Moving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles – how to embrace a new lifestyle

Moving to another state is a big step and it is very challenging. Living in Nevada and living in California is similar, but not the same. Considering moving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles require preparation and organization. To prepare like a pro for this upcoming relocation, you will need to explore. What is it like living in LA, what this city has to offer, and how to embrace a new lifestyle?

Thinking about moving to Los Angeles, CA?

First, make a decision about which city is better for you – Los Angeles or Las Vegas. If you decide to move to Los Angeles any time soon, research the differences between these two big cities in the USA. Maybe living in Las Vegas was exciting, but sometimes it is time to move on. LA is known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, so it is never boring here.

A sign saying time to say goodbye.
If it is time to say goodbye to your life in Las Vegas, try something new in Los Angeles then

At the beginning it may be strange being in a city with a population of 4 million. Las Vegas is big, but compared to LA, it is smaller and the population of LV is about 645,000. Because it has more people, for driving in LA you will need more patience. Another difference is the weather. Las Vegas has dry and hot summers and chilly winters, while LA has comfortable year-round weather.

No matter what the reason is for moving to LA, applying for a job in another state, getting married, wanting to try something new…everyone goes through an adjusting period.

Hiring a company for moving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles

To move interstate, the best and safest solution is to hire a professional moving company with experience. Especially do it if you don’t have any clue how to handle a relocation from one state to another. Get recommendations from people that moved recently from Nevada to California. Also, do online research. Every reliable moving company will have an official website, US DOT number, insurance, and good reviews from past clients. Choose a couple of movers and contact them. Compare their services and prices. One of the sites you may research is

Being alone after Moving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.
Don’t be alone after moving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Meet new people and ask for help with relocation

Because you don’t know the city yet, it is easy to make a mistake when it comes to choosing a neighborhood in LA where to move. After moving you may not be satisfied with the place where you live. Even in this case, you can hire a moving company. A local moving company that already knows this area. Professional teams from the area can help you move with ease. You probably don’t know this city yet, so ask for help.

Pack for your move and don’t waste your time. First, pack things you won’t need before moving, and in the end, leave packing an essential moving box. Prepare a first-night box for your interstate move and make your relocation process easier, including your first night in LA.

How to adjust after moving to a new city?

After moving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, you need to know how to adapt to a new lifestyle and how to embrace it. One of the first things to do after moving is decorating your new home and giving your new place your personal touch. You should know that rent in LA is higher than it is in LV. This is why many people live in smaller homes. In this case, renting a storage unit in LA may be a good solution. Don’t worry about extra items by storing them in a safe storage unit.

  • Become familiar with your home in LA and personalize it. Start with unpacking as soon as possible and don’t leave boxes all around your new home.
  • Create a positive mindset and don’t get stuck in a rut after moving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.
  • Explore LA after moving. Go to the beach, visit museums, theaters, find your new favorite spot in the city, try new restaurants, etc.
  • Meet people from LA, this way you won’t be alone and you can learn a lot about this city from locals.
  • Find a new routine, for instance, go to the gym or join some club.
  • Say yes to new opportunities that life in LA offers. Thigs that you cannot try anywhere else, but only here.
  • Take your time and don’t rush things. Adjusting to a new city takes time and patience.

Things you will do after moving to LA

After one year in LA, you will do things you did not before. Be prepared to them. Some of them:

  • You will become more laid back, because lifestyle in LA is more relaxing
  • You will start assuming everyone works in ‘The Industry’ because about 90% do
  • Earthquakes won’t freak you out anymore, in LA they are not big deal
  • Healthy food will become regular on your daily menu and probably you will be more fit. Maybe you will have vegetarian or vegan phase
  • People don’t walk in LA but they hike
  • Seeing celebrities on the streets won’t surprise you anymore
  • Spending more time in your car will be normal
  • Taking beach for granted after moving to LA
A girl alone in the nature.
You will change a lifestyle after moving to LA from LV

Moving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles will change you a little bit. But, after moving, you will realize how LV is near. Visit LV and your old friends back home. Take a road trip – nothing is more relaxing than that. Say YES to new things and try something you have never before. New food, meet new people, play a new sport, etc. Have fun and embrace a new lifestyle.

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