Many people think that local moving is not really something to be stressed about. However, they are wrong. It does not matter whether you are moving to another state or just around the corner, it is going to be stressful either way. You will still have to buy packing materials, declutter your home, prepare and pack everything, load and unload, find someone to help you with heavy lifting and similar. The only question is, whether you are going to have a DIY kind of move, or let a moving company take care of everything. Doing everything by yourself is going to cost you less, but it is going to be time and energy consuming. However, hiring professional help will cost you more, but you will not have to lift a finger. So, without further ado, let us give you some advice on local moving.

Set a moving date

Knowing the right day of your move can be a lifesaver. You will organize yourself and people around you more easily and you can plan everything accordingly. If you know the moving date, you will know when to hire a moving agency and a moving truck. This can save you a lot of money and of course, time. So do not wait for the last minute or you will end up paying twice as much. Also, this will give you an opportunity to save money on packing materials. You do not have to wait for the moving agency to bring their packing supplies. You can simply buy some at a hardware store or stationery shop in advance for a cheaper price. Moreover, you should use this time in between to transfer your utilities and let everybody know about your change of address.

Many boxes you need for local moving

Never wait for the last minute, even when it comes to local moving.

Begin with moving preparations

After you had set the moving date, you will be able to plan your moving in stages. Start by having a family meeting. Order some pizza, and start talking. Discuss the details of the move with your family. You should also use this time to decide who is going to do which chore. Talk about cleaning, decluttering, packing and whether hiring a moving agency is necessary. Consider creating a moving checklist as well. Moreover, you should plan your budget while you are all together. See which aspects of the move are necessary to be done right away, and which can wait for a while. And after you have agreed on how to handle this local moving, it is time to do some downsizing and decluttering.

You can also try to pre-pack some of the thing you are not using often.

You can also try to pre-pack some of the things you are not using often.

Downsize before local moving!

One thing is for sure – moving is expensive. The more stuff you plan on relocating, the more money you will spend on your local moving. So, now is your chance to do some serious downsizing. Again, have a family meeting first, you do not want to throw away your wife’s favorite shoes, or your child’s favorite toy. Start with decluttering room by room, and do not forget about all the stuff in the garage, attic, basement, and closets. For example, you can get some boxes and bins and start separating stuff in them like this:

  • Keep Box – This should be the box that you are certainly taking to your new home. Remember that you do not need everything. Keep only the things that are irreplaceable, valuable and necessary.
  • Throw Away Box – If you have some things that are completely useless, broken or not working anymore, let them hit the bin. Do not get too sentimental. Things are replaceable.
  • Donate Box – And if you have some old toys, books, clothes or even small appliances that you do not use anymore, consider donating them to your local charitable organization. You can make somebody happy!
  • Sell Box – But, if you want to make some extra money to help you with your move, you can try selling some of your stuff online or organizing a yard sale.

Transfer your utilities

Many people leave this step for the end, or even after the move. But, what you do not realize is that transferring your utilities is a process that can last for weeks or in some cases, months. You might end up without phone or internet or you might end up paying for all your utilities in two places. That is why it is important to do this before you move. Contact the utility companies and service providers (gas, water, electricity, TV, internet, phone, and any magazine or newspaper subscription) in advance. Perfect timing would be approximately two or three weeks before your move. Also, you must tell everybody about your change of address. Call the bank, insurance, work, schools, and everybody that needs to know your new address.

A woman talking on the phone

Do not forget to let everybody know that you are moving. Inform your friends, family members, neighbors, and colleagues as well.

Hire a moving company for local moving

It might seem that hiring a moving company seems too much when it comes to local moving. However, it is not! You will be glad you did when the whole process finally ends. Doing everything by yourself might look like saving money, but if something goes wrong you will have to pay twice as much. Not to mention that you will spend weeks preparing for the moving day. A moving company can handle everything in just a couple of days. They can bring their own packing materials, pack your entire household, do all the heavy lifting and loading and unloading their moving truck and similar. You will not have to lift a finger. And what is more, you can use that time to deal with more important things.

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