed at seniors. Relocating nationwide as a senior can be challenging, but is very easy when you know how to prepare. So, don’t look over Madison if you plan on moving!


Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, and we are proud of it! This will show you everything about the region if you’re a die-hard admirer of the late rock legend! Tupelo is a great place to consider when relocating from Nevada to Mississippi because it has several great career prospects; Toyota and many others have workshops here. Even though the typical yearly income is just $42000, unemployment is rarely spoken about.

Tupelo’s real estate values are quite attractive. Many of the properties are under $100,000, which is a rare find in Mississippi. This is the place to be for individuals who are willing to put in long hours in the manufacturing business and want to invest in a project property after moving from Nevada to Mississippi.

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Tupelo is the birthplace of the king of rock, Elvis Presley!


According to moving pros at and their experience, Oxford is among the most prominent locations to live in Mississippi, and it is located in Lafayette County. Although median property costs are similar to those in Madison, at $230000 on average, it is the typical monthly rent that piques our attention. In Oxford, the average monthly rent is $800. This is the cheapest median rent on our list, therefore tenants should start looking for rental properties here. This neighborhood is highly popular among millennials, owing to the affordable rentals, which allow them to begin saving for a down payment on a home.

Pass Christian

The little city of Pass Christian in Harrison County has a population of about 5,130 people, and everyone knows each other’s names if not their faces. Given its proximity to the sea, the rent is quite affordable. Locals refer to the town as The Pass, and residents are quick to point out that there are lots of tiny local eateries and diners, and that major chains have yet to capitalize on the region. House prices are quite reasonable, especially given the various beach views available; on average, $170000.

Moving to Pass Christian is much less complicated than a couple of years ago. Right now there are many great moving companies that will help you out with your move. They will handle everything, whether you are planning to move your recording studio or a whole business. By having a reputable mover handling your moving from Nevada to Mississippi, you will be at ease during your relocation.

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